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Seven manifestations of common sexual abnormalities

Seven manifestations of common sexual abnormalities

Sexual abnormalities of men and women, also known as sexual aberration or sexual inversion, are abnormal sexual behaviors.

It refers to some people’s sexual psychology and behavior, not through sexual intercourse between humans and other sexual partners to meet sexual physiological needs, but in other abnormal ways to obtain sexual satisfaction or pleasure abnormal behavior that violates the norms of sex.
  What is sexual metamorphosis?

  The act of movement between men and women due to emotion is called sexual behavior.

These behaviors include affectionate snuggle between couples, tender caresses, intimate hugs, warm kisses, and sexual intercourse between the couples, mainly penis and vaginal contact, which are normal sexual behaviors.

Human sexual behavior must be affected by the social culture and background in which it is located, so people generally know what they can and cannot do.

All sexual acts that do not conform to a specific cultural environment are abnormal sexual acts.

  The more common sexual abnormalities mainly have the following manifestations: there is an extraordinary love contact and physical intimacy between the common sex.

Both men and women can do this.

People with a certain expression are often called homosexuals.

Homosexuals are at high risk for the current AIDS epidemic.

Homosexuality is diverse, such as single homosexuality, that is, long-term behavior between the same sex; some are homosexual, that is, there is only sexual desire between the same sex, without specific sexual behavior; some homosexuality coexists.

  The second is to collect precious clothing of the opposite sex, especially women’s bras, underwear, shorts, etc., and to kiss and play with these items to satisfy their deformed interests and sexual desires.

  The third is anisotropy, revealing the act of exposing one’s genitals to obtain sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but does not pursue a true sexual relationship with the opposite sex.

  Physically or mentally tortures a sexual subject by abusing or injuring others with limbs, thereby obtaining sexual emotions and needs.

  Wuxiangfang tried to peek at women’s urination, bathing, changing clothes and other activities, but did not seek to have sexual relations with each other, but only used peeping behavior to satisfy their sexual desire.

  Six willingly let the sway towards themselves, get sexual pleasure and satisfaction from the sexual abuse and harm of the abuser, as well as their own mental and physical pain.

If you ask the other party to beat, bite some parts of your body.

Abuse and sadism can occur on the same person at the same time.

  Seven dressed in the opposite sex and dressed as the opposite sex.

Imitating heterosexual behavior and self-righteousness in order to obtain sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

  Relevant experts believe that abnormal sexual behavior has nothing to do with genes, chromosomes, and sex hormones; apart from their distinctive performance in sexual desire, sexual desire objects, and sexual satisfaction, other personality traits are not significantly different from normal people.

But sexual metamorphosis is the same as disease. Psychotherapy should be applied to these people in time to rescue them.

Good skin should be hit with oxygen_1

Good skin needs to be “hit” with oxygen

We often say that the skin seems to be chipped.
This is not just a metaphor. Sometimes the skin really looks sluggish because of lack of oxygen.
I call my skin hypoxia as “modern disease”.
People living in cities will encounter some new problems.
  Oxygen killing: Smoking, insomnia, and alcohol are the main cause of skin oxygen deficiency.
Surveys show that modern people between the ages of 20 and 30 have only 35% of the oxygen in their skin, which is why the baby’s skin is white and smooth, while adults are exhausted.
  The gap between our skin and our baby is of course related to natural aging.
However, as long as you think about it, your baby sleeps well every day and eats the most nutritious things. Without mind and bad habits, it is difficult to think well of the skin.
And more and more people are accustomed to night life and smoking and drinking, all of which will cause a large amount of oxygen in the entire body to be “killed” and reflected on the skin, that is, yellowing, lack of water, and so on.
  Students, if you want a beautiful face, please sleep for 8 hours every day, quit smoking and drink less.
If you have to stay up late, be sure to clean your face, as this will be relatively breathable.
Also, drink more water instead of carbonated drinks.
When you are free, run to a place where the air is fresh and take a deep breath. Not only can it energize the skin, but it can also provide oxygen to the mind and make you more awake.
  Hypoxia: The office worker’s life, white collar workers who have been in the office for a long time, will feel the same.
The whole person is drowsy, feels drowsy, feels uncomfortable skin, is especially tight, and even the eyes will be red.
  These phenomena are due to the tightness of the office and the low oxygen content of the air, so many people look radiant when they are at school. Immediately after work, their skin is not as good as before. Except for the work pressure,It is largely affected by the working environment.
You think, the proportion of oxygen in the air that enters the skin is only 1%, and more is occupied by organs that need more oxygen.
The oxygen concentration in the office is inherently low, so it cannot meet the skin’s need for oxygen at all.
  Therefore, these friends should really use some skin care products that can supplement the skin with oxygen, which will be more direct absorption.
At the same time, be careful not to allow the keratin to accumulate too thick, otherwise it will be more detrimental to the absorption of oxygen.
  Oxygen fixation: It is harder to be lazy than taking a step, probably a common problem of human beings.
And some Chinese people are more happy and quiet, they don’t like sports.
Coupled with cars and elevators, it is even more difficult for you to take a step.
In fact, lack of exercise is also a major factor in skin hypoxia.
Because the entire circulation is slow and the metabolism of oxygen is slow, it is difficult to meet the needs of the skin.
  Therefore, you often find that people who exercise often have a more radiant face and a different mental state. This is an indisputable fact.
  To solve this problem, it is recommended that everyone must strengthen the movement.
On the one hand, it is a whole body exercise, but instead of doing a lot of anaerobic exercise, you should cooperate with aerobic exercise, such as jogging, aerobics, and swimming.
On the other hand, it is also necessary to strengthen the special skin movement, that is, regular massage to the skin is also conducive to the acceleration of circulating metabolism.
  In addition, maintaining a cheerful and optimistic mood is also good for oxygen absorption.
See if those depressed people are always tight-hearted and short of breath.

Seeing a woman’s character from a handbag

Seeing a woman’s character from a handbag

American best-selling author, female personality research expert Donna?

Palto believes that handbags can reveal a woman’s personality.

  Popular women-large handbags Large handbags look much more than just a handbag, but more like a large handbag, which may be cloth or plastic.

  Of course, you might be able to pick out a popular woman with a cute pocket handbag, but I can guarantee that there must be a large handbag in the back seat of her car.

  They like fun handbags that are brightly colored and decorated with animal motifs.

Recently, at a party in California, a woman carried a large, transparent handbag with a cosmetic bag with a jaguar pattern and a camera. The camera was not for someone else, or let someone else do it for her.Taking pictures.

In another popular women’s handbag, I found a colorful pattern of felt maps and a beautiful keychain.

I’m sure, unless no one is by her every day, telling her that she’s a bit cute, her keychain can do the same.

  The Perfect Woman-Small Tote The small tote is made of high-quality leather and features many compartments.

The perfect women’s handbags have room for everything, so put them in the right place.

The perfect women ‘s handbags I ‘ve seen are smaller than most popular women ‘s makeup bags, just like the “must know” principle when she talks, and the “must be useful” principle when she is packing.

Of course, every night, for the “significant reasons” she described, she cleaned the entire bag once.

  Offensive character woman-the handbag is more like a briefcase. The handbag is more like a briefcase. Carry the palm treasure, timer and wireless phone that she can trust to run many of her programs at the same time.

You can direct the operation of the family even when you are not at home.

A woman in California has a typical female-enhanced handbag, a soft leather briefcase, and her work permit on the outside, and the folders in the bag hold the bag bulging.

  Peace Character Women-Handbag is a Service Tool A handbag is not just a handbag, but a service tool.

She carried tissues with her in case someone would cry out of control.

She is also full of medicines to serve as a qualified mobile first aid station, laryngeal pills for people with sore throats, and aspirin for people with headaches.

Even though she has entered menopause, she still carries sanitary napkins.

She also has a file in her bag to help people who suddenly break their nails.

She also wears a sewing kit, ready to help those who open the thread.

Five experiences to determine if your baby is full

Five experiences to determine if your baby is full

Five experiences in judging whether the baby is full. First, listen to the baby’s swallowing sound. The mother swells too hard. The baby contains the mother’s head, and the average sucks 2?
You can hear the sound of breathing under the grunt 3 times. The time is almost 5-10 minutes, the mother is soft, and then another mother, the baby is almost full for 15 minutes.

If you can’t pump or swallow more than once, it means that your mother’s milk is not much.

  Second, look at your baby’s expression. Your baby should be satisfied after feeding.

If he smiles at you after feeding, or does not cry, or falls asleep, it means that the baby is full. If he still cries after feeding, (except for urination), he is not full.

  Third, count the baby’s bowel movements. Breast-fed babies urinate 6-12 times a day, stools 1-4 times, and are golden-yellow and dense. This way the baby is basically full.Full.

  Fourth, measuring the weight of the baby can best explain the problem. The small month child gains 25 grams a day, 720-750 grams a month, and 600 grams in the second month.

If the child loses weight, it means that the feeding is not full, or improper, and the baby should be taken to the doctor!

  Fifth, don’t let your baby hold on!

  If the amount of breast milk is sufficient once, feed it for 15-30 minutes at a time, and once every 2-3 hours. During the feeding period, it is best not to let the baby sleep with the nipples.

Your baby is still crying after eating breast milk. Do not continue feeding the milk. Hold the baby first, pat your back, and hear the sound of “嗝”, then let go. If you still cry, feed the milk!

Resisting the Cold Tide

Resisting the Cold Tide

As the weather gets cold, in addition to eating warm foods such as hot pot, related warm-up exercises are also essential.

Today, I will introduce the sun-dance yoga movement, which can increase the softness and extensibility of muscles, activate the cells in the body, and help you drive away the cold.

  1. Stand in a standing position with your legs close together and your hands folded together. Place them in front of your chest and prepare for inhalation.

  2. Lift your arms slowly upwards, straighten, close to half of your ears, slowly tilt your upper body back, and be careful not to lift your shoulders to avoid bending your waist.

  3. Exhale, straighten your upper body, and then bend forward to make the abdomen close to your thighs. Bend slightly until the fingertips hit the ground.

  4. Extend the left leg to the back, touch the toes with the toes, bend the right leg to 90 degrees, put your hands on both sides of the right leg, and look forward.

  5. Stretch your right leg backwards, put your leg close to your left leg, and kneel down so that your body’s weight is on your hands and legs.

  6. Lower your upper body, bend your elbows, and make the side as close to the ground as possible.

  7. Straighten your arms, hold your palms on the ground, buttocks against the ground, lift your chest forward, and lift your head.

Fitness exercises for left and right arms

Fitness exercises for left and right arms

Separate your legs and shoulder width, lift your left and right arms up and down to a vertical level, your chest and abdomen slightly lifted, your head tilted back, and breathe in with the movements of your left and right arms., Time 2-3 minutes, once a day after waking up early before going to bed.

  This method has a good curative effect on senile upper limb numbness, pain around the shoulders, stiff neck, stooped humpback, chest tightness, shortness of breath, liver and spleen discomfort, and myocardial dysfunction.

  I had suffered from cold shoulders, hard arms, and bloating in my chest. After the above exercise, the effect was very obvious.

Shao Yequ’s children can no longer lack the fragrance of books

Shao Yequ’s children can no longer lack the fragrance of books

“No time to educate children means no time to be a person.

“This is the word of an early childhood education expert from abroad, and I prefer to change this sentence to:” No time to educate children means no time to be alive again.

“In my impression, being a parent means being a new person. The process of children from nothing to childhood not only allows you to experience the process of life growth, but also creates a good chance for the regrets of your own life.

Every adult will have some kind of regret when facing his childhood, and once he has a child, he will do everything possible to be regretted by the child.

  I like the word “scholarly years” very much. I think that a person’s life should be a long period of scent of books.

Especially in childhood, the child is a blank piece of paper at the hands of our parents. If you put him on the wings of imagination, he will replace you with a bright rainbow.

So Gorky described childhood as “a man of age pounced on his bread” when he read books. The book not only opened up a colorful world for children, but also put wings on children’s imagination.

  And some children’s wings of imagination were broken in childhood, some kind of me.

Therefore, I was dumbfounded when I learned three-dimensional geometry in junior high school mathematics. Physical grades were always reluctant. I always laughed slowly when watching some comics and humor. I would rather blame all of this for a “scholarly childhood”.

  I remember a few years ago, I interviewed the best debater of the Asian College Debate, a college girl.

At that time, the girl talked about me in elementary school. She hid in her father’s study room and read Verne madly. She also displayed a set of Verne anthologies on her simple bookshelf, but I was still the firstI heard the name Verne!

The plot of “hiding in my father’s study” has always fascinated me.

  So, before the child was born, I bought a lot of fairy tale books, such as “The Wizard of Oz”, “Nils Traveling on the Goose”, “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland”, “Andersen Fairy” and “Green Fairy”Let my child recover from my regret, and let me supplement the lesson of fairy tales while reading the story to the child.

  ”The ideal childhood should be something.” After reading Lu Xun’s “From Baicaoyuan to Sanwei Bookstore”, you will understand that it should be “wild fun” plus “scent of books”.

But my childhood was more than “wild fun” and “scientific”.

  Today, urban life is making our children’s childhood less and less “wild fun.” If we do n’t create a “scholarly” environment for our children, our children will lose their future.

  It is said that the right brain in charge of figurative thinking has been receiving external stimuli since the baby was born, while the left brain in charge of logical thinking begins to develop after about two years of age.

It can be seen that after the child is 2 years old, it is a good time for parents to read to them and cultivate their imagination. Don’t miss it.

  A person’s decision to have a child means that her heart will never walk outside.

Therefore, for our children, no matter how busy we are, we should spend some time with our children to read books every day, so that the children’s childhood books are overflowing.

How much ML milk is most suitable for children

How much ML milk is most suitable for children

Netizen: Hello experts: My baby is now six months old, 64 cm tall and 8 weight.

9 kg (I do n’t know how to remove the clothes). She was weaned in 4 months and 20 days. She switched to milk instead. She never drank it when she was awake. She fed it when she was asleep.

Complementary foods are not very good, and they will feel nauseous and nauseous as soon as they are fed.

Sleeping is not very good, about ten hours a day.

During the six-month physical examination, the doctor said that he was of low to medium height and a little overweight. How much ml of milk is appropriate for a child this month?

What if my height is not ideal?

How can I make her awake and drink milk?

Expert: How many milliliters of milk to drink every day, parents can have an approximate amount by themselves, calculate it.

A formula is provided to all netizens: The volume of milk that each child drinks every day is equal to the kilograms of body weight × 120 ml. This is the volume of milk that is consumed every day.

The child’s milk intake is sufficient, but there is a problem with the addition of complementary foods. This is not particularly anxious, because drinking milk does not need to learn. The child has this sucking reflex at birth, but eats and chews and swallows.Children need to learn and must have a learning process.

Four to six months is a critical period for children to learn to chew and swallow. Children often feel retched when they eat, because they have not learned how to swallow and chew well.

Start to eat rice noodles for children. Try to make them slightly thinner when they are pureed, thicker than milk, thinner than normal porridge, and finer.

After the child eats smoothly, the amount can be gradually increased, and the child’s thickness may gradually become more adaptive.

In addition, for children who are not particularly good at supplementary foods, we better feed them when they are hungry, and it is best to wait about four hours between every two meals. It is relatively easy to receive supplementary foods when the child has a sense of obesity.

Little babies often have the habit of drinking milk while awake and not drinking milk. There is no need to worry about this, it will increase his age, and this situation will naturally improve.

Blackberry burdock

Blackberry burdock

Ingredients: 600 grams of burdock, 1 onion, 1 carrot. Accessories: (1) 3 cups of ume plum wine, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of water starch  Practice: 1.

Cut the burdock into small pieces, blanch and blanch first; peel the carrots and cut into hob pieces.


Put the burdock into the pot, first pour in the seasoning (1) and boil, reduce to low heat, then add the shallot segments, and cook the carrot pieces for half an hour.


When it is ripe and soft, add the starch in the soup to a thick consistency and then simmer.

  Tips: Burdock can also be replaced with ribs or tenderloin, each with a different taste. The ribs tend to be more chewy, while the tenderloin tends to be slightly cooked and rotten, but the chewing is insufficient.

  Carrots are sweeter.

Because ume wine has a coloring effect, do not add too much soy sauce to avoid the color being too dark.

  If there is no ume, use red wine instead.

Plant war virus selection is key to plants

Plant war virus selection is key to plants

Many people like to put some green plants on top.

These green plants can beautify the environment and purify the air.

However, different plants have different effects.

The summer is hot, the mosquitoes are parasitic, the air is highly mobile, and the work is prone to fatigue. These problems can actually be solved by a small plant.

Choosing the right plant can kill the germs in the air, alleviate bad moods, and prevent disease and prolong life.

What plants are good indoors? 1, Chlorophytum Chlorophytum is known as the “green purifier” and is our little green assistant.

This bacteria believes that the title of spider plant is worthy of the name. In addition to beautifying the indoor space, it can also absorb indoor toxic gases, such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen peroxide.

These harmful substances are the culprits of major diseases such as cancer.

Like the general plant, the spider plant performs photosynthesis.

But the difference is that the spider plant can perform photosynthesis in low light conditions.

This virtually prolongs the daily photosynthesis time and improves the “working efficiency” of the spider plant.

According to expert tests, spider plants can absorb 80% of harmful gases indoors, especially formaldehyde left over from decoration.

  Put a pot of spider plant in the room in summer, which can not only purify the air, eliminate heat and detoxify, but also effectively eliminate people’s reset mood.

Related research shows that people in the room with green produce much less emotion than those in the room without green.

  2. Lavender is more familiar with its fragrance. It is unknown that lavender has a strong antibacterial ability.

Lavender contains linalool, which can effectively resist 17 kinds of bacteria in daily life, can repel mosquitoes, and is a good helper for purifying air in summer.

Lavender also has a high medicinal value, which can lower blood lipids and treat cardiovascular diseases, leading to neuroprotective effects.

This is why many scent masters prefer lavender.

  The bactericidal effect of lavender is worthy of recognition, so this bacterium recommends that you put a pot of lavender on the table in the season when germs are prolific in summer.

  3, Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis, looks like a butterfly, is very beautiful.

The beauty of Phalaenopsis is value. How much do you know about its other functions?

This fungus tells everyone that Phalaenopsis is always in sight!

Phalaenopsis likes to grow under high temperature conditions, and summer can be said to be the season when Phalaenopsis blooms.

Phalaenopsis is beautiful and attractive, and it is the necessary flower for us to decorate the room.

Its beauty is better than many flowers, and its ability to purify the air is not inferior to other flowers.

It can absorb carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases in the air, and emit the peculiar aroma of Phalaenopsis, so as to soothe the nerves.

Phalaenopsis is cool and pleasant, and it is not easy to attract mosquitoes. It is a must-have flower for summer rooms.

  What kind of plants are good indoors? 4, Phnom Penh Tiger Piran Phnom Penh Tiger Piran is also a plant that has a sterilizing function on the air.

Its suitable growth temperature is 20-30 ° C, it can withstand drought, and it is suitable for breeding in high temperature environment in summer.

Studies by foreign scientists have found that Phnom Penh Tiger Piran can release negative ions that are beneficial to the human body while performing photosynthesis.

The negative ions in the air can effectively prevent the radiation from the computer and television to the human body.

Therefore, it is necessary to put a pot of Phnom Penh Tiger Piran near the home appliances such as computers and TVs.

  5. Mr. Mei Lanfang, the master of the morning glory Peking opera, has a soft spot for morning glory.

Morning glory looks elegant and looks like a small trumpet, so some places are also called “petunias”.

The air contains low concentrations of ammonia. If the human body ingests these ammonia for a long time, it will cause chronic poisoning of ammonia.

After ammonia enters the body, it will slowly accumulate, and after reaching a certain concentration, it will attack the body’s immune system.

After the immune system is attacked, the immune system of the human body will decline. At this time, the virus has an opportunity and various diseases will follow.

  Morning Glory can absorb ammonia in the air and secrete bactericidins, which can kill bacteria in the air and thus purify the air.If the ammonia content in the room exceeds the standard, brown spots will appear on the surface of petals of morning glory, then morning glory is still an “air detector”.

  6, Begonia Begonia, like other flowers and plants, can absorb carbon dioxide in the air through photosynthesis of plants.

However, the most important value of begonia is that we can use it to monitor the carbon dioxide content in the air.

The consequences of excessive levels of carbon dioxide in the room can be serious and cause a range of respiratory diseases.

If the amount of carbon dioxide in the room exceeds the standard, dark green water-stained spots will appear on the leaves of begonias, and there will be irregular spots between the veins.

  Beautify the environment, purify the air and soothe the mood.

These green plants have helped us a lot in our daily lives.

Putting a pot of green plants at home or in the office can not only add a touch of green to the environment, but also serve as a “monitoring table” for physical health.

Let the plants disinfect our room this summer.