[How to make dried papaya]_How to do_How to do

[How to make dried papaya]_How to do_How to do

Dried papaya is a common food and contains many nutritional values, so it is very popular.

There are many ways to dry shredded papaya. It can be said that dried shredded papaya with garlic, dried shredded spicy papaya, shredded dried papaya shred, etc., and dried shredded papaya are more common, mainly because the method is simple and the taste is good.

So what is the practice of cold and dry papaya, a part of it will be introduced in detail.

The practice of cold and dried papaya shreds Papaya shreds make the taste more crisp.

Ingredients: 250g green papaya, 8 shrimps, 4 slices of beef tomatoes, 1 long bean, 10g minced pepper, 10g minced garlic, 1 teaspoon of fish sauce, 11/4 teaspoon of lemon juice, 40cc of water, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of coconut sugar, tamarind 10g method 1, peel the green papaya seeds and shred them into silk, rinse for about 3 minutes and drain.

2. Mix all the seasonings into a sauce.

3. After cutting the long beans into sections, mix all the ingredients with the sauce of Method 2 and serve immediately.

How to Marinate Dried Papaya Shreds The method of pickling dried papaya shreds is very simple. Usually, you can prepare two to three fresh green papaya, cut it from the middle, remove the seeds and seeds, and then cut it into thin filaments.Soak in clear water for half an hour, remove the water after taking it out, marinate with edible salt, drain the marinated water one day later, and then dry the marinated papaya shreds in the sun until it is completely dehydratedJust put it away and save it.

Other ways to eat dried shredded papaya 1. When the dried shredded papaya is usually prepared, when you want to eat it, you can take it out in advance, soak it in water for three to five hours, then take it out and wash it with water, then removeFor moisture, cut the carrots into filaments, peel the garlic, make the puree into dried wood, add vinegar, chili oil, and chicken essence and mix before serving.

2. Spicy papaya shreds can be added to the spicy papaya shreds after preparation. When you want to eat them, you can prepare the right amount of red pepper, and then prepare the right amount of dried papaya shreds.Heat the oil and add the peppers to fry the aroma. Then add the dried papaya shreds to the pan and stir well. Season with edible salt and a small amount of balsamic vinegar. After mixing thoroughly, take out the plate and serve.

3. The pickled papaya shreds are still made into pickled papaya shreds for people to eat. Usually, the dried papaya shreds can be soaked in water before pickling. After soaking, squeeze the water with your hands and squeeze out the water.Put it in a clean container, add soy sauce and garlic, and an appropriate amount of millet peppers, and marinate after mixing. After three to five days, you can enter the flavor. After taking out the flavor, add an appropriate amount of sesame oil to taste.

[Can corn and red dates be eaten together]_Jujube_Can be eaten together

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Ningbo water meter (603700): industry leader NB-IOT IoT smart water meter upwind

Ningbo water meter (603700): industry leader NB-IOT IoT smart water meter upwind

Leading water meter industry, smart water meters have grown rapidly.

The product category is complete, covering almost all market needs, and customer concentration is scattered.

Leading technology industry, drafting multiple industry standards.

Revenue growth has accelerated, and the proportion of smart water meter sales has increased year by year, from 19 in 2015.

79% increased to 39 in 2018.

41%, the gross profit of smart water meters has exceeded that of mechanical water 武汉夜网论坛 meters.

It is expected that from 2019, the sales revenue of smart water meters will exceed that of mechanical water meters.

The current full production and sales, the IPO raised an additional 4.05 million smart water meter production capacity, after the commissioning of smart water meter production capacity will exceed 6 million units, the overall production capacity exceeds 14 million units, mechanical and smart water meter production capacity will become the largest enterprises.

The water meter market share exceeded 10% in 2018. Through the rapid growth of smart water meters, the market share has begun to increase.

NB-IoT is written into the 5G standard, and smart water meters are facing the wind.

3GPP further resets and upgrades the NB-IoT protocol, which is a part of the 5G standard.

The three major operators’ NB-IoT 武汉夜网论坛 base stations have basically achieved national coverage.

The policy outline puts forward clear requirements for “three supply and one industry”, “one household, one meter”, pipe network district metering and leakage management, and meter rotation.

At present, the leakage rate of urban public water supply networks in cities and towns is still above 20%, and the policy requires that it be controlled within 10% by 2020.

In early 2019, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development strengthened the rotation management of the “three tables.”

It is believed that the annual market space for smart water meters may exceed 8 billion, of which the NB-IoT smart water meter is the focus.

Smart water meters have increased requirements for delivery and technology, and the industry’s concentration may be further improved.

Earnings Forecast: Expected 2019?
2021 operating income is 13.

82, 17.

87, 23.

71ppm, three-year compound strength is 32%; net profit attributable to mother is 2.

15, 2.

84, 3.

86 trillion, three-year composite strength of 41%; EPS is 1.

37, 1.

82, 2.

47 yuan, corresponding to 2.

The 3-day closing price of PE was 17.

50, 13.

22, 9.

74 times.

Maintain “Buy” rating and give the company 20 times PE in 2020, corresponding to a market value of 56.

80 ppm, with a six-month target of 36.

41 yuan, 51% growth space.

Risk warning: systemic risk; risk of appreciation of RMB exchange rate; risk of fluctuations in raw material prices.

E Fund CSI Dividend ETF officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

E Fund CSI Dividend ETF officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Since this year, ETF product innovation has accelerated, and many investors have been eagerly anticipating for years that the index finally has a corresponding ETF.

On December 20, the first ETF tracking the CSI Dividend Index—E Fund CSI Dividend ETF (for short: 100 bonus, trading code: 515180) officially launched on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

So far, 11 years after the freshman’s life, this mission is to capture high-cash reserve stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets. It is regarded as the “basket” of the domestic partial nominal dividend index, and can finally be conveniently purchased in the exchange market.

The initial launch size of the product is nearly 1 billion US dollars, and the transaction 重庆耍耍网 value as of 2 pm on the day has exceeded 100 million yuan.

  The dividend index is essentially a strategic index, which is called “Smart Beta” overseas.

It is based on the theory that the source of stock returns can be decomposed into the contributions of different risk factors, so grabbing stocks that have certain characteristics and conforming to this factor can form specific exposures to such factors, and thus accuratelyGet the corresponding excess returns.

The dividend index captures the “dividend” factor.

Dividend payment to shareholders is an expectation and a capability. It also represents the value orientation of a listed company’s active return to shareholders, and it is also a sign of the company’s operating capabilities.

Often, only companies with stable operations, good finances, and sufficient and stable profits will have the ability to continue to pay dividends.

  The CSI Dividend Index selected the 100 stocks with the strongest continuous dividend ability in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The rules are based on fragmented core factors and the sustainability of dividends as an important reference. In addition, component stocks have been required to continuously distribute cash in the past two years, and they will preferentially exclude the cash after-tax share ratio of less than 0 in the past year when the share is adjusted.

5% of the stock, thus ensuring that companies remaining in the index will always be replaced by dividends.

On Monday (December 16), the index just completed the latest round of adjustments, replacing more than 20 stocks. The rigorous selection and strict control of the index are evident.

  E Fund CSI Dividend ETF (515180) uses more than 90% of the fund’s assets to fully replicate the CSI Dividend Constituent Stock.

In order to allow investors to realize the characteristics of the continuous production of cash income from the dividend index, the E Fund Dividend ETF also provides a dividend clause.The last trading day of the third quarter) has an excess return above zero.

5% or more than 0 distributable profits per 10 fund investments.

05 yuan, the fund will pay dividends.

From the perspective of the cost of use, E Fund’s CSI Dividend ETF management fee rate is 0.

15% / year, hosting fee rate is 0.

05% / year, totaling 0.

20% / year, significantly lower than ordinary index funds.

As a manager, E Fund is one of the fund companies with the largest management scale and the most complete product line. It is one of the fund companies with the largest management scale and the most complete product lines. ETFs such as Shenzhen 100, GEM, and H shares are among the most liquid products in their class.

Shun Xin Agriculture (000860): 1Q19 liquor revenue growth rate in line with our expected short-term reasonable estimates

Shun Xin Agriculture (000860): 1Q19 liquor revenue growth rate in line with our expected short-term reasonable estimates
We recommend that we downgrade the company’s rating to Neutral, mainly because the expected growth in the first quarter extends to a reasonable region. At the same time, we believe that the company’s first quarter profitability has not increased.The reason is as follows: The company’s first quarter revenue exceeded 20% growth rate in line with our expectations. Among them, we estimated that liquor revenue exceeded 25% growth rate, which was also in line with our expectations, but the company’s net profit rate could not be fully increased.Gross profit margin 38.4% decline, we analyze the reason is that the company’s low-end aging and other liquor costs increase and increase, but the price increase is insufficient, resulting in a small 北京夜生活网 decline in gross profit margin; the company currently corresponds to 2019/2027.9/19.5x P / E, we think the short-term estimates are basically reasonable, but we predict that the profit growth rate in the next three quarters will significantly exceed the first quarter, and the quarterly profit change will decrease; the company’s core business focuses on low-end liquor, and its core competitiveness isCost-effectiveness and brand and scale advantages, we believe that the company’s long-term net interest rate will be stable at 10% to 15%, but it is difficult to continue to increase prices in the long-term. At the same time, market costs also need to be continuously consumed to maintain brand tension and control excessive gross marginTo raise barriers to competition. What makes us different from the market?The cost and channel scale efficiency advantages brought by the company’s solid-liquid liquor will promote its continuous integration of the liquor market below 80 yuan. We estimate that the company’s market share currently reaches 10%, and there is still much room for improvement. Potential catalysts: further increase in profitability; further growth in liquor revenue. Earnings Forecast and Estimates Due to the company’s insufficient price raising ability and the non-baijiu business’s deviation from the progress is unclear, we cut our profit for 2019/2010.9% / 9.8% to 11.92/16.99 million, maintaining a target price of 61.8 yuan, corresponding to 29 in 2019/20.6/20.8x P / E, currently expected to correspond to 2019/20 27.9/19.P / E ratio is 5 times and target price is 6.2% upside, downgrade to neutral. Risks If the company’s liquor product structure is too complex, it will lead to a decline in the competitiveness of Niulanshan aging.

Medicinal recipes for effectively alleviating dysmenorrhea in young girls

Medicinal recipes for effectively alleviating dysmenorrhea in young girls

Some girls have dysmenorrhea from the beginning of menstruation. Mild abdomen is painful and gradually relieves after passing. In severe cases, lower abdomen pain is unbearable, pale, thin body, low voice, and even with syncope.

This condition belongs to primary dysmenorrhea. It is common in unmarried women. Most of them begin to occur shortly after menarche or menarche. Abdominal pain is mainly located in the middle of the lower abdomen.Relieve by rubbing.

Severe cases must go to the hospital for treatment.

The basic principles of its onset are not clear. Most of them are caused by poor uterine development, uterine muscle spasm, poor menstrual blood metastasis, or physical weakness. They are also related to mental stress, fear, and fright.

Some medical scientists believe that it is caused by sympathetic disorders.

It’s inconclusive, maybe there are various factors.

Generally no obvious organic damage.

Most people’s dysmenorrhea will automatically disappear through the continuous improvement of physical development, continuous improvement of their health conditions, marriage and birth of children, etc.

In order to reduce menstrual pain, reduce mental stress, and early detection and prevention of possible organic distortions, early examination, early diagnosis, and early treatment are necessary.

  Western medicine treats dysmenorrhea mainly by symptomatic treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine treats dysmenorrhea with multiple syndromes and performs overall conditioning.

In addition to primary dysmenorrhea, teenage dysmenorrhea is often treated with nourishing qi and nourishing blood, warming and activating blood, and removing blood stasis and pain medicine.

Commonly used angelica tonic blood decoction, Bazhen decoction, Shiquan Dabu decoction plus or minus motherwort, wormwood leaves, Xiangfu and other drugs, can achieve satisfactory results.

Here are two girls’ dysmenorrhea medicated diet, which have a certain effect on some qi and blood deficiency girls.

  1.1 young pigeon (about 300 grams), hair removal and internal organs after killing, cut open, wash clean, put 8 red dates, 10 grams of angelica, 8 grams of cooked land, 8 grams of Chuanxiong into the pigeon body, add water, steamOverripe, add brown sugar and serve immediately, 1 dose per week; 2.
One black hen (about 1000 grams), after killing, remove hair and viscera, wash it, put 10 grams of yellow spots, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 6 jujubes, put an appropriate amount of ginger into the chicken belly, add an appropriate amount of water, and steam over water, First martial arts fire, then Wenhuo, steamed and ready to eat.

1 dose per week.

  This disease medicated diet has a certain effect, but pay attention to diet and living.

First, pay attention to strengthening nutrition during adolescence, do not diet because you want to maintain a slim figure, which is very harmful to developing girls. Second, pay attention to menstrual hygiene, keep warm during menstruation, avoid wading, rain, cold, Pay attention to prevent colds; third, keep the spirit happy, feel comfortable, do not overwork due to study or work.

Pregnant yoga relieves discomfort during pregnancy

Pregnant yoga relieves discomfort during pregnancy

Pregnant women need to learn a lot of health knowledge during pregnancy, and physical movements during pregnancy need to pay great attention.

Here, for pregnant mothers to share the movements of pregnant yoga, pregnant yoga can help us alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy, and it is also very helpful for postpartum bodybuilding. Interested friends can follow the yoga teaching steps to practice.

  Pregnant women are suitable for practicing different yoga moves at different times.

Now, let ‘s learn maternal yoga from different stages with you!

  Below the first stage are a few postures that may be helpful during the first three months of pregnancy (but please consult your doctor if it suits your situation before practicing).

  1. The upper arch and depression of the cat’s fractured tail help to maintain the elasticity of the spine and gently strengthen the tail and abdominal muscles.

  2. Dynamic tilt bridge exercise The dynamic tilt bridge exercise is very simple. Through this simple movement exercise, we can effectively improve our pregnancy discomfort without looking for our pregnant women.

  3, the craftsman bowed down this gentle forward bend flexible waist, step on the leg muscles and groin.

  4. The anal levator can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles located between the coccyx and the pubic bone. It can also help prevent hemorrhoids common in pregnant women. This technique should be practiced throughout pregnancy.

  During the third trimester of pregnancy, yoga helps us stay healthy and flexible.

  The second trimester is very suitable for our yoga practice. During this period, most of our pregnant women’s friends adapted to our physical changes and began to enjoy such exercises slowly.

  The third trimester of pregnancy is my favorite period.

On the first day of four months of pregnancy, the morning sickness ended miraculously, which made me feel very good and I could do too many yoga poses.

In the middle of the fifth month, I only did simple poses such as cat extension, craftsman bow and wide angle.

  In the second stage, the belly of the pregnant woman has bulged during this period. Although the posture can be adjusted to reduce the difficulty, for example, the legs can be separated to create space for the belly, but the forward bending movement is difficult to prevent the abdomen from pressing.

Therefore, here are some practical yoga poses and laws that will allow you to practice comfortably during the second trimester.

  1. The baby-style baby-style is a very comfortable, static posture that helps to dissolve the stiffness of the lower back.

If you have difficulty forcing your forehead on the ground, rest on your overlapping hands. You can also separate your legs to give more room for your belly.

(Note: a strong pillow will be placed under the forehead instead of a yoga brick.) 2. The cat’s stepwise incline gradually increases, and you can do smaller moves to avoid excessive contraction.

This posture helps the spine to be elastic and the back muscles strong.

  3. For AC vibration exercise, you can wrap the strap around your feet and bend your torso to a 45-degree angle (small continuous width).

This forward bend helps keep your legs soft.

  4. The gentle up-and-down movements of the warm-up legs help keep the thighs soft and relax the pelvic floor muscles, preparing for childbirth.

  5, wide-angle forward bending warm-up helps to maintain the thighs and relax the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for childbirth.

  6. Baseline anal sphincter contraction exercises. Anal sphincter contraction exercises help to correct the falling weight of obese weight and can also help prevent common hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

  Through the above yoga exercises for pregnant women, I believe that pregnant mothers will not feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Let a good physical condition greet the newborn of a healthy baby.

3 must-have stages for starting a white hand

3 must-have stages for starting a white hand

The first stage is to prepare for your own entrepreneurship through learning. This stage is the key to your entrepreneurial pursuit. Then, only when you are fully prepared and in the entrepreneurial period can you be comfortable. However, you should also master the most effective methods during this period of study, otherwise you will oftenThe opposite is true. Therefore, choosing a certain type of learning platform is likely to be seriously inadequate. The author believes that this platform that assists you in learning must have the following conditions: First, it has a large number of successful cases and successful entrepreneurial stories, and the armor improves its performanceCompetence, secondly, is to have a lot of business opportunity information, corporate information for selection and conversion, and it should also include a wealth of news information. There are not many websites that can meet these requirements. Among them, as the world ‘s first Chinese advertisementBusiness Opportunity Portal is one of the large and rich websites.

At this stage, there are also three periods of study: 1. Finding your favorite industry and foothold during the job-hopping period. 2. Accumulate your own entrepreneurial experience through part-time work. 3. Waiting period. Waiting for and finding entrepreneurial opportunities. Remember that the business is not familiar.Don’t do it!

  The second stage is to create your own business and guarantee a certain profit. This stage is the starting point for entrepreneurship. It is also related to whether your business can be profitable, and whether it is successful or not.Go on.

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a project for entrepreneurship, and a good project must log on to a good platform to find it.

It is understood that, in order to help the majority of netizens more easily find the most suitable entrepreneurial project, Tianxia Business Opportunity Network came into being. It completely covers the latest and most popular and most profitable entrepreneurial projects. It also includes wealth business opportunities, real estate, Education, and other wealth-creating information, fully meet the various needs of different netizens, truly a world of Internet, unlimited wealth in front of the business opportunity portal.

At this stage, it is particularly important to note that this stage should go through the following stages: 1. The planning period makes a detailed plan for the entrepreneurship that you have already thought of, and you must pay attention to everything yourself!

  2. The creation period implements your own business plan according to your own plan. The shorter the creation period, the better, and the less you spend, the better!

  3, the survival period of the enterprise has been started, it is very important to maintain survival, think of a way to make the enterprise survive, only by living there is the possibility of profit and development.

  4. Earn your first bucket of gold as soon as possible in the struggle period, so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. The third stage allows the enterprise to develop to a stable level of profit, and continues to operate. This stage belongs to the stage of maintenance and development.This step is critical. It requires you to pay attention to it at all times. At the same time, as an entrepreneur, in the process, you need to continuously learn and continuously update the company’s concept, development path, and business model.

Therefore, the world’s business opportunities provide targeted entrepreneurs with reasonable business strategies for free, as well as entrepreneurial stories, entrepreneurial bibles . so that entrepreneurs can think and think in the process of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs are in this large number of entrepreneurial experiences., Make more accurate profit-making decisions for your business!

At this stage, the following three periods are included: 1. The key step in the adjustment period to ensure the fruits of victory. The goal of the struggle period has been achieved. It is time to consider new business ideas–expansion or the status quo?

  2. Consolidation period Strengthen the stage of the adjustment period and prepare for development!

At this time you should be a coach, not a player, so that every player is gradually in place!

  3. During the development period, the company has been operating at a steady and rising profit level, and you can easily become a boss, but it does not mean that you can sit back and relax, because the successful experience today may be out of date tomorrow, and it is the safest.The approach is to keep attacking and keep the enterprise moving forward!

Liver-protecting medicated diet

Liver-protecting medicated diet

Whether it is carriers of HBV or HBV patients, a reasonable balanced diet is always an important part of daily life. If you can focus on diet and nutrition, it will help to improve your immunity and liver function.
  Hepatitis B virus carriers account for about 10% of China’s total population (1.
2.4 billion), of which 20% of carriers will have different clinical symptoms, and about 20% of the patients will have different degrees of cirrhosis, ascites and even secondary liver cancer.
Whether it is carriers of HBV or HBV patients, a reasonable balanced diet is always an important part of daily life. If you can pay attention to dietary nutrition, it will help improve your own immunity and improve liver function.
  Asymptomatic HBV carriers, you can try the following health soup.
  ● Astragalus and red jujube soup ingredients: 12 grams of astragalus and 10 jujubes.
  Method: Astragalus and red dates are fried with water, then add a little sugar, drink soup to eat dates, once a day.
  Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing liver, and can improve immune function.
Hepatitis B virus carriers with low resistance can often consume it.
  ● Garyme steamed custard raw materials: 10 grams of wolfberry, 1 egg, 3-5 ml of peanut oil, can also be seasoned.
  Method: Add eggs to water and mix well, add wolfberry, peanut oil, and steam.
  Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and softening liver.
Hepatitis B virus carriers and people with hypoproteinemia can often eat.
  ● Royal jelly lyophilized powder (capsule): Take as directed by your doctor, or 1-2 capsules daily.
  Efficacy: It has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, nourishing liver and spleen, relieving pain and detoxifying, improving the body’s immune function, promoting cell regeneration, and anti-aging.
Hepatitis B virus carriers and people with hypoproteinemia can often eat.
  Special reminder: Whether you are a hepatitis B virus carrier or a patient, you should eat less or no food that damages liver cells and is prone to carcinogenesis.
For example: wine and alcoholic beverages, preserved and smoked foods containing nitrosamines, moldy peanut and peanut oil containing aflatoxin and other moldy foods.

Seven manifestations of common sexual abnormalities

Seven manifestations of common sexual abnormalities

Sexual abnormalities of men and women, also known as sexual aberration or sexual inversion, are abnormal sexual behaviors.

It refers to some people’s sexual psychology and behavior, not through sexual intercourse between humans and other sexual partners to meet sexual physiological needs, but in other abnormal ways to obtain sexual satisfaction or pleasure abnormal behavior that violates the norms of sex.
  What is sexual metamorphosis?

  The act of movement between men and women due to emotion is called sexual behavior.

These behaviors include affectionate snuggle between couples, tender caresses, intimate hugs, warm kisses, and sexual intercourse between the couples, mainly penis and vaginal contact, which are normal sexual behaviors.

Human sexual behavior must be affected by the social culture and background in which it is located, so people generally know what they can and cannot do.

All sexual acts that do not conform to a specific cultural environment are abnormal sexual acts.

  The more common sexual abnormalities mainly have the following manifestations: there is an extraordinary love contact and physical intimacy between the common sex.

Both men and women can do this.

People with a certain expression are often called homosexuals.

Homosexuals are at high risk for the current AIDS epidemic.

Homosexuality is diverse, such as single homosexuality, that is, long-term behavior between the same sex; some are homosexual, that is, there is only sexual desire between the same sex, without specific sexual behavior; some homosexuality coexists.

  The second is to collect precious clothing of the opposite sex, especially women’s bras, underwear, shorts, etc., and to kiss and play with these items to satisfy their deformed interests and sexual desires.

  The third is anisotropy, revealing the act of exposing one’s genitals to obtain sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but does not pursue a true sexual relationship with the opposite sex.

  Physically or mentally tortures a sexual subject by abusing or injuring others with limbs, thereby obtaining sexual emotions and needs.

  Wuxiangfang tried to peek at women’s urination, bathing, changing clothes and other activities, but did not seek to have sexual relations with each other, but only used peeping behavior to satisfy their sexual desire.

  Six willingly let the sway towards themselves, get sexual pleasure and satisfaction from the sexual abuse and harm of the abuser, as well as their own mental and physical pain.

If you ask the other party to beat, bite some parts of your body.

Abuse and sadism can occur on the same person at the same time.

  Seven dressed in the opposite sex and dressed as the opposite sex.

Imitating heterosexual behavior and self-righteousness in order to obtain sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

  Relevant experts believe that abnormal sexual behavior has nothing to do with genes, chromosomes, and sex hormones; apart from their distinctive performance in sexual desire, sexual desire objects, and sexual satisfaction, other personality traits are not significantly different from normal people.

But sexual metamorphosis is the same as disease. Psychotherapy should be applied to these people in time to rescue them.