Female wrong sleeping position affects health


Female wrong sleeping position affects health

Many people know that incorrect sitting posture can cause cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases, but whether you know that sleeping posture is not right can easily lead to disease.

銆€銆€For the human body, adequate sleep and good sleep quality are one of the necessary conditions for longevity.

Usually, sleep usually has 3 postures, supine, side and prone.

For women, the best sleeping position is to lie to the right.

銆€銆€At present, there are not many women lying on their backs, because this posture is easy to press the chest and affect breathing.

For developing adolescent women, this posture will affect chest contours and breast development, so try to avoid it.

銆€銆€Sleeping on the back does not seem to affect the various organs of the body. In fact, in the normal anatomy of the female reproductive system, the position of the uterus should be forward anterior flexion, but studies have found that most of the posterior uterus is related to the supine position.

銆€銆€The uterus can be placed in the forward anterior flexion, depending on the uterine ligament, and the posterior uterus is turned to the humerus concave, especially the uterus that is bent back, so that the entire uterus is lying in the humeral recess, and the humerus concave is blocked tightly, andCompression of the anterior tibial nerve tissue is prone to backache and discomfort such as lower abdomen bulge.

Before menstruation, the soft tissue in front of the uterus and the tibia is congested and edematous, which is more likely to increase the pressure on the nerve tissue in the posterior uterus and aggravate the symptoms.

銆€銆€In addition, the posterior uterus has the following potential problems: – more menstruation, the uterus tilted backwards, often can cause the ovarian fallopian tube to sag backwards and downwards, so that the position of the ovarian fallopian tube changes, causing pelvic vein distortion, poor blood flow, resulting in pelvic cavityVenous congestion leads to more menorrhagia.

This is also easy to cause sexual intercourse, making women full of fear of sex life.

銆€銆€- Dysmenorrhea, the posterior uterus is like a teapot, the cervical canal is like a teapot mouth, and the uterus is like a teapot.

As the cervix of the spout, its position is higher than the uterine cavity of the body, and it is difficult for menstrual blood to be discharged from the “bottom of the pot”.

銆€銆€- Infertility, the posterior uterus can be pulled up the cervix, pointing to the anterior wall of the vagina, so that the outer cervix is significantly higher than the semen pool, like the cliff on the river, then the sperm can not enter the cervical canal smoothly, of course, it is difficult to achieve pregnancy.

銆€銆€Excluding the supine and prone, leaving the sleeping position on the side.

Among them, the top lying because it will oppress the heart may cause discomfort, so it is not ideal.

The problem that may be caused by the absence of the above sleeping position on the right side of the bed is naturally the most worthy sleeping position recommended to women.

Woman bed is more slutty, man likes


Woman bed is more slutty, man likes

Sensuality, now completely neglected the meaning of the language, but should be a kind of sexy, a charm, a style, a concept, a value, a kind of extreme.


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Men are very harsh on women, demanding a lot, very full, in a word, “the hall of the lady, the slut in the bedroom” is the most accurate annotation of the man’s expectations in the man’s bones.

銆€銆€External sensuality is only representational, but the inner sensuality is in the bones.

The external lasciviousness is seduce, and the inner lasciviousness is temptation.

The external lust is focused on kinky, the main attack on the body, and the inner sensuality is focused on the sway, the main attack on the soul.

The external lasciviousness looks like the scenery, but it is the coquettish, the inner sensuality looks like the customs, but it is the scenery.

銆€銆€Men are conquering women as fun, but women who are lascivious are in the forefront and have a special liking.

The woman who is lascivious to the outside world, the man is not tired, and I don’t see the place where the wind and the moon are full of friends, the sound of dogs and horses, the singing and dancing, and the rush.

For the inner sensuality of the woman, the man is thinking and thinking, taking care of it, treating it as a spring and snow, and confiding himself, and is considered to be an important symbol of identity and value.

銆€銆€Lustfulness is not life, but sensuality can enrich life.

Because of sensuality, it is wonderful; because of sensuality, it is lovely; because of sensuality, it is charming.

銆€銆€How does a “fairy woman” strike a man’s heart? A lascivious woman is very confident. The reason is very simple. A woman can only dare to be lascivious and lascivious if she has the potential to be confident.

Self-confidence can motivate people’s potential, and the individual always pursues the direction of the inner pursuit.

銆€銆€It can make people’s strengths and beauty to the fullest, and experience a more advanced and positive life, which is so precious for a woman who is young and evanescent.

In short, it is still an old saying: I am confident, I am beautiful!

銆€銆€2, lascivious women are very cherished their body is more than the average woman to pursue the beauty of the appearance and the health of the body.

People can’t be pursued, especially women who are in the middle of time. They can only be beautiful in order to be happy and happy.

銆€銆€A lascivious woman is always taking care of herself, dressed up beautifully, to take better care of her family, and to let her man look forward to going home every day.

銆€銆€3, lascivious women are mostly humorous to play jokes in today’s society, perhaps for women, “orthodox” is just a derogatory term, almost no man likes the kind of woman who is not ridiculous, all day long bitter face.

Not only do they need women to know how to laugh, but they also need to learn how to make men laugh.

銆€銆€It takes a lot of humor to make a man laugh, and even more often it needs to be pulled.

What men love to listen to are those who are “tempted and not tired”. If a woman can talk about a few paragraphs, the attraction to men is extraordinary.

銆€銆€However, all these humors, the following sons and scorpions are all colored women, at most, just to see what kind of man is speaking.

銆€銆€4, lascivious women are mostly good at room surgery is very simple, no matter what people do, only need to pay attention and research, can be excellent and long.

The same is true for a room, a woman who is lascivious needs it more than a woman.

I know more about the fun, so they are more willing to take the time to study it than others.

The most direct and effective result after the research is to quickly correct the practice of husband and wife room, the biggest beneficiary is her man, the man is shocked, the woman is not charming.

銆€銆€Having said that, the most important thing is that people’s sexual attitudes need to be transformed – sex, not a mysterious or shameful thing, but the most common behavior of human beings.

Whether men’s “sex” or female “sex”, in reality, they are all “sex” and both need “sex”.