Stick to a quick walk, not thin and thin


Stick to a quick walk, not thin and thin

“I opened my eyes and read out my weight loss statement aloud. After the primary school physical education class, I never heard of my sweat.”

Today will be the first day I put on my new sneakers!


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銆€銆€If you are afraid that your willpower is not strong enough, start with indoor sports.

First of all, we must change our mindset and regard sports as the same thing as eating and drinking water toilets, and become a natural part of life.

銆€銆€For weight loss, the optimal exercise time is one hour to one and a half hours.

Of course, there is also a saying that weight loss must start on the treadmill for 10 minutes at the beginning. I think this is a bit difficult.

If you really hate sports, it is best to take a 30-minute low-intensity exercise in the early stages of weight loss.

銆€銆€Experts recognize that the most effective ways to lose weight are: walking, jogging, belly dancing, I recommend to everyone to walk and jog.

Try to do a five-day walk from this week, no matter how tired you feel, you must stick to it for more than 30 minutes!

At the time of the race, posture and speed are two major problems.

So, let’s take a look at the ideal walking posture now.


Lift your chest and lift your shoulders. Make sure your shoulders and hips are in a straight line.

If the chest is behind, it will put a burden on the spine and the waist, and the effect of the exercise will not be ideal.


Naturally swing your arms, be careful not to put them over your shoulders.


Breathe in your mouth, do not breathe through your nose.

The correct walking posture will help you get better and better, so be sure to let your family, companions, and friends help you check your gait.

銆€銆€There is a world of difference between walking and walking, and walking like a strolling step can hardly play any role in losing weight.

Pay attention to the watch, first test your walking ability, and take a few minutes to walk 1 km.

銆€銆€Gradually speed up, I expect to finish 1km in 10 minutes, your weight will definitely drop!

銆€銆€You know, the speed of 1km in less than 10 minutes is almost the same as when you are late.

Oh, let’s lock this week’s hard work to 50 minutes and walk 5 kilometers!