[Hand-made lamb practice, so eat healthier]_How to do_How to do

[Hand-made lamb practice, so eat healthier]_How to do_How to do

Lamb is the most nutritious, but the key to making good mutton is to get rid of it.

The most classic way of eating the mutton of our Han people is to eat mutton hot pot in winter, and there is a custom of eating mutton in the winter solstice.

But when it comes to eating mutton, our minority clan has the most appointment power. They make more mutton and more meat, and the taste is also excellent.

So what is the practice of hand lamb?

it’s actually really easy.

Procedures: 1. Inner Mongolia lamb chops bought at the supermarket 2. Cold water into the pot 3, wait for the floating skin to float and skim the floating foam 4. Prepare the onion ginger and angelica.

Angelica with mutton is my favorite, so if you add angelica, you can skip it. 5. Discharge the lamb in the casserole, add 6 to the seasoning, and cook the soup of lamb chops for a while.Clean soup is poured into a casserole.

Of course, you can directly add boiling water.

Keep the flavor of the original soup meat stronger.

7, cover with flour, boil on high heat, turn to low heat and slowly cook for 1 hour, cook the meat until soft and rotten, remove the lamb chops, cut along the bone 9, and make homemade leek flower sauce into the dish 10,Lamb is served with leek flower sauce, and the meat is covered with leek flower sauce.

[Can pregnant women eat more litchi]_Pregnancy

[Can pregnant women eat more litchi]_Pregnancy

Can pregnant women eat more litchi?

Everyone knows that lychee is a very good fruit and is loved by the masses. It contains rich nutritional value. Pregnant women can eat some lychees properly, but it must not be too much, because lychees can easily get angry if they eat too muchIts sugar content is also very high. If pregnant women eat litchi repeatedly, it may cause a large volume, or it may be difficult to give birth.

Pregnant women are pregnant. Eat more of this, eat more of that. I can’t wait to eat all the nutritious things, and then absorb them to the baby.

This original intention is good, but do you know that pregnant women can eat everything?

Like litchi, can pregnant women eat litchi?

Pregnant women can eat litchi.

Litchi is rich in nutrients.

Litchi is sweet, sour, warm, heart, spleen, liver, and pregnant women can eat some litchi in moderation.

But should not eat more, pregnant women eat litchi 100-200 grams each time is appropriate, generally not more than 10.

Litchi is high in sugar and may cause high blood sugar if consumed in large amounts.

If the blood glucose concentration is too high, it can cause glucose metabolism disorder, which causes sugar to be excreted from the kidneys and cause diabetes.

It is often said that after eating a large amount of sugar, hyperglycemia can return to normal within 2 hours. However, repeated repeated consumption of litchi continuously increases the continuous blood glucose concentration, which can easily lead to severe and huge, prone to dystocia, retention, postpartum hemorrhage and infection.

In addition, when eating lychee, you should prevent “allergies”. Allergies to lychee usually cause symptoms such as facial flushing, sore throat, and sore teeth, chest tightness, stomach pain, and urination.

What’s more, the whole body’s skin is red and swollen, with small red bumps and itching.

These symptoms are customarily called “lychee allergy.”

Therefore, as long as pregnant women do not eat lychee, there should be no major obstacles.

Adults should not exceed 300 grams, children should not exceed 5.

Soak in salt water before eating and remove from heat.

The weather is hot. The Chinese doctor explained that the upper part of the heart is the source of the internal fire. In the summer, it is hot and suffocating. If the pores are opened and closed properly, the stomach is properly conditioned.Permanently in the air-conditioned room, the pores are closed, and sweat cannot be dissipated.

[How to make stir-fried spicy food]_How to make_How to make

[How to make stir-fried spicy food]_How to make_How to make

Mala Tang is a snack that many people prefer to eat, and there are many ways to do Mala Tang. You can also arrange dry and spicy Mala Tang, which can be said to be more distinctive. When doing dry Mala Tang, you must alsoSelect spicy base, you must choose some special spicy base, so that you can increase the flavor of spicy, the taste will be better, let’s take a look at the practice of dry fried spicy.

Material 1.

A bag of spicy base.

I bought it from Chongqing Fatty Brand.

This taste is very good, but it is too brave to be obese, and they have grown up like this, and dare to take their headshots and advertise them everywhere.

Commend the brave spirit of the fat man, and use his base today.

You can also use hot pot base.

The hot pot base on the right is not spicy enough, so add some pepper and dried peppers.


A handful of peppercorns and dried peppers.

If you are an authentic Sichuanese, add more pepper and dried peppers; if you are not Sichuanese, you do n’t need to put them.

The hot and spicy base of this brand is already very spicy.

I added it, but when I ate the fifth piece, my upper and lower lips felt hot.

Ha ha, I was mocked by my classmates and colleagues at home when I was a fake Chongqing, because I could n’t eat spicy and hemp, and I grew fat.

At that time, it was like drinking boiled water. It was not like a Chongqing girl at all.


One onion 4.

A few slices of ginger 5.

Fresh soup.

Use a pot of chicken soup lazily.


Assorted vegetables, old tofu is delicious!

Let go: Lily, Mushrooms, Lettuce, Shallots, Tomatoes, Old Tofu, Soy Sprouts, and Asparagus.


All kinds of amaranth must have hairy belly and shrimp, etc., and finally go to the pot.

The hairy belly can be scalded in a minute, and it won’t chew for too long.

I put it: Cantonese sausage, tripe, luncheon meat, fish, and shrimp.

Practice 1.

Add a small amount of oil to the pan.

Any oil is fine. I used duck oil some time ago to make beer duck.


Add ginger slices, spring onions, peppercorns, and dried peppers, and fry over low heat.


Add spicy base and stir fry over low heat.

About 1-2 minutes.


Add soup and water.

How much depends on the amount of your dishes.5,

After the soup is boiled, first cook it for a long time, such as old tofu, luncheon meat, and sausage.

After the tomatoes, mushrooms or something.

Finally, shrimp and hairy belly, cook for another 1-2 minutes, and bring to a pan.

Public and private fund high-frequency research on 14 stocks of 101 companies or up 20%

Public and private fund high-frequency research on 14 stocks of 101 companies or up 20%

The transaction volume broke through trillions on the 5th, a wave of big finance?

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to the opening column of the Trading Day Financial Morning Post.

  Original title: Public and private equity fund modernization research 14 stocks of 101 companies or up 20% Source: Zhao Ziqiang, reporter of the Securities Daily NewsThe more you zoom in, it reaches 1.

42 trillion, a record high since July 27, 2015.

Market analysts generally believe that since the A-share market has withdrawn from the “golden pit” after the holiday, the transaction amount has continued to increase and has reached the level of the previous bull market. The constant emergence of explosive funds has increased the courage of funds to enter the market.With the increase in the amount of trading funds, an upward trend has been formed.

  The voices of the market that A shares have entered a bull market are rising one after another.

“Because the GEM Index has been continuously rising recently, the market’s money-making effect has appeared, and OTC funds have started to chase up, which is in line with the general law of the market.

Considering that the overall blue-chip stocks are generally estimated to be low, 南京夜生活网 the opening of new funds can provide incremental funds to the market, which should currently be halfway through a structural bull market.

“Niu Chunbao, chairman of Wanli Assets, told reporters.

  At the same time that the A-share market saw a large number of transactions, the investment enthusiasm of Jimin further confirmed the market’s bullish statement.

Last week, Ruiyuan’s equilibrium value brushed out a new high for public fundraising in the 22-year history of the fund (before placing). The fund has a ceiling of US $ 6 billion and an effective subscription application amount of US $ 122.4 billion.

In addition, last week there were six funds including Bank of Communications Schroderius, and Yinhua Credit Select 18 months including 6 funds sold out in one day.

  Some institutions are worried that the fund’s sales 都市夜网 and stock market will see a seesaw effect.

However, Liu Qiang, director of Yuanrong Investment Strategy, changed his attitude in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter. From the past, most of the fund’s issuance was a reverse indicator, which meant that the market was approaching a stage high, but this time the fundThe popularity is different from the previous one. Benefiting from the impact of the excellent performance of the fund last year, the sentiment of the public fund is still high in the market. Therefore, with the active market structure, it is difficult for ordinary investors to capture the corresponding investment opportunities, which further strengthensThe motivation for investors to enter the city through the fund.

Therefore, the trend of institutionalization of investment has led to frequent explosions of new funds, not a signal of market peaking.

  According to the results of the private placement rankings, 76.

45% of private equity believes that the boom in the fund market and the number of stock account openings have further synchronized, indicating that residents have changed their investment methods from savings to equity assets, and that the fund’s profit-making effect is prominently one of the frequent drivers of explosive funds.

  As such, the asynchronous research of public and private equity funds on some listed companies has increasingly confirmed their confidence in the A-share market.

“Securities Daily” research department reporter through Oriental Fortune statistics shows that including brokers, funds, private equity, financial companies, banks, insurance, trusts, asset management and other internal investors, since February, a total of 1,043 listed companies have been carried out 10043 timesthe study.

Among them, public and private equity funds with high market influence carried out 4,960 studies on 161 companies.

  From the specific situation of public and private equity fund surveys, 101 companies were researched by the fund more than 10 times a month, which is a high-frequency research.

Among them, Wanrui Medical has the highest number of research, 168 investigations by public funds, 209 investigations by private equity funds, a total of 377 investigations, Boya Biotechnology (291), Yaguang Technology (144), and Topway Information (144Times) Times) Waiting for 3 companies to be public, followed by private equity fund investigations, more than 140 times.

  From the perspective of the industry to which the public and private equity modernization research stocks belong, the 101 stocks mentioned above involve 24 of the 28 first-class industries in Shenwan, accounting for 85.

71%, the computer industry surveyed the largest number of stocks, reaching 20, followed by electronics and biomedicine, with 11 research stocks being generated.

The above data clearly shows that research on public and private equity funds is closely centered on technology and medical stocks related to the recent epidemic.

  Rating agencies gave recommended ratings to 75 of the 101 companies, accounting for 74.


The data further shows that the latest closing prices of the stocks of 33 companies are still far from the recommended target prices of the institutions, including Saturday (70.

39%), Kodali (53.

86%), Highbury (52.

09%) and other internal 14 target companies with a maximum target price of more than 20% spread, which deserves investors’ attention.

  (Editor Bai Baoyu curated Zhao Ziqiang Zhang Ying Wu Shan)

Intime Resources (000975): To be renamed Intime Gold Qinghai Dachaidan resumes production

Intime Resources (000975): To be renamed “Intime Gold” Qinghai Dachaidan resumes production
Event releases semi-annual report 2019 On August 20, 2019, the company released a semi-annual report.At the core of the report, the company achieved operating income of 25.28 ppm, an increase of 20 over the same period last year.63%; net profit attributable to mother 4.38 trillion yuan, an increase of 60 over the same period last year.65%.Among them, the first quarter realized revenue11.2.8 billion, an increase of 33 in ten years.14%; net profit attributable to mothers1.7 billion, an increase of 46 in ten years.31%, EPS in the first quarter was 0.09 yuan / share.Revenue in the 天津夜网 second quarter14.00 billion, an annual increase of 12.14%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.6.8 billion, an increase of 71 in ten years.33%, second quarter EPS is 0.14 yuan / share.  It is proposed to change the name of Intime Gold to change the company name from “Intime Resources Co., Ltd.” to “Intime Gold Co., Ltd.”, and it is proposed to change the company’s short name from “Intime Resources” to “Intime Gold”.  Dachaidan resumed production at the end of April, and the three major gold mines are all in production. Qinghai Dachaidan Mining has officially started production on April 26, 2019, and currently has a production capacity of 2,500 tons / day. Comprehensive processing of ore in the first half of 201917.10 samples, average grade 3 selected.66g / t, selling gold 0.40 tons, net profit is about 3,019.230,000 yuan.  The operation of Dachaidan means that the company’s Heihe Yintai, Jilin Banmiaozi and Qinghai Dachaidan are all in production.In 2016, the company and its related parties acquired these three gold mines from Ellado. Only Jilin Banmiaozi is in production.  In the first half of 2019, the three major gold mines achieved a total of gold sales3.27 tons.The annual inventory of the 2018 annual report is 6.6.5 billion, compared with 7 in 2019.3.3 billion.As the price of gold goes into a secondary bull market, higher inventories continue to make a positive contribution to profitability ahead of time.  From the situation in the first half of 2019, many of the three major gold mines are in production, all are profitable, and they have become the absolute main force of profitability.The total profit of the three major gold mines in the total profit has reached a level of about 80%, especially Heihe profit has become the absolute main force of profit.  To be renamed as “Yintai Gold” As we mentioned above, in terms of the operating conditions disclosed in the 2019 semi-annual report, gold has become the company’s most important outlook on profitability, contributing 80% of its profit.As early as 2018, gold has been the company’s largest source of profit.In 2018, the operating profit of the gold business accounted for 53 of the company’s total operating profit.82%.We believe that the company’s proposed rename as “Yintai Gold” will help pass the company’s main business to the market more clearly and help the market better understand the company.  Investment advice Intime Resources is a mining platform affiliated to China Intime. The actual controller is Shen Guojun.After the acquisition of Yulong Mining in 2012 and the acquisition of the three major gold mines of Heihe Locke, Jilin Banmiaozi and Qinghai Dachaidan in 2017, the company has become a mining company dominated by gold, silver, lead and zinc mines.The gold business accounted for more than 50% of total gross profit in 2018, reaching 54.60%, becoming the largest source of profit contribution.If you consider that Yulong Mining’s original lead-zinc mine can be silver, the company’s precious metal attributes are stronger.  In the long run, the company’s two outbound mergers and acquisitions have been very successful. The company’s own operations, profitability and operating ability to achieve the average price, and low returns are the large capital operation space of listed companies, coexisting with the background of large shareholders, potentially increasing leverageStrong ability, long-term development momentum is sufficient.  Looking into the next two years, the company will produce mineral gold5 in 2018.56 t.And in 2020, the Yulong Mining Mining and Mineral Processing Technology Transformation Project is completed, and the company’s lead, zinc and silver business also has room for growth. In terms of prices, the global economic momentum for transformation has weakened, uncertainty has increased, and the probability of the U.S. economy entering a recession has increased. The global transformation represented by the Federal Reserve has restarted the rate cut cycle. Gold prices have shown a bull market pattern, and silver prices are expected to follow.good performance.  It is expected that from 2019 to 2021, the company is expected to realize revenue59.3.8 billion, 66.1.6 billion and 68.510,000 yuan, achieving net profit attributable to mother 10.83 billion, 13.3.7 billion and 14.0.4 billion, corresponding to a preliminary EPS of 0.55 yuan, 0.67 yuan and 0.71 yuan.We maintain our overweight rating and, given the market ‘s further understanding of gold stocks, raise our target price to 16 based on a 30-time PE estimate in 1919.50 yuan / share.  Risk analysis The price of gold and silver fell sharply, and the company’s production expansion plan was less than expected. In particular, if the continuous 杭州桑拿网 production of the Dongan Gold Mine owned by Heihe Yintai was not successfully connected, the current profitable production potential could be adversely affected.

How to create a fluid grid

How to create a fluid grid

The relationship between training, recovery and growth Too much training is a common mistake made by bodybuilders.

To keep your muscles growing, you need to understand the process of stimulation, recovery and growth.

Stimulation refers to the stimulation of training, that is, the breakdown of proteins in the muscle tissue by training.

The role of recovery is to repair damaged muscle fibers and supplement a certain amount of protein, so that the muscle fibers become thicker.

  Only when the recovery process is complete can muscles really grow.

There is a certain period of muscle growth, and this muscle tissue can only be used for the next training at the end of the cycle.

If there is no adequate recovery between training sessions, muscles will not grow but will decrease.

  In other words, the real muscle growth occurs outside the gym, not inside the gym.

  Time to recovery Some muscle tissues require 48-72 hours to recover under conditions of adequate nutrition and other conditions.

Smaller muscles, such as broken biceps, can be recovered in 48 hours, while quadriceps and hip muscles can take almost 72 hours to recover.

In general, 72 hours after training a muscle, you will get better recovery.

It should also be understood that the recovery process is transitioned throughout the body and all its systems, rather than overlapping certain muscle tissues.

  The recovery of the entire body should be highly recognized.

For example, it takes three days (72 hours) for a part of the body to recover, but it does not mean that you can practice hard after three days.

  In order to allow the body to recover fully, sometimes it is necessary to stop training for several days, especially when the endocrine system is imbalanced due to excessive training.

This is why I claim to practice three days a week.

It was originally designed to allow enough time for the entire nervous system to recover and kill the organization for the next fight.

What you get is not spiritual relaxation, but also physical relaxation.

The symptoms of overtraining are mainly muscle fatigue, and the bad thing is that your nerves and other systems will be traumatized.

  In fact, if you have done 100% hard work in training, if you still want to improve, you need, you must also arrange a few days of rest, and the brakes are fully restored.

  Adjusting your training plan As you become more robust, you should increase the intensity of your muscle stimulation.

However, the body’s recovery ability does not increase simultaneously with the increase in training intensity, strength and muscle.

  For starters, the arm circumference is 33 cm and can lift up to 40 pounds.

After a few years of training, the arm circumference reached 46 cm and he could lift 160 pounds.

This shows that the training volume and strength have increased by 400%.

But resilience has never reached that level, perhaps by only 50%.

That is to say, the fatigue of the body when the arm circumference reaches 46 cm is greater than that when the arm circumference is 33 cm.

The stronger a bodybuilder, the more fatigue he brings from high-intensity training.

This is why it takes longer to recover from an arm circumference of 46 cm than an arm circumference of 33 cm.

If two days can be restored in both directions, the former will take 5-6 days to fully recover.

  In order to make progress, you must increase the intensity of your training, but the increase in intensity reconsiders the stress caused by your resilience.

Therefore, as you increase your training intensity, you must reduce your density.

  In 1990, my local practice was performed every five days, and in 1992, it was performed every six days.

Recently, I practice every eight days.

In addition, I only practice one main action / group at a time, but the opposite was true before 1992, when I was practicing two main actions / groups.

Now I spend very little time in the gym, but my muscle mass has never been bigger.

  The diagnosis and treatment of excessive training did not fully recover after training, indicating that the training was excessive. Typical symptoms are: often feeling tired, prone to anger, poor sleep, poor appetite, joint pain, headache, nausea, and listlessness.

Any kind of symptoms will reduce your enthusiasm for training and prevent you from going all out.  The craving for the gym is a precursor to this symptom. If you have hit the wall in recovery, the only cure for diagnosis and treatment is to leave the gym completely until the training enthusiasm rekindles.

Of course, it is better not to touch this wall at all.

  When you are away from the gym for recovery, analyze the training plan and re-plan the content of the training class after the change to reduce the training density and reduce the training intensity. When you return to the gym to resume training, be sure to stick to the newTraining plan, completely abandon the old training plan.

  Adequate sleep is essential during the recovery process.

When you sleep, the pH balance will quickly recover, the nervous system will be repaired, and at the same time, secretion of growth hormone will be released.

  A nutritionally balanced recipe is another part of Training / Restoration / Growth.

  If you break down this recipe, you will find that 55% -60% of your conversion comes from adulteration, 25% -30% comes from protein, and 10% -15% comes from aunt.

  The main compensation method to promote recovery is to consume foods containing vitamins B and C.

  Vitamin B helps in the absorption of proteins and various amino acids, and vitamin C (I take 3 grams per day) helps improve the ability of the rabbit epidemic system to prevent colds, throat inflammation and various infections.

The destruction of the immune system is also the result of excessive training.

  If you don’t recover adequately, all your training is futile.

You will lose your range, strength, and feel lethargic. When I started to practice bodybuilding, I only knew that I was desperately trying to do it, and I would feel uncomfortable within two days before the gym.

  It now appears that this kind of Japanese kamikaze-style suicide spirit during World War II is simply self-destructive. You must know that your progress does not mean that you have practiced harder than others and took more time than others.Chic.

Samba: Leo Power and Beauty

Samba: Leo Power and Beauty

Dance steps suitable for Leo: Samba Samba originated in Brazil, the music is 4/4 beats, dancers dancing Samba, showing freedom and enthusiasm, lingering joy.

Leo can build body from dancing.

The amount of calories and calories burned in a 5-minute international standard dance can be as good as playing a half-hour basketball game.

  Since the international standard dance is to continuously move the body, the area required for dancing can reach 90?
100 pings, taking Latin dance as an example, often many lower waist movements can effectively burn Leo’s excessive abdomen and waist slightly; from the correction of fitness materials for international standard dancers, it is not difficult to understand that this dance sports breakthrough is full of men and women.Strength and beauty.

In order to achieve the Olympic aura, the international standard dance is called “DanceSport”, and it is expected that Leo men and women who can step into the most dazzling arena in the world will not prevent tens of thousands of people from standard dance.

Cold Cold Food Therapy Onion White Ginger Soup

Cold Cold Food Therapy Onion White Ginger Soup

When winter and spring alternate, it is very easy for someone to catch a cold due to the temperature difference.

There are many dietary treatments for colds, but different diets should be used for different colds. When you encounter a cold and cold, if you are worried about using the wrong Chinese medicine to hurt your body, you may choose to use food instead.Cold sweats, promote the healing of colds!

Ingredients for green onion and white ginger soup: 5 coriander, 3 green onion, half a piece of ginger, brown sugar amount: 1. Wash the cilantro and green onion separately, cut off the onion and coriander roots for later use, and slice ginger for future use; 2. add the ingredientsAfter adding enough water to submerge the ingredients, boil over high heat and cook for 10 minutes on a low heat; 3, add a small amount of brown sugar to season, continue to stir and boil to turn off the fire and devour.

Light onion can treat exogenous wind chills. Onion is the most commonly used vegetable at home. It is often used as a cooking ingredient. Some families even use it as a seasoning. In fact, onions can even be used as food seasoning.Food therapy as medicine.

It is mild and mild, has sweating and relieving symptoms, and has the effect of reaching yang qi. It is often used to help treat exogenous wind chills, coldness and internal prosperity, Geyang outside, pulse microconvulsion, diarrhea, and external application to reduce the treatment of sore poison, andEphedra, cinnamon sticks, and crickets are equally used for cold and cold.

In addition, ginger has a bitter taste, mild lukewarm, returning to the lungs, spleen, and stomach meridian. It has the functions of relieving colds, relieving vomiting, warming the lungs, relieving cough, and detoxifying. It is often used for colds and colds.Good relief of cold and cold symptoms.

However, it should be noted that ginger and light white are only effective for colds and colds, and have no relief effect for viral colds. For patients with colds and winds, not only can not relieve the effect, but may worsen the situation, so use this diet therapyBefore you know exactly what kind of cold you are, then take the right medicine.

Onion ginger soup children can also add some children after the cold and cold, parents will feel very tangled, because most drugs on the market do not exist in child doses, parents will also be very worried about whether they will overdo it and cause side effects to their children.May wish to boil a bowl of onion and white ginger soup for children.

For one thing, the ingredients have only the role of adjuvant therapy. They are not as effective as western medicine, and there are no problems. In addition, ginger soup belongs to soup water, and allowing children to drink warm soup can also help promote the course of colds.

The only drawback is that the taste of the soup is not so good, and the child may have a sense of interference. Parents can add a little brown sugar appropriately, or use water to lighten the flavor of onion and ginger a little to give the child more alternatives.

Mild tonic glutinous rice can also be healthy_1

Mild tonic glutinous rice is also good for health

Glutinous rice, also called Jiangmi, comes in three colors: white, black, and red. It is a type of rice.

Because of its fragrant and sticky, it is often introduced into the built-in rice cakes, Lantern Festival and other flavor snacks, which are loved by everyone.

  Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is mild, sweet, enters the lungs and spleen, is a mild tonic, has tonic effect, blood, spleen and stomach, and antiperspirant.

It is suitable for nausea caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, decreased appetite, shortness of breath due to diarrhea and qi deficiency, and abdominal distension during pregnancy.

The Chinese medicine classic “Compendium of Materia Medica” fully explained the health and health effects of glutinous rice, saying that glutinous rice is “tonicate the spleen and stomach, and benefit the valley of lungs.”

If the spleen and stomach are profitable, the medium (referring to the human stomach) will warm itself, and the force will stay; warm energy can nourish qi, and Qi Shun will be more hot since the spleen and lungs are cold.

  The main function of glutinous rice is to warm the spleen and stomach, so it has a good tonic effect on those with weak qi and spleen and stomach.

Glutinous rice and yam boil congee to strengthen the spleen and stomach; add lotus seeds to boil together to stop diarrhea; if you have a loss of appetite, you can cook glutinous rice with pork belly and eat it by soaking the glutinous rice for half an hour and filling it into the pork belly.After stewing, eat meat and soup. Take out the glutinous rice and dry it.

Glutinous rice is a very good nutritious food for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, bronchitis, patients in recovery and physically weak.

In addition, eating black glutinous rice often has the effect of nourishing kidney.

Black glutinous rice cooked with wolfberry can cure dizziness, tinnitus caused by liver and kidney deficiency, sore waist and knees, etc. Black glutinous rice can also make hair black and shiny, and it is best cooked with mulberry and black sesame.

  Wine made from glutinous rice can be used to nourish fitness and cure diseases.

For example, glutinous rice, eucommia ulmoides, astragalus, Chinese wolfberry, angelica, etc. are used to make “eucommia glutinous rice wine”, which has the effect of refreshing vitality, beauty, longevity, and relaxation and blood circulation.

There is also a “Gastrodia glutinous rice wine”, which is made of glutinous rice with Gastrodia elata and Codonopsis, and has the functions of nourishing the brain and invigorating the brain, protecting the eyes, promoting blood circulation, and promoting longevity.

  Here are a few recipes for glutinous rice diet.

  Glutinous rice, rice flour, white sugar and water, knead into a ball and steam it in the steamer cage drawer.

For poor diet and weakness, blood in the stool can be supplemented by deficiency, hemostasis, and nourishing the stomach.

  30 grams of glutinous rice, 15 grams of wolfberry, boiled, eat soup and glutinous rice and wolfberry, eat twice a day.

It has effects on dizziness, dizziness, tenderness in waist and knees, as well as nourishing liver and kidney, and eyesight.

  50 grams of sticky rice and 30 grams of black sesame.

Separate the two and stir-fry them to a slightly yellowish color.

For shortness of breath, premature graying, hair loss, weakness after illness, etc., it has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidneys, moistening the internal organs, and nourishing the stomach.

  50 grams of glutinous rice flour and 30 grams of Poria.

Grind glutinous rice noodles with Poria and grind them together into fines, once a day.

For the loss of appetite, fullness of the abdomen, insomnia and forgetfulness, it has the effect of nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, dampening, and calming the nerves.

  30 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of chestnut, boiled and cooked into porridge, eaten for breakfast.

For waist and leg weakness, nausea and diarrhea, it has the functions of tonifying qi and invigorating the spleen, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the kidney and strengthening the muscles, activating blood and stopping bleeding.

  100 grams of glutinous rice, 10 pieces of red dates, often eaten with porridge, can nourish the stomach, relieve pain, and treat chronic gastritis.

  50 grams of red beans, 15 grams of white lentils are cooked, and then add 20 jujubes, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of glutinous rice, and finally cook 50 grams of yam peeled slices into the porridge, cooked as rotten, regular food can be treatedanemia.

  100 grams of glutinous rice, 50 grams of indica rice, 10 pieces of red dates, boiled into porridge, eat once a day, can nourish qi and soothe the nerves, and treat neurasthenia.

  15 grams of longan, 5 red dates, and 150 grams of glutinous rice are boiled together to make porridge.

It is beneficial to qi and blood, and it is especially suitable for those who have both qi and blood deficiency, such as body cold and tiredness.

  Add 100 grams of glutinous rice and boiled porridge. Add 15 grams of mashed gelatin after cooking. Stir and cook a little. Serve to nourish and stop blood, nourish yin and lungs, and have anti-fungal effect. Choose blood deficiency, urine, blood in stool,Hematemesis, etc.

But indigestion or cold, fever patients should not eat.

Single medicine for ear diseases

Single medicine for ear diseases

Under the current development of information technology, people often feel that their hearing is disturbed when they are stimulated by the external environment. Sometimes people often think that it is temporary, so do n’t pay much attention, but it will cause hearing loss after a long time.Serious impact.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a variety of methods for treating ear diseases, and there are many fast-acting single-drug medicines that can improve tinnitus, deafness, and hearing. There are certain effects, especially some kidney-reinforcing Chinese medicines.

  Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the theory that the kidneys open their ears to the ears. Therefore, the treatment of ear diseases should start with the kidneys. Let’s take a closer look.

  Epimedium: It has kidney and aphrodisiac, and strengthens bones and muscles.

Studies have found that this product is compatible with other kidney-reinforcing drugs, can treat tinnitus and deafness, and can protect and improve kidney function.

  Psoralen: It has the functions of nourishing the kidney and helping the yang, warming the spleen and reducing diarrhea.

Pharmacological studies have shown that tonication can improve cochlear blood circulation and is one of the effective medicines for treating hearing loss, kidney deficiency, tinnitus, and deafness.

  Bone broken tonic: There are kidney, bone, and blood circulation.

Clinical observations have shown that bone decoction used together with streptomycin sulfate can significantly reduce the ototoxic response of streptomycin sulfate.

  : Favors water and dampness, strengthens the spleen and replenishes the power.

Studies have found that Poria reduces the concentration of drugs in the blood and endolymphatic fluid, thereby reducing the damage to the inner ear caused by ototoxic drugs.

  Salvia miltiorrhiza: it has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and cooling blood and eliminating stasis.

Pharmacological studies have shown that Salvia miltiorrhiza can improve microcirculation blood flow speed, increase cochlear blood flow, promote cellular aerobic metabolism and energy supply.

  Ge Gen: You have published the functions of demystifying and promoting sun rash.

Studies have shown that pueraria can improve blood circulation in the inner ear and has a significant effect on the recovery of inner ear cell function.

  Chuanxiong: It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, relieving wind and relieving pain.

Pharmacological studies show that Chuanxiong can dilate blood vessels and regulate cochlear blood flow supply, thereby improving tinnitus and deafness.

  Spirit Magnets: There is Qianyang soothe the nerves, and Cong Er eyesight. The study found that deafness is related to the disorder of iron metabolism. Spirit magnets have high iron content, so they can treat hearing disorders.

  Cordyceps sinensis: It has the functions of nourishing the lungs and kidneys, replenishing qi, and relieving asthma.

Clinical observations have shown that this product can prevent drug-induced kidney and ear damage, and can provide protection for clinical safe application of kidney and ototoxic antibiotics.