Home improvement tips porch renovation attention


Home improvement tips porch renovation attention

First of all, before the decoration, we must have an understanding of the design and form of the entrance. From the relationship between the entrance and the house, the entrance decoration can be divided into the following categories: (1) Freestanding: the general entrance is narrow and long, it is the entrance to the hall.There is no way to go through.

You can choose from a variety of decorating forms.

銆€銆€(2) Connection type: connected to the hall, there is no obvious independent area.

Can be set in a unique form or blended with other room styles.

銆€銆€(3) Inclusion style: The entrance is included in the entrance hall. If it is slightly modified, it will become the highlight of the whole hall. It can not only play a role but also increase the decorative effect of the space.

銆€銆€It can be seen that the design of the entrance should be based on the type and form of the room.

It can be either arc-shaped or right-angled, and some room entrances can also be designed as porch corridors.

The styles are wooden, glass, screen type, hollowed out, etc.

銆€銆€In general, because the area of the entrance is generally small, the cost is not too high.

Therefore, the owner can spend more time to decorate the porch, which can make the ideal effect of not spending more money and doing more with less.

Going to travel with a piece of ginger


Going to travel with a piece of ginger

Ginger is used to treat toothache: When a toothache occurs, a piece of ginger can be taken and bitten in the toothache to relieve it.

It is better to reuse if necessary.

Anti-frozen sore with ginger: For skin that is prone to frostbite, if it is repeatedly rubbed with ginger juice, it can increase the ability to resist cold and avoid frostbite.

Treatment of joint pain with ginger: Oral administration of appropriate amount of ginger, or rubbing the affected area with ginger juice, can improve joint activity, relieve pain, reduce swelling and stiffness, and without any complications.

Ginger is used to treat colds and colds: ginger can be shredded, and brown sugar decoction can be added. After taking it hot, cover the quilt and sweat, and it will heal quickly.

Treating traumatic hemorrhage with ginger: Ginger is burnt into the ground, and after disinfecting the wound, it is sprinkled on the affected area, which can quickly stop bleeding and reduce pain.

Use ginger to cure stomach cold pain: Wash the slices with ginger, soak in vinegar for a day and night, use appropriate amount of ginger and brown sugar to make water, when the tea is replaced.

Use ginger to cure burns: If scald occurs, the raw ginger can be smashed and juiced, and the cotton wool is immersed in the affected area. The foaming person is anti-inflammatory and defoaming, and the damaged person can promote scarring.

Treating stroke with ginger: Take a cup of ginger juice, white staff 5?

Gram, when used, first open the water to rush the fossil workers, then into the ginger juice, and then into the irrigation.

Use ginger to prevent motion sickness, seasickness, halo aircraft, etc.: In order to avoid riding, boating, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, you can chew the ginger before you leave, and then include a piece of fruit candy.

Summer solstice health, these three categories must eat more, in order to better fight disease, make the body healthier?


Summer solstice health, these three categories must eat more, in order to better fight disease, make the body healthier?

Unconsciously, it has already reached the summer solstice. From the time of entering Xiaoman, the weather starts to be hot, and then the moisture begins to grow gradually. Until the summer solstice, the weather of each festival has different changes, so to make the body healthier.At least, we need to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and food hygiene and safety. We should also pay attention to complying with these solar terms and doing good health care work. We should not be sloppy from diet to lifestyle. So what are the characteristics of the summer solstice?

What should I eat in the summer solstice to better fight disease?

What are the characteristics of the summer solstice diet?

What are the characteristics of the summer solstice?
The summer solstice is on the 21st of the solar calendar every year. Entering the summer solstice means that the hot weather will officially begin. After the summer solstice, the weather will only get hotter and hotter, and it will still be hot, so after the summer solstice,It is a time when you really need to do a good job in heatstroke prevention.

In addition, during the summer solstice, the ground will be heated more intensely, which will make the air convection more vigorous. It will easily form thunderstorms in the afternoon to the evening, and the Tang Dynasty also used poets to use the east side of the sunrise to the west and the road is no.Sunny but sunny, to describe the summer solstice, but the power of the summer solstice rain is far more than that, entering the summer solstice, it is just the time when the south enters the rainy season, the heavy rainfall and the number of rain days are reduced, it is easy to cause flood disasters, which is alsoNeed to be prevented in advance.

Then it also means that the weather in the summer solstice will become more serious, which is also the reason why the weather will become hot, so the dampness is actually a continuous thing in the summer, especially in the rainy season, it needs to last nearly oneIn the month, the humidity of the air will be very large, which will have some impact on the health of the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to respond promptly and actively, especially from the diet, to make some adjustments to avoid heat, thirst and dampness.

What should I eat in the summer solstice to better fight disease?
Into the summer solstice, of course, there are also the characteristics of the summer solstice, the first is the custom of the summer solstice, there is a saying that “winter solstice dumplings summer solstice”, then the summer solstice, of course, can not be less to help health, in fact, eating noodles is also said, summer solsticeThe day has the longest day, and the previous folks have a sentence called 鈥渆at the summer solstice, a short day鈥? and the noodles just fit this statement, so there is a custom of eating the noodles in the summer solstice.

In fact, in addition to custom, summer noodles also have many other effects, which can cool off the heat and enhance the appetite.

In summer, because of the hot weather, people consume relatively the same amount of energy. Eating noodles can also provide nutrients and accumulation for the body in time. Especially when eating noodles, it can be matched with many other foods, such as eggs, vegetables, soy products, etc.Make this meal more nutritious.

In addition to eating noodles, you should eat more sour food during the summer solstice, because when the summer solstice arrives, the weather will become hotter and hotter, and the body will be more sultry, the body will sweat more, and the salt will be lost more, while the bodyThere will be some loss of electrolytes, and it is necessary to supplement the salt when supplementing. It is recommended to add some sour food.

Because acidic foods have a solid antiperspirant effect, they can help stabilize the electrolytes in the body, and acidic foods can also converge on the heart, which is more conducive to health. The choice of acidic foods such as Schisandra, ebony, etc. can also be eaten.Eat some vinegar, acidic foods can also absorb the effect of sputum, greasy, can improve the problem of bitter summer, help to enhance appetite.

The summer solstice weather is getting hot, and it also brings an important problem, that is, the storage of food and the problem of bacterial growth. We all know that bacteria like hot places and like to be close, while the summer solstice unlocks the environment for bacterial reproduction.Therefore, when entering the summer solstice, food-borne diseases are prone to occur, so sterilization is very important at this time. It is recommended to add some foods that help to sterilize, such as: green garlic, garlic, leeks, onions and green onions, etc.
Into the summer solstice, this hot weather, then how to relieve the heat, how can we lose the mung bean and coix seed, often boil some mung bean soup or red bean glutinous rice soup, and even cool, dampness, but also diuretic, heat and detoxification.

What are the characteristics of the summer solstice diet?
The diet of the summer solstice has already been mentioned. According to the climate characteristics of the summer solstice, it should be noted that it is necessary to relieve heat, dampness, heat and detoxification.

In fact, there is another important issue in the summer solstice, that is, “bitter summer”, although not everyone has it, but this is a situation that many people have the most headache in summer.

The so-called bitter summer is always in the summer, especially when entering the summer solstice, always feel physically uncomfortable, tired and weak, no appetite or even dizziness and headache. These symptoms are not caused by diseases, even the weather, and may even affect normal life and work, and notNeed medical treatment, once the summer has passed, it will not cure.

However, if you encounter bitter summer, you can’t leave it alone, you should actively deal with it. After all, the summer time is not short. If you eat too little, it will also cause a lack of nutrients, which is not conducive to your health.

Therefore, the characteristics of diet during the summer solstice are somewhat different from those of ordinary people. For those who do not have bitter summer, they are still eating a normal three-course diet, paying attention to a reasonable mix, and eating a variety of types.

For those who are suffering from summer, it is recommended that you do not have to follow the fixed time of three meals a day. You can try to eat more when you want to eat, and pay attention to the variety of foods, such as cold cucumbers and tomatoes.Mixing sugar, mung bean porridge, etc., can help to cool the appetite while enhancing heat.

In addition, for people who are suffering from summer, it is recommended to eat some fruits to cool off the heat. For example, you can eat some watermelons/bananas, peaches, etc. every day. The most important thing is diet. It must be light, so you can avoid stomach.Excessive burden, resulting in bloating problems caused by indigestion, can also avoid the appetite caused by greasy food, this way can solve the role of better alleviation of “bitter summer”.

People in bitter summer should pay attention not to stay in the air-conditioned room all the time, reduce the decline of immunity, and use the diet and some methods to relieve the heat to make the body healthier.


Winter Chinese medicine, kidney


Winter Chinese medicine, kidney

The traditional medicine of the motherland believes that the kidney is the birth of the innate, the source of life, the main water of the Tibetan essence, the function of the main bone marrow, so the kidney is full of blood, the high blood pressure is strong, the bones are strong, the pace is brisk, the mind is agile, the kidney is exhausted.Then the yang is weak, the waist and knees are sore, the wind is cold, and the disease is sick.

In the winter, the function of the kidneys is normal, which can regulate the changes of the body to adapt to severe winter. Otherwise, it will lead to metabolic disorders and cause diseases.

Therefore, winter attention is very important for the maintenance of the kidneys.

銆€銆€Kidney deficiency lesions have yin deficiency and yang deficiency. They are nourishing to the body’s various organs, and the moisturizing effect is called kidney yin. It is called kidney yang for the activity of each viscera.

The effect of tonifying kidney on kidney yin and kidney yang deficiency is based on the corresponding method of symptomatic treatment.

Kidney yin deficiency, common lung heat, throat dryness, weak waist and waist, dizziness, tinnitus, reddish tongue coating and other symptoms, can choose sea cucumber, scorpion, turtle, white fungus, etc. to nourish, kidney yang deficiency, common limb chills,The symptoms of wilting, backache, tinnitus, pale tongue, body fat, etc. should be selected from mutton, antler, psoralen, cistanche, cinnamon, and japonica.

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the functional activities of the limbs, including the movements of the joints, bones and other tissues, are dominated by the liver and kidney. Therefore, there is a saying that the kidney is the main bone and the bone is the kidney. The person who is good at health care needs to be in the winter.Adhere to physical exercise, in order to achieve nutrition and strengthening the kidney, Shujin active, smooth ventilation, enhance the effectiveness of their own resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of strong kidney fitness.

Walking, jogging, playing, doing exercises, practicing boxing and dancing, etc. are all suitable for winter exercise.

Winter exercise should also pay attention to keep warm, especially those who are frail and old. When exercising sweating and stopping exercise, be sure to put on clothes in time. If you have the conditions, you should change your sweaty underwear to prevent colds.

銆€銆€Adhere to the massage can eliminate the lack of kidney protection, massage can use the following methods: 1 rubbing the waist: two hands rubbing hot after pressing the waist, force 30 times.

鈥淲aist is the house of the kidney鈥? rubbing the waist and eye can dredge the veins and strengthen the kidney function.

銆€銆€2鎻塂an Tian: Both hands are hot and massage 30-50 times in the belly Dantian.

Dan Tian is the infuriating person, the true essence of cohesion, the foundation of human life.

This method is commonly used to enhance the body’s immune function and improve the body’s resistance, thereby achieving the purpose of strengthening the kidney and solidifying the body, which is beneficial to prolong life.

Which of the four major sports consumption charts do you like?

Which of the four major sports consumption charts do you like?

Obesity is the physical condition of many people in the modern world. Everyone knows that too much can make the body look bad, and wearing beautiful clothes will increase the risk of people’s illness.

Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight, but there are many problems for people who lose weight.

In fact, most of the sports consume the body’s instantaneous moments have numerical values. According to these, we can choose the exercise mode that we like. The following is a small series for everyone to introduce.

銆€銆€1, swimming 鈫?800 calories burned calories: about 800 calories / hour, swimming is the best exercise weight loss method, because it almost uses the muscles of the whole body.

In addition, swimming also helps people to have positive psychological emotions, because this is a pleasant activity.

No longer feel the tiredness of the body in the water, leading to a comfortable effect.

More importantly, swimming is good for the health of the heart and lungs.

銆€銆€2, hockey 鈫?700 card ice hockey for 6 people as a party using a club and ice hockey for a sport.

The goal of the game is to shoot wonderfully.

It is an exciting sporting event that often takes place in high-speed movements.

The ice hockey is played in the indoor skating rink. There are slabs around the ice hockey rink, and there are separate goal posts. There is a goal area in front of each goal.

銆€銆€Consumption per day: 700 calories per hour, which is considered to be the highest cumulative exercise in indoor sports, equivalent to the consumption of a ham.

銆€銆€Sports effects: Ice hockey training players strength, endurance, speed, skill, determination and courage.

銆€銆€3, running 鈫?600 calories burned calories: 600 calories / hour, if you want to lose weight, then run!

Running fast can make you feel extra weight and relieve stress.

It doesn’t take too much time and money to run fast. You can exercise in many places and run around blocks, parks and stadiums.

Hold on for 30 minutes every day. After two weeks, you will feel very relaxed and have no sense of weight.

But one thing to note is that you should choose a pair of good running shoes when you run fast, so that you can protect your joints and feet, so as to achieve a healthy weight loss.

銆€銆€4, dance 鈫?600 calories burned calories: 600-800 calories / hour, dancing can train your entire body, shaping a perfect body.

Other than that, it is a good way to relax.

When you have a little time, you can put your favorite music at home and dance your hands and feet.

Or attend dance training classes, clubs, etc.

Try to dance for an hour every day, the body’s muscles can be drilled.

銆€銆€Swimming in these four sports is the most expensive, and now it is summer, swimming can also relieve the heat, let everyone cool down, it is a very good choice, but the swimming time will be limited, because most people can only go to the swimming poolSwim.

In addition to swimming, everyone can run and dance. It is recommended that boys go to run, girls learn to dance, so that they can lose weight and shape the perfect body.