Baby blinking repeatedly may be pediatric tics

Baby blinking repeatedly may be pediatric tics

Under normal circumstances, a person blinks about 15-20 times per minute. Through the action of blinking, the surface of the eyeball can be protected.

But if the number of blinks is too continuous, it may be a pathological phenomenon.

At eye clinics, doctors sometimes encounter children who are brought in by their parents for repeated blinks.

  Pediatric blinking too much too much, medically we call it children’s multiple transients.

It mainly manifests as paroxysmal and irregular blinks, which are random or involuntary movements. The blinking frequency is very fast, which can reach more than 15 times per minute, often sudden or interrupted overlap, most of which are caused by both eyes. The main complaint isDry eyes, foreign body sensation and rubbing eyes.

So, what are the main reasons why children keep blinking?


Congenital eye eversion or inverted eyelashes Some children may conceal eyelid inversion, causing eyelashes to fall on the surface of the eyeball, irritating the cornea and causing blinking and tearing. In this case, repeated blinking can be found as long as parents carefully observe.
Many cases of eyelid eversion are gradually reduced by the child’s growing up and healed by the age of 4, but in severe cases, it needs to be corrected by surgery.


Habitual blinking is slightly rare in infants and young children under 3 years of age, and there are relatively many older children. This is manifested in that children usually do not have any abnormalities, and when adults or outsiders are present to win the attention of adults, orThere were people who exchanged blinks around him, and the child imitated him. As a result, they gradually formed a habitual alternate blink.

In this case, parents should promptly remind and help children control themselves.


Eye infections or foreign body irritationDue to sandy weather, or bad habits such as rubbing your eyes with dirty hands, bacteria, viruses, chlamydia and other infections or keratitis or conjunctivitis caused by foreign body splashing into the eyes can also cause childrenThey blinked.

In addition to excessive blinking, there are some symptoms such as redness, itching, increased secretion, and tearing. Some children age will complain of eye discomfort or eye pain. At this time, parents should take their child to the hospital to ask a doctor first.After the test, use some eye drops or remove foreign objects under the guidance of your doctor.


Blinking electronic products caused by eye fatigue bring convenience to people, but also bring some disadvantages.

Some children have different degrees of eye discomfort due to excessive use of electronic products such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, and pads. The main symptoms are dry eyes, itchy eyes, burning foreign body sensation in the eyes, blurred vision, and decreased vision.Eye pain, orbital pain and other symptoms.

This is mainly because television, games, and other images change quickly, and the screen flickers. After staring at it, it can cause the visual center to lose balance. The increased excitability causes the outer eye muscles to continue to contract and contract. The blinking eye is relatively enhanced as a feedback defense action.
In this case, the child’s study life should be properly arranged, so that the child should not use the eye continuously for close to 40 minutes, minimize the use of electronic products (the total time per day should not exceed 1 hour), and if necessary, optometry and timelyRefraction corrects myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other phenomena, so as not to develop into amblyopia.


Children’s tic disorder Children’s tic disorder is involuntary twitching of multiple muscle groups, which is mainly manifested in the eye as blinking or involuntary blinking. In addition, it is accompanied by multiple parts of twitching or complex motor tics, such as frowning, crooked mouthShrugging and waiting, as well as attention to the lack of concentration and hyperactive behavior changes, some children will make strange noises, even swear, swear, etc.

This disease severely affects the child’s normal life, learning and mental health. Treatment should focus on correction. Parents should actively cooperate with the doctor to promptly remind and help the child to control himself. However, he must not be rushed, and do not reprimand the child.So as not to cause the child’s psychological tension and aggravate the illness.


The nutrient deficiencies in the body are short-lived. The purpose of the entry is the trigeminal nerve, and the exit is the facial nerve, which is mainly dominated by the cerebral cortex.

If a child has a long-term partial eclipse and picky eaters, it may lead to a lack of certain nutrients in the body, especially when vitamins and trace elements are deficient, which can cause the emergency increase of neuromuscular and cause neurological disorders, and repeated blinks.

  In short, the reasons that cause children to blink constantly are different, and the treatment is different. Once parents find that their children blink alternately, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and the armor should be treated symptomatically. In the process of treatment, parents must first eliminate the cause of their excessive attention.The strengthening effect caused by the treatment of children should be both concerned and not too worried, not to blame, abuse, or excessive attention and reminders, otherwise children should be encouraged to participate in various activities of interest and develop regularLifestyle and good eating habits.

Medicinal recipes for effectively alleviating dysmenorrhea in young girls

Medicinal recipes for effectively alleviating dysmenorrhea in young girls

Some girls have dysmenorrhea from the beginning of menstruation. Mild abdomen is painful and gradually relieves after passing. In severe cases, lower abdomen pain is unbearable, pale, thin body, low voice, and even with syncope.

This condition belongs to primary dysmenorrhea. It is common in unmarried women. Most of them begin to occur shortly after menarche or menarche. Abdominal pain is mainly located in the middle of the lower abdomen.Relieve by rubbing.

Severe cases must go to the hospital for treatment.

The basic principles of its onset are not clear. Most of them are caused by poor uterine development, uterine muscle spasm, poor menstrual blood metastasis, or physical weakness. They are also related to mental stress, fear, and fright.

Some medical scientists believe that it is caused by sympathetic disorders.

It’s inconclusive, maybe there are various factors.

Generally no obvious organic damage.

Most people’s dysmenorrhea will automatically disappear through the continuous improvement of physical development, continuous improvement of their health conditions, marriage and birth of children, etc.

In order to reduce menstrual pain, reduce mental stress, and early detection and prevention of possible organic distortions, early examination, early diagnosis, and early treatment are necessary.

  Western medicine treats dysmenorrhea mainly by symptomatic treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine treats dysmenorrhea with multiple syndromes and performs overall conditioning.

In addition to primary dysmenorrhea, teenage dysmenorrhea is often treated with nourishing qi and nourishing blood, warming and activating blood, and removing blood stasis and pain medicine.

Commonly used angelica tonic blood decoction, Bazhen decoction, Shiquan Dabu decoction plus or minus motherwort, wormwood leaves, Xiangfu and other drugs, can achieve satisfactory results.

Here are two girls’ dysmenorrhea medicated diet, which have a certain effect on some qi and blood deficiency girls.

  1.1 young pigeon (about 300 grams), hair removal and internal organs after killing, cut open, wash clean, put 8 red dates, 10 grams of angelica, 8 grams of cooked land, 8 grams of Chuanxiong into the pigeon body, add water, steamOverripe, add brown sugar and serve immediately, 1 dose per week; 2.
One black hen (about 1000 grams), after killing, remove hair and viscera, wash it, put 10 grams of yellow spots, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 6 jujubes, put an appropriate amount of ginger into the chicken belly, add an appropriate amount of water, and steam over water, First martial arts fire, then Wenhuo, steamed and ready to eat.

1 dose per week.

  This disease medicated diet has a certain effect, but pay attention to diet and living.

First, pay attention to strengthening nutrition during adolescence, do not diet because you want to maintain a slim figure, which is very harmful to developing girls. Second, pay attention to menstrual hygiene, keep warm during menstruation, avoid wading, rain, cold, Pay attention to prevent colds; third, keep the spirit happy, feel comfortable, do not overwork due to study or work.

Five details to pay attention to when running cold

Five details to pay attention to when running cold

Winter is here, although the weather is still cold, but some health-loving friends still insist on exercising. Take the jogging family for example. There are many people who “run up” in the community, sports fields, and gyms in the morning and evening.

Persevering in exercise in cold weather is a commendable health move, but there are some small details of health that you need to love for running, let’s do the following “healthy running” judgment questions together!

  No matter how cold it is, you have to insist, even “painful morning jog”?

  Answer: × Reason for refutation: Is it necessary to run in the morning?

Some people, for their health, use amazing perseverance to get up and run early even if they are “painful”, but they don’t really need to embarrass themselves so much.

Studies have shown that early morning exercise leads to increased cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pressure, and if you exercise in the evening, not only will it not affect sleep at night, but your weight loss effect will be greatly enhanced.

  Here we should especially remind middle-aged and elderly friends that myocardial infarction may be induced during exercise, so the elderly should exercise extreme caution.

Especially now that the weather is still cold and the temperature difference between day and night is prolonged, it is best for the elderly to wait for the sun to come out before going out for exercise. Exercise requires strength.

Elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should prepare medicines around them, and it is best to take a walk and exercise with their children.

  Wearing short sleeves, shorts show athleticism?

  Answer: × Reason for refutation: We see that athletes always wear short sleeves and shorts without winter calendar and are full of movement.

Too many people follow this path in their daily sports. They also go out for “short strokes” in cold weather and “frozen their bodies and exercise their will.” Such “sports” is not worth promoting.

Experts say that exercise should first be careful not to perform when the temperature is too low.

If you are outdoors, you must wear enough clothes. Because your body dissipates heat quickly in winter, long pants and trousers are necessary. For some people who are weak, you must wear a hat.

If the body temperature is too low, it can easily cause damage to muscles and joints.

  Essential warm-up exercise Answer: √ Reason for support: Some athletes mark their exercise with strict time. For example, Mr. Liu, a white-collar worker, is limited to running for half an hour every day because he is too busy. In order to “not waste time”, enterThe fitness room ran quickly. This method is wrong. It is very easy to cause acute injuries without warming up.

The correct approach is to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes first. This is a self-protection measure that reduces the chance of injury.

Insufficient warm-up can easily cause acute or chronic injuries, and joints are prone to joint wear in winter because they are hard.

In addition, one thing that is often overlooked is that before the end of the formal exercise, you must do 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation exercises, which is conducive to the recovery of body muscles and joints.

  HIGH song while running Answer: × Refutation reason: Listening to the song and running, it is inevitable that you will sing a song. Some people think that “karaoke” is easier to consume while running, but it is not true.

This method not only wastes energy, reduces the time and intensity of exercise, but also the air is cold in early spring. If you are exercising outdoors, you will absorb the cold air while singing, which will easily cause colds and colds.

  Don’t pursue “higher, faster, stronger”, exercise must be within your ability Answer: √ Reason for support: Whether it is long-term or each short-term exercise, its exercise intensity, amplitude and amount of exercise must follow a step-by-stepIn principle, the amount of exercise can be appropriately reduced in the early spring.

Some people usually don’t have time to exercise, and they also know the nature of physical exercise, so when they have time to exercise, they will become enthusiastic and do a lot of high-intensity exercise at once, so that they will easily run out of energy after exercise.

In the winter, it is best to control the formal fitness time to 30 minutes, plus 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up and relaxation after fitness. How do you determine your exercise volume?

You can measure your heart rate (the number of pulse beats in one minute) while walking and relaxing. If your heart rate is between (220-age) × 80% to 220-age) × 60%, it means that the amount of exercise at that time is suitable for you.

If you sweat too much, your hands and feet are cold, or even feel dizzy or nausea, it means that you are exercising too much.

Rookie encountered Old Fritters in the interview

“Rookie” encountered “Old Fritters” in the interview

Only a low-key success. Coco returned from Canada to study abroad, corresponding to the employment of foreign companies.
She believes that she is fluent in English and has a thorough knowledge of her professional knowledge. She also holds a diploma in gilding-Vancouver University of British Columbia.
Therefore, Coco seemed very confident during the interview, and the answer was eloquent.
I can see that the interviewer is very satisfied with Coco.
Near the end, she wanted the interviewer to declare her passing. Who knew that the interviewer suddenly picked up the resume and read it to himself?

When he saw the name of the university, he suddenly said: “There are two good universities in Vancouver.The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University on the Hill . “Coco was particularly pleased, because she was very familiar with the two universities, so she began to make endless speeches, blindly saying that the” mountain “strength, theoryAssets and the University of British Columbia are incomparable. Graduates out there are not good at finding jobs, because their comprehensive ability is not enough . When Coco saw the interviewer’s face became hot, she had no chance to recover.
After asking the staff who were present afterwards, I learned that the interviewer graduated from that mountain university and was also classified by Coco as “not comprehensive enough”.
  The alarm bell reminds that although schools have advantages and disadvantages, graduating from a prestigious school does not mean that they have strong abilities.
If you graduated from a prestigious school, don’t just compare it with others, the interviewer will naturally weigh it.
Like Coco, it is a pity to just hit the “South Wall”.
When talking about professional knowledge, you can talk about it. Keep a low profile elsewhere, so that others do not think you are too public.
And don’t do things that hurt others to elevate yourself, otherwise the interviewer will feel that your character is wrong.
  For a while, she was calm and calm. She was usually called a “crazy girl” by her friend. She was dressed professionally on the day of the interview. She also cut her ears and cut short hair, like a “lady.”
When the interview was halfway through, the interviewer told Tao that most of the clerks recruited by our company had the opportunity to face foreign businessmen, and foreigners were very interested in whether you would disguise them, otherwise you felt that you did not respect him.
Peach listened respectfully, but blossomed in her heart.
As soon as the interviewer finished speaking, she put the carry-on bag on the desk. After opening, the interviewer’s eyes were straight-there were a lot of cosmetics such as eye shadows and lip glosses. This is Peach ready to go to the bar with friends after the interviewFor entertainment, it actually came in handy.
After interviewing for a moment, the interviewer seriously judged that Tao’s cosmetics were too much and too colorful, and lost her professional style.
Peach heard that half of her anger had come to her heart. She felt that the interviewer could not live with her clearly, and she immediately patted the case: “You talk too bullying, it wo n’t work, then it wo n’t work, just pull it down. Do I not have this jobCan’t live?
“The interviewer also thundered, and immediately said” Out “!
  ?The alarm bell reminds: In the face of aggressive interviewers, the most important principle is not to be irritated, not to mention that the other person is too bullying because the questions they are asking are too sharp.
No matter if the other person’s personality is not friendly, or if you want to give the job applicant a disappointment, don’t get angry, otherwise you will lose the interview even if your other conditions are good.
Honestly, some companies think that professional competence is better than everything, and the personality of employees is not very important; but there are also many companies that think that teamwork is more important than anything.”Stimulation” is often used by interviewers as a way to eliminate most candidates.
  When Shou Deyun opened to see the sunrise, Awen went to the interview and sat opposite to the “Great Emperor” who was both the boss and the interviewer, and she tried to calm herself.
Awen was basically able to answer the interviewer’s question, but when she looked at the interviewer’s disapproval, she became suspicious.
After answering a question, the interviewer just nodded and asked the following questions.
A Wen felt that the interviewer was playing the sea of tactics, and she had to take patience to fight against him.
In the end, A Wen felt that it was a miracle to be able to answer all the questions of the interviewer, and it did not matter whether he was accepted.
However, it turned out that Awen’s decision was correct because she received an offer letter four days later.
  ?Alarm bell reminder: Interviewers sometimes “show” in front of job applicants, the purpose is to put pressure on you to see your ability to adjust your emotions.
Some jobs are “high-pressure jobs” that require a lot of patience and pressure resistance.
Therefore, when encountering difficult interviewers, it is the time to show job candidates’ resilience. If they answer questions well, they are often easily hired by employers.

How to solve chicken skin problems

How to solve chicken skin problems

Chicken skin is one of the symptoms of many skin problems. Chicken skin is a small bump that grows on the surface of the skin. It has a very serious appearance and is easy to cause other skin problems. So how to solve chicken skin problems?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  1. Regular exfoliation is because keratosis of the hair follicle is a keratin-related disease, so exfoliating ointments are preferred for general treatments, such as A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid, and urea.

In addition, like urea, it has the function of retaining water, and it also has a certain effect on exfoliating. It is a topical medicine that is often used clinically.

  2. Salt bath chicken skin salt has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, and it also has the function of controlling oil and exfoliation. Therefore, using salt bath can effectively remove chicken skin, but if the skin is sensitive to MM, you can use bath salt!

Because the sodium in the table salt can make the skin dry, which can aggravate chicken skin!

  3. Use vinegar to remove chicken skin and use vinegar as the main water, and then add glycerin in a ratio of 3: 1. Stir well and spray it on the extremities. Massage for 15 to 20 minutes while wiping. If you stick to it, you will find the originalThe small particles become smaller and the color becomes a lot lighter.

  4. Exfoliating with salicylic acid and applying body lotion are just daily maintenance work for chicken skin. Furthermore, chicken skin can be treated with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is fat-soluble and can enter the openings of hair follicles into the corners.It can melt the skin and dissolve the cutin from the inside to improve the skin of chicken.

  5, eat vitamin A and C food cod liver oil, eggs, carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, mango, persimmon, lemon and other foods vitamin A and C, is very helpful for chicken skin patients, can nourish the skin, vitamin C can make the skinReduce melanin deposits, reduce local pigmentation of goose bumps, and accelerate skin reduction and whitening.

  6, control the water temperature chicken skin in the bath, we must also pay attention to control the water temperature, excess water will wash away the skin’s oil, evaporate the skin moisture, cause dryness, but also increase the skin’s electrostatic effect on clothing, causing skin discomfort, so, Pay attention to control the water temperature when taking a bath.

  Tips: 1. Avoid direct sunlight on chicken skin. Be sure to take sun protection. Whenever and wherever, regardless of season, avoid exposing the skin to the sun.

  2, to develop very good exercise habits, exercise can carry out normal metabolism of the body and smooth sweating, can take away excess water and waste in the body, sweat can actively open the blocked pores, is to improve chicken skinpreliminary.

Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C

Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamin C

Chinese cabbage is rich in a variety of vitamins, inorganic salts, cellulose and a certain amount of glucose, protein, trace nutrients and other nutrients, and has the reputation of “the king of one hundred vegetables”.


hzh {display: none; }  大白菜含有丰富的维生素C,可增加机体对感染的抵抗力,而且还可以起到很好的护肤养颜效果。  The main thing is that the Chinese cabbage contains a small amount of molybdenum, which can inhibit the production and absorption of amine nitrite in the human body, thereby preventing cancer.

  The content of zinc in cabbage is also higher than that of meat and eggs, which can promote the growth and development of young children.

  The content of calcium, potassium, and sodium in cabbage is low, which will not make the body recover excess water, which can reduce the burden on the heart.

Pregnant yoga relieves discomfort during pregnancy

Pregnant yoga relieves discomfort during pregnancy

Pregnant women need to learn a lot of health knowledge during pregnancy, and physical movements during pregnancy need to pay great attention.

Here, for pregnant mothers to share the movements of pregnant yoga, pregnant yoga can help us alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy, and it is also very helpful for postpartum bodybuilding. Interested friends can follow the yoga teaching steps to practice.

  Pregnant women are suitable for practicing different yoga moves at different times.

Now, let ‘s learn maternal yoga from different stages with you!

  Below the first stage are a few postures that may be helpful during the first three months of pregnancy (but please consult your doctor if it suits your situation before practicing).

  1. The upper arch and depression of the cat’s fractured tail help to maintain the elasticity of the spine and gently strengthen the tail and abdominal muscles.

  2. Dynamic tilt bridge exercise The dynamic tilt bridge exercise is very simple. Through this simple movement exercise, we can effectively improve our pregnancy discomfort without looking for our pregnant women.

  3, the craftsman bowed down this gentle forward bend flexible waist, step on the leg muscles and groin.

  4. The anal levator can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles located between the coccyx and the pubic bone. It can also help prevent hemorrhoids common in pregnant women. This technique should be practiced throughout pregnancy.

  During the third trimester of pregnancy, yoga helps us stay healthy and flexible.

  The second trimester is very suitable for our yoga practice. During this period, most of our pregnant women’s friends adapted to our physical changes and began to enjoy such exercises slowly.

  The third trimester of pregnancy is my favorite period.

On the first day of four months of pregnancy, the morning sickness ended miraculously, which made me feel very good and I could do too many yoga poses.

In the middle of the fifth month, I only did simple poses such as cat extension, craftsman bow and wide angle.

  In the second stage, the belly of the pregnant woman has bulged during this period. Although the posture can be adjusted to reduce the difficulty, for example, the legs can be separated to create space for the belly, but the forward bending movement is difficult to prevent the abdomen from pressing.

Therefore, here are some practical yoga poses and laws that will allow you to practice comfortably during the second trimester.

  1. The baby-style baby-style is a very comfortable, static posture that helps to dissolve the stiffness of the lower back.

If you have difficulty forcing your forehead on the ground, rest on your overlapping hands. You can also separate your legs to give more room for your belly.

(Note: a strong pillow will be placed under the forehead instead of a yoga brick.) 2. The cat’s stepwise incline gradually increases, and you can do smaller moves to avoid excessive contraction.

This posture helps the spine to be elastic and the back muscles strong.

  3. For AC vibration exercise, you can wrap the strap around your feet and bend your torso to a 45-degree angle (small continuous width).

This forward bend helps keep your legs soft.

  4. The gentle up-and-down movements of the warm-up legs help keep the thighs soft and relax the pelvic floor muscles, preparing for childbirth.

  5, wide-angle forward bending warm-up helps to maintain the thighs and relax the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for childbirth.

  6. Baseline anal sphincter contraction exercises. Anal sphincter contraction exercises help to correct the falling weight of obese weight and can also help prevent common hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

  Through the above yoga exercises for pregnant women, I believe that pregnant mothers will not feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Let a good physical condition greet the newborn of a healthy baby.

High blood pressure ear massage method that makes the kidney healthier

High blood pressure ear massage method that makes the kidney healthier

The kidney is an important organ of the human body, and it is a congenital one.

Whether the kidney function is normal or not, it plays an important role in whether it can be healthy and longevity.

The theory of the five elements of Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys are fine, open to the ear, and there are many acupuncture points for treating kidney disease in the ear.

Therefore, in order to protect the kidneys, I intentionally exercised some exercises on my ears in my daily life and received good results.

Now introduce the following, let’s try.

First, pull the earlobe method, put the index finger on the ear screen, use the index finger, thumb to pull the ear screen, earlobe; lift from the inside, the method from light to heavy, pulling the force to not feel pain because it is appropriate, each time threeIn five minutes.

This method can cure headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases.

Second, the hand and the mural method hold the empty fist in both hands, push back with the thumb and forefinger along the ear wheel until the ear wheel is full of heat.

This method has the functions of brain, strong kidney, spleen, and eyesight. It can cure impotence, frequent urination, constipation, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, chest tightness and other diseases.

Third, the lifting tip method.

Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the tip of the ear contour, lift it up, rub it, pinch it, rub it about 20 times, and make the local fever red.

This method has the effects of calming, relieving pain, clearing the brain and improving eyesight, relieving heat, anti-allergy, and nourishing the kidney. It can prevent high blood pressure, insomnia, pharyngitis and skin diseases.

Fourth, the bullets are both ears.

Both hands gently pinch the ear lobe, and then try to rub red to heat.

Then grab the earlobe and pull it down, then let go and let the earlobe bounce back.

Two to three times a day, 20 times each time.

This method can promote the blood circulation of the ear, strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist.

Fifth, pull the ear with both hands and pull the right ear a few times over the top of the head, then pull the upper ear a few times with your right hand.

This exercise can promote the secretion of the submandibular gland, sublingual gland, relieve sore throat, and treat chronic pharyngitis.

Sixth, both hands cover the ear.

The palms of both hands cover the contours of the ears, and the fingers support the back of the skull. With the index finger, the middle finger is hit 24 times, and the sound of “rumbling” can be heard, that is, the “Tiangu” is sounded.

This stimulation can activate the kidneys, and has the effects of brain, eyesight and strong kidney.

Seven, the whole ear massage method, after rubbing the palms of both hands, massage the ventral surface (ie the front of the ear) backwards, then massage the back back and fold back and massage five to six times.

This method can dredge the meridians and has a dual health effect on the kidneys and organs.

Eight, both hands to sweep the ear.

Use your hands to sweep the auricle from the back to the front, and you will hear a “beep” sound.

20 times a day, several times a day.

The above eight methods can be carried out according to their actual situation, or single or several items. As long as they persist, they will surely receive the desired results.

14 smelly women are killing themselves

14 “smelly” women are killing themselves

Do not dye your hair more than twice a year, wear contact lenses that easily lead to corneal edema, and keep women away from pollution during menstruation . Do you know all this?
You know, if you can’t do the following 14 lifestyles, you are equal to chronic suicide!
头发  每年染发不要超过两次;染发前一定要做皮肤测试;别用放置半年以上的染发剂;如果追求时尚,最好选择局部漂染;头皮有伤口,患慢性病即将怀孕或是已经怀孕的女性都Should not dye hair.
Eyes eat wheat, milk, lean meat, and vegetables because they are rich in B-groups. In addition, don’t wear contact lenses, which can easily cause corneal edema due to hypoxia.
Nose Females should keep away from heavily polluted areas during menstrual periods, or in a cold and hot environment for aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week, or spray with aerosol.
The best way to protect your skin from UV rays is to apply sunscreen. SPH 15 or above is fine. It is best not to choose pearls for lipstick, because they contain more harmful metals.
Do n’t do abortion surgery as much as possible. Breasts are best made of cotton. Although too much lace makes you more sexy, it may also hinder your breast secretion. Eat more corn, pumpkin and radish.
The heart should eat a moderate amount of weight, eat less egg yolks, eat up to two a week, drink moderately, drink a can of 355 ml of beer or a glass of 250 ml of wine a week.
The lungs, bladder, and kidney urn can borrow cigarettes, so it is best not to smoke, and ensure that you drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.
Pee once every two or three hours and wear cotton underwear, otherwise it will prevent air from flowing in and breed bacteria.
臂和手腕  用打电话代替电子邮件,用电脑时,键盘应正对着自已,不要另手腕过度弯曲紧绷,前臂,手腕和手尽量维持在同一条直线同一高度,每隔半小时停下来活动Wrist.
生殖系统  女性25岁就定期进行生殖系统体检,在日常生活中,如果发现自已内裤上有分泌物不正常,如白带或有异哧局部瘙痒,疼痛等,要及时诊治,同时女性要做好生育It is planned to avoid multiple abortions.
Eating 500 grams of vegetables and fruits every day can reduce the incidence of digestive tract cancer to about 25%.
Do not indulge in drinking alcohol, eat more mushrooms.
Do n’t wear high heels on your knees, climb stairs properly, pay attention to your feet when going downstairs. Swimming and skipping are recognized as safer sports.
Sit up and take a walk every 40 minutes and do some leg exercises.
The heel height of heels and heels should not exceed 2 inches, and at the same time, buy any pair of shoes to ensure that it has a certain cushioning capacity.

It’s effective to experience mopping fitness first-hand

It’s effective to experience mopping fitness first-hand

Researchers who have had alternatives in the UK and the US in two different perspectives believe that housework can replace fitness.

If a housewife performs 30 minutes of moderate activities every day, 5 days a week, the amount of exercise can keep people healthy.

For example, doing housework is a good way to burn your aunt every day.

Another view is that vacuuming and washing can clean the room, but not your excess meat.

  The reporter interviewed Zhang Chunhua, an associate professor in the Department of Sports Science of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. She has participated in the study of the “Shanghai People’s Sports Fitness Program Exercise Guide.”

Professor Zhang said, “While recommending traditional items such as Tai Chi and ballroom dancing, we first tried to introduce the mopping exercise method, which also set a precedent nationwide, and then added new content in this area.

Our starting point is to hope that everyone can maintain a certain amount of activity every day.

“With energy expenditure may not necessarily reduce weight. Experts from Harvard University and Stanford University in the United States have made a special study on the relationship between housework and health, and listed energy consumption tables for housework.

About 60 calories are consumed in 15 minutes for sweeping; about 190 calories in 1 hour for hand-washing; about 180 calories in 45 minutes for ironing; about 150 calories in 30 minutes for cleaning the windows; about 120 calories in 30 minutes with a vacuum cleanerDistance; dishwashing consumes about 45 calories in 15 minutes; cleaning up items consumes about 30 calories in 10 minutes.

  Through bit by bit of housework, if you can consume 2,000 calories per week, death due to cardiovascular disease will inevitably be 75% lower than those who do not do housework, and their life span can be extended by 5 to 10 years.

Professor Zhang said that many foreigners like to do their own chores, wash some cars and replace their lawns.

However, it should be pointed out that the accumulated consumption of housework is not large, mainly to maintain the balance between people’s daily transfer and consumption, so it is not enough to rely on housework to reduce weight.

  Inverting household chores to turn boring single household chores into fitness activities, there is still a process of transformation.

Either work such as sweeping the floor with waist and leg force can be performed while sweeping the floor while twisting the waist. When panning rice, you can use left and right hands in turn to drive the shoulders to swing. Housework mainly based on standing posture can be used to rhythmicallySwing your legs down and to the left and right; housework, mainly in a sitting position, can shake the pedals and shoulders rhythmically.

When shopping on the street and taking out garbage, try to use the opportunity of walking and going up and down the stairs to perform leg exercises.

In short, you can combine the specific situation to learn from your own design actions.

  The reporter interviewed a full-time mother, Ms. Shen.

She said that she often went to the gym to exercise before giving birth, and now she has no time to take the child every day. She has to work part-time to cook rice and do the housework by herself.

Because it is a duplex house, you have to run up and down several times a day.

When you are free, you can go for a walk with your child or a stroller.

She feels that as long as the right amount of food is eaten daily, such an amount of activity can play a role in maintaining body shape.

  Doing housework in a good mood If the housework is heavy, it is not good for the human spirit and physical strength.

Therefore, if you want to achieve the fitness effect of housework, you have to do it in a good mood.

Foreign experts surveyed thousands of middle-aged and older women and found that women who can do two and a half hours of gardening work every week and women who like to take regular walks are physically energetic, less prone to gain weight, and have a lower heart rate when they are static than those who are often caught in it.Women’s physical health in heavy housework.

  Housework should be done happily, that is, to be carried out in an orderly and undistorted manner.

In addition to drilling and cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the room, housekeeping flowers, and packing books, you can also adjust your mood.

It’s also a good idea to play some light music while doing housework.

In this way, an average of one hour of housework per day can also perform the role of fitness.