Summer solstice health, these three categories must eat more, in order to better fight disease, make the body healthier?


Summer solstice health, these three categories must eat more, in order to better fight disease, make the body healthier?

Unconsciously, it has already reached the summer solstice. From the time of entering Xiaoman, the weather starts to be hot, and then the moisture begins to grow gradually. Until the summer solstice, the weather of each festival has different changes, so to make the body healthier.At least, we need to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and food hygiene and safety. We should also pay attention to complying with these solar terms and doing good health care work. We should not be sloppy from diet to lifestyle. So what are the characteristics of the summer solstice?

What should I eat in the summer solstice to better fight disease?

What are the characteristics of the summer solstice diet?

What are the characteristics of the summer solstice?
The summer solstice is on the 21st of the solar calendar every year. Entering the summer solstice means that the hot weather will officially begin. After the summer solstice, the weather will only get hotter and hotter, and it will still be hot, so after the summer solstice,It is a time when you really need to do a good job in heatstroke prevention.

In addition, during the summer solstice, the ground will be heated more intensely, which will make the air convection more vigorous. It will easily form thunderstorms in the afternoon to the evening, and the Tang Dynasty also used poets to use the east side of the sunrise to the west and the road is no.Sunny but sunny, to describe the summer solstice, but the power of the summer solstice rain is far more than that, entering the summer solstice, it is just the time when the south enters the rainy season, the heavy rainfall and the number of rain days are reduced, it is easy to cause flood disasters, which is alsoNeed to be prevented in advance.

Then it also means that the weather in the summer solstice will become more serious, which is also the reason why the weather will become hot, so the dampness is actually a continuous thing in the summer, especially in the rainy season, it needs to last nearly oneIn the month, the humidity of the air will be very large, which will have some impact on the health of the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to respond promptly and actively, especially from the diet, to make some adjustments to avoid heat, thirst and dampness.

What should I eat in the summer solstice to better fight disease?
Into the summer solstice, of course, there are also the characteristics of the summer solstice, the first is the custom of the summer solstice, there is a saying that “winter solstice dumplings summer solstice”, then the summer solstice, of course, can not be less to help health, in fact, eating noodles is also said, summer solsticeThe day has the longest day, and the previous folks have a sentence called 鈥渆at the summer solstice, a short day鈥? and the noodles just fit this statement, so there is a custom of eating the noodles in the summer solstice.

In fact, in addition to custom, summer noodles also have many other effects, which can cool off the heat and enhance the appetite.

In summer, because of the hot weather, people consume relatively the same amount of energy. Eating noodles can also provide nutrients and accumulation for the body in time. Especially when eating noodles, it can be matched with many other foods, such as eggs, vegetables, soy products, etc.Make this meal more nutritious.

In addition to eating noodles, you should eat more sour food during the summer solstice, because when the summer solstice arrives, the weather will become hotter and hotter, and the body will be more sultry, the body will sweat more, and the salt will be lost more, while the bodyThere will be some loss of electrolytes, and it is necessary to supplement the salt when supplementing. It is recommended to add some sour food.

Because acidic foods have a solid antiperspirant effect, they can help stabilize the electrolytes in the body, and acidic foods can also converge on the heart, which is more conducive to health. The choice of acidic foods such as Schisandra, ebony, etc. can also be eaten.Eat some vinegar, acidic foods can also absorb the effect of sputum, greasy, can improve the problem of bitter summer, help to enhance appetite.

The summer solstice weather is getting hot, and it also brings an important problem, that is, the storage of food and the problem of bacterial growth. We all know that bacteria like hot places and like to be close, while the summer solstice unlocks the environment for bacterial reproduction.Therefore, when entering the summer solstice, food-borne diseases are prone to occur, so sterilization is very important at this time. It is recommended to add some foods that help to sterilize, such as: green garlic, garlic, leeks, onions and green onions, etc.
Into the summer solstice, this hot weather, then how to relieve the heat, how can we lose the mung bean and coix seed, often boil some mung bean soup or red bean glutinous rice soup, and even cool, dampness, but also diuretic, heat and detoxification.

What are the characteristics of the summer solstice diet?
The diet of the summer solstice has already been mentioned. According to the climate characteristics of the summer solstice, it should be noted that it is necessary to relieve heat, dampness, heat and detoxification.

In fact, there is another important issue in the summer solstice, that is, “bitter summer”, although not everyone has it, but this is a situation that many people have the most headache in summer.

The so-called bitter summer is always in the summer, especially when entering the summer solstice, always feel physically uncomfortable, tired and weak, no appetite or even dizziness and headache. These symptoms are not caused by diseases, even the weather, and may even affect normal life and work, and notNeed medical treatment, once the summer has passed, it will not cure.

However, if you encounter bitter summer, you can’t leave it alone, you should actively deal with it. After all, the summer time is not short. If you eat too little, it will also cause a lack of nutrients, which is not conducive to your health.

Therefore, the characteristics of diet during the summer solstice are somewhat different from those of ordinary people. For those who do not have bitter summer, they are still eating a normal three-course diet, paying attention to a reasonable mix, and eating a variety of types.

For those who are suffering from summer, it is recommended that you do not have to follow the fixed time of three meals a day. You can try to eat more when you want to eat, and pay attention to the variety of foods, such as cold cucumbers and tomatoes.Mixing sugar, mung bean porridge, etc., can help to cool the appetite while enhancing heat.

In addition, for people who are suffering from summer, it is recommended to eat some fruits to cool off the heat. For example, you can eat some watermelons/bananas, peaches, etc. every day. The most important thing is diet. It must be light, so you can avoid stomach.Excessive burden, resulting in bloating problems caused by indigestion, can also avoid the appetite caused by greasy food, this way can solve the role of better alleviation of “bitter summer”.

People in bitter summer should pay attention not to stay in the air-conditioned room all the time, reduce the decline of immunity, and use the diet and some methods to relieve the heat to make the body healthier.