Going to travel with a piece of ginger


Going to travel with a piece of ginger

Ginger is used to treat toothache: When a toothache occurs, a piece of ginger can be taken and bitten in the toothache to relieve it.

It is better to reuse if necessary.

Anti-frozen sore with ginger: For skin that is prone to frostbite, if it is repeatedly rubbed with ginger juice, it can increase the ability to resist cold and avoid frostbite.

Treatment of joint pain with ginger: Oral administration of appropriate amount of ginger, or rubbing the affected area with ginger juice, can improve joint activity, relieve pain, reduce swelling and stiffness, and without any complications.

Ginger is used to treat colds and colds: ginger can be shredded, and brown sugar decoction can be added. After taking it hot, cover the quilt and sweat, and it will heal quickly.

Treating traumatic hemorrhage with ginger: Ginger is burnt into the ground, and after disinfecting the wound, it is sprinkled on the affected area, which can quickly stop bleeding and reduce pain.

Use ginger to cure stomach cold pain: Wash the slices with ginger, soak in vinegar for a day and night, use appropriate amount of ginger and brown sugar to make water, when the tea is replaced.

Use ginger to cure burns: If scald occurs, the raw ginger can be smashed and juiced, and the cotton wool is immersed in the affected area. The foaming person is anti-inflammatory and defoaming, and the damaged person can promote scarring.

Treating stroke with ginger: Take a cup of ginger juice, white staff 5?

Gram, when used, first open the water to rush the fossil workers, then into the ginger juice, and then into the irrigation.

Use ginger to prevent motion sickness, seasickness, halo aircraft, etc.: In order to avoid riding, boating, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, you can chew the ginger before you leave, and then include a piece of fruit candy.