The season of eating apricots is how to eat the most health


The season of eating apricots is how to eat the most health

Many people like to eat apricots, but apricots are hot fruits. If you eat more, it is easy to get angry. Whether it is fresh apricots or processed products of apricots, we should not eat more. There are many ways to eat apricots. Do you want to know

The benefits of eating apricots are cough and asthma: after apricot enters the body’s free radicals, it will be converted and decomposed to produce a small amount of “hydrocyanic acid”.

Medical research has shown that “hydrogen free radicals” can calm the central nervous system of the respiratory nerves, so it can relieve cough and asthma.

Beauty and beauty: Apricot contains very rich nutrients such as vitamins.

Both internal and external use can effectively reduce skin aging and maintain the skin’s lubricity and elasticity.

Weight loss: According to research, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in apricots are not easy to gain weight, and the cell wall of apricot can effectively reduce the digestion and absorption of the human body by minors.

Lowering cholesterol: Apricot is rich in vitamin E and some monounsaturated fatty acids.

Both of these substances can reduce the proportion of plasma in the human blood, especially for some diabetic patients with poor heart function.

Anti-cancer and anti-tumor: An active substance contained in apricot can kill the ruptured tumor in the blood of the human body and restore the condition of the cancer patient.

In addition, carotene contained in apricot has a tumor-preventing effect.

7 kinds of fancy patterns of apricots. 1. After eating apricots and ripening apricots, choose the peels to be purple, red, red or orange; the flesh is bright red, pink or orange apricots, generally tastes more sweet.

No mature apricots can not be eaten raw.

2, eat apricots and fresh apricots have limited storage time, after harvest, the apricots can be processed into apricots.

This will not only extend the storage time, but also serve as a snack after a meal.

3, drink apricot juice If you have a juicer at home, you can also wash the apricots into the nucleus and then make the juice or make the almonds into a delicious almond dew.

4, the specific practice of apricot soaking is very simple, just wash the apricots and take a proper amount to soak in the white wine, after three or five months can be used instead, drinking apricot wine also has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough.

5, apricot porridge with apricots into a porridge, also known as “zhenjun porridge.”

The apricots need to be washed and boiled, and the porridge is cooked together with the stalked rice.

Eating the porridge has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, and promoting cough and relieving cough.

6, apricot sauce made with apricots will have a unique sweet and sour taste, you can also add some seasonings according to your own taste.

Can help us appetite and promote digestion.

7, taking apricot kernels according to research shows that almonds contain a lot of calcium, minerals, amino acids and other trace elements.

Edible almonds can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, more than lungs and cough, beauty and beauty.

Winter Chinese medicine, kidney


Winter Chinese medicine, kidney

The traditional medicine of the motherland believes that the kidney is the birth of the innate, the source of life, the main water of the Tibetan essence, the function of the main bone marrow, so the kidney is full of blood, the high blood pressure is strong, the bones are strong, the pace is brisk, the mind is agile, the kidney is exhausted.Then the yang is weak, the waist and knees are sore, the wind is cold, and the disease is sick.

In the winter, the function of the kidneys is normal, which can regulate the changes of the body to adapt to severe winter. Otherwise, it will lead to metabolic disorders and cause diseases.

Therefore, winter attention is very important for the maintenance of the kidneys.

銆€銆€Kidney deficiency lesions have yin deficiency and yang deficiency. They are nourishing to the body’s various organs, and the moisturizing effect is called kidney yin. It is called kidney yang for the activity of each viscera.

The effect of tonifying kidney on kidney yin and kidney yang deficiency is based on the corresponding method of symptomatic treatment.

Kidney yin deficiency, common lung heat, throat dryness, weak waist and waist, dizziness, tinnitus, reddish tongue coating and other symptoms, can choose sea cucumber, scorpion, turtle, white fungus, etc. to nourish, kidney yang deficiency, common limb chills,The symptoms of wilting, backache, tinnitus, pale tongue, body fat, etc. should be selected from mutton, antler, psoralen, cistanche, cinnamon, and japonica.

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the functional activities of the limbs, including the movements of the joints, bones and other tissues, are dominated by the liver and kidney. Therefore, there is a saying that the kidney is the main bone and the bone is the kidney. The person who is good at health care needs to be in the winter.Adhere to physical exercise, in order to achieve nutrition and strengthening the kidney, Shujin active, smooth ventilation, enhance the effectiveness of their own resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of strong kidney fitness.

Walking, jogging, playing, doing exercises, practicing boxing and dancing, etc. are all suitable for winter exercise.

Winter exercise should also pay attention to keep warm, especially those who are frail and old. When exercising sweating and stopping exercise, be sure to put on clothes in time. If you have the conditions, you should change your sweaty underwear to prevent colds.

銆€銆€Adhere to the massage can eliminate the lack of kidney protection, massage can use the following methods: 1 rubbing the waist: two hands rubbing hot after pressing the waist, force 30 times.

鈥淲aist is the house of the kidney鈥? rubbing the waist and eye can dredge the veins and strengthen the kidney function.

銆€銆€2鎻塂an Tian: Both hands are hot and massage 30-50 times in the belly Dantian.

Dan Tian is the infuriating person, the true essence of cohesion, the foundation of human life.

This method is commonly used to enhance the body’s immune function and improve the body’s resistance, thereby achieving the purpose of strengthening the kidney and solidifying the body, which is beneficial to prolong life.