The first party of health longevity does not even have to spend a penny!


Recommended by experts all over the world

The first party of “health” longevity does not even have to spend a penny!
Recommended by experts all over the world

The three best things in the world, water, air and sunshine, are free, and they die.

In fact, health is the same, do you believe in all kinds of health care products, or believe in physical health through physical exercise?

No matter how good the food is, it is no good to eat it.

In fact, the best health care providers are free, but many people still don’t know!

1 anti-cancer first party: walking This is a sport that you can carry out anytime, anywhere, free of charge and no side effects.

“Walking can prevent cancer treatments!

The British research institute pointed out that if you can walk for 1 mile every day and finish in 20 minutes, there will be significant progress in the treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer and intestinal cancer, which can reduce the risk of death by up to 50%.

Recently, a study published in the American Journal of Nephrology, a clinical study, showed that standing up for 2 minutes every hour of sitting can reduce the risk of death by 33%, and even for those with chronic kidney disease, it can be reduced by 41%.Risk of death.

So walking is the best way to prevent cancer!

Intimate Tips: Constipation: Twisting, can promote digestion of the stomach; reduce waist circumference: knocking away, walking with a hand to add some movements (such as knocking the pulse), can help to reduce the waist.

2 The first side of the bones: the drums are applauded, and there is no need to make up a lot of tonics. A simple movement can achieve the purpose of strengthening the bones.

The old man wants to achieve the purpose of strengthening the bones, and does not hinder the proper lameness, but also can penetrate good results.

In the palm of the person, the heart, the fingers, the tip of the toes, and the back of the hand, the meridians on the surface of the foot are covered with many sensitive acupoints. The long-term applause and lameness not only strengthens the brain, enhances memory, improves immunity, but also strengthens the bones.To promote the health of the entire body.

Intimate Tips: Every day is naturally small, the whole body is relaxed, the palms of the hands are relatively applauded, the applause is slow, the force should be moderate, and the palms should be swollen after applause. Even the applause is repeated 100 times, then the feet are raised 20 cm.Use a little force, each time for 50 times, and do it every morning, night, and night.

3 The first side of the heart: sitting on the plate can enhance the heart function and promote blood circulation.

Specific methods: sitting naturally, relaxing, and inserting your hands into your lap.

On the right hand, the little finger of the left hand is inserted into the Yingu point of the kidney, and the hand is inhaled, and the hand is exhaled.

The left and right alternate movements are 12 or 24 times each.

After this practice, the molars, mouth, throat, legs, stand up for a walk.

This method can be used to diagnose heart sputum, cough and asthma.

Intimate Tip: When you first start meditation, your legs are easy to numb, you can sit for a while, don’t ask for a long time, your comfort is the most important.

4 beauty first party: sleep can be beautiful as long as you sleep well, which is much stronger than those expensive scary cosmetics.

Studies have shown that the most active metabolism of human epidermal cells is from 22:00 to 2 am the next day.

Experts explain that this is the best sort of 鈥渂eauty sensation鈥?that we often say. If we can ensure good sleep during this time period, we can speed up skin metabolism and delay skin aging. Conversely, day and night penetration affects the speed of cell regeneration and changes.Skin cell life span, leading to aging of the skin.

However, the real “sleeping beauty” can not be supplemented by one or two “beauty sensations”, only the rest of the way can have alternative sleep.

Do you have a hot foot before going to bed, drink a cup of hot milk, dim the room lights, etc., all help sleep?
Intimate Tip: Be sure to remember to sleep before 23 o’clock.

5 calcium first party: sun sun calcium tablets and the sun, which one would you choose?

In fact, the sun is the best way to supplement calcium.

There is a close relationship between sun exposure and calcium supplementation. Sun exposure can help the body to get vitamin D, and vitamin D can help the body absorb calcium.

The sun helps us to get vitamin D is ultraviolet light, and its penetration is relatively poor, a thin piece of paper, even smog can penetrate the ultraviolet light, therefore, the skin is completely integrated with vitamin D through the sun.No effect.
Intimate Tip: When the weather is good, it is recommended to go to the sun outdoors at 9-10 o’clock every morning or 3-4 o’clock in the afternoon, 15-30 minutes each time.

6 anti-dementia first party: diligent reading, often read reports, many studies show that people with high education are not easy to get Alzheimer’s disease.

A study by the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom found that foreign language learning can push the onset of dementia on average for four years. This is because young people’s learning and intellectual development have a good protective and promoting effect on the brain.

If the elderly also maintain the habit of learning, they can greatly protect their cognitive functions.

Therefore, it is the best way to prevent dementia by reading more books and reading newspapers every day, trying to remember some recent events or new knowledge, so that the brain is always in the state of exercise and learning.
In addition, you can play cards and play puzzle games. These activities not only require good cognitive ability, but also need to mobilize multiple functions in the brain to complete the interaction, so that the brain can be in a relatively active state for a long time.
Intimate Tip: It is recommended to read and read newspapers in a bright environment, and don’t look too long. Let the eyes rest for a while for half an hour.

7 Longevity First Party: Laughing a Spanish magazine published an article saying that smiles are healthier.

Laughter can speed up the heart rate and supply oxygen to the brain.

Experts said that laughter is an aerobic exercise, and the exercise achieved by laughing a hundred times is equivalent to riding a 15-minute bicycle.

In addition, the healthy part of laughter is still able to accelerate the heart rate, oxygen supply to the brain, the immune mechanism of people with a sense of humor is healthier, the risk of myocardial infarction will be reduced by about 40%, and the average life expectancy can be increased by four and a half years.

Intimate Tip: If you have nothing to smile, smile, smile for ten years.

8 The first side of blood vessels: smoking cessation limit alcohol smoking is a serious hazard, can induce high blood pressure, resulting in a 2 to 4 times increased risk of high blood pressure.

Just quit smoking and stop!

When people are in middle age, alcohol is not greedy.

Alcohol not only raises blood pressure, accelerates heart rate, increases myocardial oxygen consumption, and more importantly, soft plaque rupture of arteriosclerosis, causing thrombosis.

Therefore, it is best not to drink alcohol. If the “old bottle” can’t stop drinking, you need to drink alcohol. People who are used to drinking should be limited according to the type of wine: Intimate Tip: If you can quit smoking, you can stop drinking, but the wine can drink properly, butDon’t overdo it.

Source: Health Times