Several diet medications to treat anemia

Several diet medications to treat anemia

Anemia refers to red blood cells shared in the blood or hemoglobin, the main component of red blood cells.

The main causes of anemia are excessive destruction of red blood cells, poor hematopoiesis and blood loss.

  Anemia belongs to the category of “deficiency syndrome” in the medicine of the motherland. Deficiency syndromes often include blood deficiency, qi deficiency, yin deficiency, and yang deficiency.

Patients can choose appropriate dietary treatment methods according to their own conditions: 1. 15 grams of longan meat, 3-5 jujubes, 100 grams of rice.

Cook together with porridge, warm and serve.

Efficacy: nourishing the heart and nourishing the spleen, nourishing and strengthening.

  2, 2 kg (1000 grams) of fresh lamb bone, 200 grams of rice.

Wash the lamb bones, crush them, add water to boil the soup, remove the dregs, and boil the rice into the porridge.

When eating, moderately adjust the temperature and warm clothes, 10-15 days as a course of treatment.

Effect: kidney and bone strengthening.

  3, 100 grams of brown sticky rice, 50 grams of barley kernels, 15 jujubes.

With the porridge.

Add the right amount of sugar when eating.

Efficacy: Ziyin and blood.

  4, 60 grams of Shouwu, red dates 3-5, 100 grams of rice.

First, use the shouwu to fry and take the thick juice to remove the residue. Add the red dates and the previous rice to make porridge. Add the appropriate amount of brown sugar, and then boil for one or two.

Warm clothing.
Shouwu avoids iron utensils. When cooking soup for porridge, use less pot or enamel pot.

Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and treating dysfunction.

  5, 2 eggs, take the egg yolks and beat, boil before adding salt to season, add the egg yolks and cook, drink 2 times a day.

Efficacy: Iron supplement, suitable for iron deficiency anemia.

  6, 150 grams of pork liver, spinach amount.

Wash the pork liver slices with starch, salt, soy sauce, MSG and mix well. Put them in the pan and fry the spinach. Or wash the slices with 50 grams of pork liver and cook in boiling water until they are almost cooked. Add the spinach., Add rice to the pot, eat liver and vegetables to drink soup.

Efficacy: Iron supplement, suitable for iron deficiency anemia.

Lame exercise is easy to maintain

Lame exercise is easy to maintain

“The old roots of the tree run out first, and the old feet decay first.

After sitting or standing for a long time, people will feel sore lower limbs, especially those in the military and the service industry who are more prone to varicose veins in the lower limbs. In severe cases, pigmentation of the lower limb skin pigmentation will occur, and the wound will not heal.Wait, this is caused by poor blood circulation in the lower limbs.

  A person’s leg muscles are developed, and there are a large number of blood vessels in the muscles. When a person stamps his or her feet, the leg muscles become tight and loose.

When the muscles relax, the arterial blood from the heart will increase the amount of transplantation to the muscles; when the muscles are tightened, they will squeeze the blood vessels to accelerate the venous blood circulation to the heart, thereby promoting blood circulation.

According to measurements, when the toes are lifted, the amount of blood squeezed out by each contraction of the muscles in the back of both calves is roughly equivalent to the amount of blood discharged from the heart pulse.

  Traditional ancient doctors and health keepers have long recognized the nature of blood circulation in the lower limbs and invented corresponding exercises.

Born in Song Dynasty, Xing Yuming, Sheng Yuqing, and now still practicing for too many people, there are lame movements in the past.

  The specific method of foot movement: Put your feet close together, hold your toes firmly, then relax, repeat, and do dozens of times a day continuously.

Foot movements are not restricted by the venue, time and equipment, can effectively and quickly reduce the fatigue of civilian personnel, prevent the occurrence of some occupational diseases, and is also an alternative and effective exercise method for middle-aged and elderly health care.

Therefore, when you are sitting or standing for a long time, you can consciously do lame exercises, 5-10 minutes each time, which will greatly replace your health.

Chinese medicine diet conditioning postpartum anemia

Chinese medicine diet conditioning postpartum anemia

Having a baby is a more important thing in a woman’s life. Although many aspects will attract attention, some mothers are prone to postpartum anemia because of excessive blood loss during childbirth, resulting in pale or even yellowing, panic, fatigue, and loss of appetite.Waiting is not good for the health of new mothers and babies.

So, what about pregnant women with anemia?

Chinese medicine pointed out that it can be conditioned by medicated diet without affecting the baby’s normal feeding.

  1, Angelica ginger mutton soup Angelica 20 grams, 15 grams of ginger, 250 grams of mutton, 10 jujubes, stewed with an appropriate amount of water, seasoned with oil and salt, eat soup and meat.

  2. One stewed chicken and hen (slaughtered to remove the internal organs), angelica 30 grams, 100 grams of astragalus (except in the chicken belly), add an appropriate amount of water, stew rotten, season with oil and salt, eat soup and meat, suitable for adjusting postpartum bleeding.

  3, Ejiao wolfberry porridge Ejiao 20 grams, 30 grams of wolfberry, already 100 grams of rice, add the right amount of water, first cook into rice, wolfberry as porridge, add gelatin to melt, you can add sugar to flavor, eat porridge.

  4, 500 grams of wolfberry pork bone soup, 30 grams of wolfberry, 10 dates, stewed with water, seasoned with oil and salt, drink soup to eat wolfberry, jujube.

  5. Tofu 200g of tofu pig blood soup, 250g of pig blood, lO pieces of jujube, add appropriate amount of water, season with oil and salt, cook cooked soup.

  6, fried mushroom liver fungus 30 grams of pork liver mushrooms, 30 grams of fungus, 100 grams of pork liver, fried with oil and salt, cooked food.

Samba: Leo Power and Beauty

Samba: Leo Power and Beauty

Dance steps suitable for Leo: Samba Samba originated in Brazil, the music is 4/4 beats, dancers dancing Samba, showing freedom and enthusiasm, lingering joy.

Leo can build body from dancing.

The amount of calories and calories burned in a 5-minute international standard dance can be as good as playing a half-hour basketball game.

  Since the international standard dance is to continuously move the body, the area required for dancing can reach 90?
100 pings, taking Latin dance as an example, often many lower waist movements can effectively burn Leo’s excessive abdomen and waist slightly; from the correction of fitness materials for international standard dancers, it is not difficult to understand that this dance sports breakthrough is full of men and women.Strength and beauty.

In order to achieve the Olympic aura, the international standard dance is called “DanceSport”, and it is expected that Leo men and women who can step into the most dazzling arena in the world will not prevent tens of thousands of people from standard dance.

Get you promoted quickly

Get you promoted quickly


Directly to your boss, “If you want to be promoted, you must let the link know and tell them your goals and expertise directly.

“After working in a finance company for two years, Lisa learns that she will take over as customer service manager.

However, she did not get the most oily job in the position-designing training materials for new clients.

This is the job of her new boss.

  But the new boss didn’t have time to design it by himself, so Lisa suggested herself.

She said to her new boss, “I’m rich in creativity, and I have design and writing experience. You just have to wait and see me.” Within 3 months, she completed the work and the design materials were very popular.

Not long after, Lisa was promoted to deputy director of her department.


Preparing to solve difficult goals can get you noticed, but you also have to prove yourself.

Many well-known capable employees who have been wandering in the same position for many years have proved that it is not enough to just do the existing work.

You rightly focus on the next job.

  Five years ago, Hui Ping served as the company’s personnel manager.

As soon as she took office, she encountered a tricky thing: As the company’s managers just moved to a new office a few kilometers away, the employees in the warehouse felt neglected and the mood fluctuated so much that Hui Ping’s heart became more and more fragile as she left.

She relocated her office to the warehouse.

Afterwards, she trained warehouse administrators to do the work of troubleshooters and deal with various issues that employees care about.

As she handled the situation properly, she was quickly promoted.

  Huiping is forced to carry the burden of her boss, but you must not wait for the crisis to prove your courage.

A career consultant agrees with you that it is best to find a way to prove another job you can do.

  As you take on more responsibilities, you should always keep track of what you have achieved, something that has saved the company time, money, or made new products available.

This results file can help you advance in two ways: one is that you can use it to re-include the report of the new responsibility, and the other is that you can use it to reconstruct your resume.


Won the trust of colleagues The era of intriguing rivalry among colleagues has passed, and many companies have laid off employees to reduce expansion, which has greatly increased the workload of employees.

Under this name, the division of labor and cooperation is suddenly particularly important.

Without the support of a colleague, be it a supervisor or a subordinate, you will have a very difficult task.

  Yingjie is the director of a meat processing company.

For him, the support of colleagues is crucial.

Over the past 20 years, he has started from the manufacturing line and gradually advanced to senior leaders.

Yingjie used to negotiate with the foreman on behalf of everyone to resolve disputes, and employees trusted her.

It was this trust that led to repeated promotions.

The company leader knows that Yingjie can be a competent manager for her prestige among her employees.

  ”The promoted has a good reputation in the company.

“Zhang Li of the New Century Futures Vocational College said,” The reason they can skyrocket is because people and supervisors at the same level trust them.


Put forward constructive opinions. In the past, obedient followers to bosses were often able to rise step by step, but now, representatives are more inclined to employees who dare to express different views.

These people’s views often enable companies to avoid major losses or trouble.

  After the new account manager Li Jun took office, he attended the company’s high-level meeting the next day to discuss a car primer introduced by the company.

“Our paint has always been yellow.”He said at the meeting,” but from the conversations with customers, we know they prefer light gray.

“Even if he just entered the league, Li Jun calmly explained why changing the color of the primer to gray can increase sales.

Today, light gray primer is one of the company’s best-selling products.

Li Jun boldly put forward his own opinions, but he is also quite savvy and smooth, just cautiously pointing out the needs of customers.

  Experts believe that Li Jun’s strategy is impeccable and worth emulating.

That is, don’t directly oppose the views of others, but rather put forward constructive opinions.

Don’t say “your way won’t work” and say “if this is the case, the effect may be better.


Go all out to assist his superior A Qiang as a junior employee in a real estate company in Shanghai.

His job is to research maps and call customers who may be interested in renting skyscrapers built by the company.

When the top boss said he wanted to call him, he readily agreed.

A Qiang knows the real estate situation in Shanghai, and his boss knows the needs of various tenants.

The two joined hands very quickly, and the directors of Gushi went to persuade the tenants to rent the commercial building they were selling.

  Over the years, the two have been helping each other and working together.

Later, when his boss changed to senior management consultant, he introduced A Qiang to work in another very large real estate company in the city.

“The key is that he trusts me.

A Qiang explained, “Once he is looking for someone to negotiate a big business, he knows he’s relieved to send me.


It helps to create a job for yourself. Even if there is no suitable job for a while, you can still create a job for yourself for promotion.

Saxton is at Bell, the famous communications agency.

When Howe was in office, a senior manager analyzed many branches of the company and worked out plans to harmonize their work.

Saxton focused on Verdine Film Production.

Although the company has been losing money, Saxton knows it can turn a profit.

  To this end, he proposed a specific market development plan, and sold the film studio to the Verding company, focusing on consulting and promoting new products. The boss paid great attention and immediately promoted Saxton to VerdingCompany Vice President, in charge of market development.

In less than a year’s work, he made the Chicago branch of the Verdin company profitable.

Saxton proved his ability to merge with the company with actual results, thus creating a higher position for himself.

3 must-have stages for starting a white hand

3 must-have stages for starting a white hand

The first stage is to prepare for your own entrepreneurship through learning. This stage is the key to your entrepreneurial pursuit. Then, only when you are fully prepared and in the entrepreneurial period can you be comfortable. However, you should also master the most effective methods during this period of study, otherwise you will oftenThe opposite is true. Therefore, choosing a certain type of learning platform is likely to be seriously inadequate. The author believes that this platform that assists you in learning must have the following conditions: First, it has a large number of successful cases and successful entrepreneurial stories, and the armor improves its performanceCompetence, secondly, is to have a lot of business opportunity information, corporate information for selection and conversion, and it should also include a wealth of news information. There are not many websites that can meet these requirements. Among them, as the world ‘s first Chinese advertisementBusiness Opportunity Portal is one of the large and rich websites.

At this stage, there are also three periods of study: 1. Finding your favorite industry and foothold during the job-hopping period. 2. Accumulate your own entrepreneurial experience through part-time work. 3. Waiting period. Waiting for and finding entrepreneurial opportunities. Remember that the business is not familiar.Don’t do it!

  The second stage is to create your own business and guarantee a certain profit. This stage is the starting point for entrepreneurship. It is also related to whether your business can be profitable, and whether it is successful or not.Go on.

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a project for entrepreneurship, and a good project must log on to a good platform to find it.

It is understood that, in order to help the majority of netizens more easily find the most suitable entrepreneurial project, Tianxia Business Opportunity Network came into being. It completely covers the latest and most popular and most profitable entrepreneurial projects. It also includes wealth business opportunities, real estate, Education, and other wealth-creating information, fully meet the various needs of different netizens, truly a world of Internet, unlimited wealth in front of the business opportunity portal.

At this stage, it is particularly important to note that this stage should go through the following stages: 1. The planning period makes a detailed plan for the entrepreneurship that you have already thought of, and you must pay attention to everything yourself!

  2. The creation period implements your own business plan according to your own plan. The shorter the creation period, the better, and the less you spend, the better!

  3, the survival period of the enterprise has been started, it is very important to maintain survival, think of a way to make the enterprise survive, only by living there is the possibility of profit and development.

  4. Earn your first bucket of gold as soon as possible in the struggle period, so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. The third stage allows the enterprise to develop to a stable level of profit, and continues to operate. This stage belongs to the stage of maintenance and development.This step is critical. It requires you to pay attention to it at all times. At the same time, as an entrepreneur, in the process, you need to continuously learn and continuously update the company’s concept, development path, and business model.

Therefore, the world’s business opportunities provide targeted entrepreneurs with reasonable business strategies for free, as well as entrepreneurial stories, entrepreneurial bibles . so that entrepreneurs can think and think in the process of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurs are in this large number of entrepreneurial experiences., Make more accurate profit-making decisions for your business!

At this stage, the following three periods are included: 1. The key step in the adjustment period to ensure the fruits of victory. The goal of the struggle period has been achieved. It is time to consider new business ideas–expansion or the status quo?

  2. Consolidation period Strengthen the stage of the adjustment period and prepare for development!

At this time you should be a coach, not a player, so that every player is gradually in place!

  3. During the development period, the company has been operating at a steady and rising profit level, and you can easily become a boss, but it does not mean that you can sit back and relax, because the successful experience today may be out of date tomorrow, and it is the safest.The approach is to keep attacking and keep the enterprise moving forward!

Ma Ding Lin in Chinese Medicine

“Ma Ding Lin” in Chinese Medicine

Simo Decoction Simo Decoction can enhance intestinal peristalsis and is an effective prescription for quickly eliminating gastrointestinal stagnation, comprehensively enhancing and conditioning digestive function and promoting digestion.
It is suitable for the treatment of abdominal distension, poor appetite, belching, constipation, and constipation. It is also effective for the recovery of postoperative intestinal paralysis.
Both adults and children can take it.
It is also effective in restoring bowel movements after abdominal surgery.
  Liuwei Anxiao Liuwei Anxiao is a natural gastrointestinal power medicine that can significantly accelerate gastric emptying and promote bowel movements.
Can retain a lot of water, increase intestinal volume, soften stools, can also stimulate the intestinal wall, enhance intestinal peristalsis, promote exhaust, defecation, relieve abdominal distension, and treat constipation.
  Zhishi Xiaopi Pills Zhishi Xiaopi Pills were created by Li Dongyuan, a famous doctor in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties.
“It can treat chronic superficial gastritis, atrophic gastritis, erosive gastritis, bile reflux gastritis, and alleviate stomachache, bloating, fullness, belching, pantothenic acid, nausea, poor appetite and other symptoms of gastric motility.
  Baohe Pills Baohe Pills increase the rhythm of gastrointestinal movement and strengthen the contraction.
Can obviously enhance gastrointestinal motility and promote the advancement of intestinal contents.
After treatment, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and constipation were relieved in most patients.
  Xiangsha Liujun Pill When the human body is attacked by evil gas, it also easily causes gastrointestinal motility.
At this time, as long as the evil is eliminated, the gastrointestinal motility can be restored.
Such as cold eating in mid-summer to suppress coldness and stomach yang, appetite, abdominal cold pain; long-term indulgence in thick ointment of the ointment makes the gastrointestinal heat, bad breath, constipation, noisy hunger; cold and damp spleen or damp-heat hindered spleenFor good health, you can take Xiangsha Liujun Pills when you have abdominal fullness and nausea.
  Jianweixiaoshi Tablet is a commonly used medicine for treating spleen with poor health, lack of hunger, and indigestion.

Difficult debates

Difficult “debates”

Too strong self-confidence and love to “debate” in all things are often unacceptable to the company.
This is an example of a “debate madness” failure.
  (Mr. Zhang Public Relations Company employee) In the past, there was a colleague in the company, which was notoriously distant.
  When he first entered the company that year, it was during the mid-year employee conference that Lazding was invited to participate in a performance.
As a result, she became famous-her appearance was good, her eloquence was particularly good, and she attracted quite a few girls in the company.
  But slowly, the problem came.
If there is any job, he will take the initiative to attack the upper body.
But the plan he made, we can’t pick a little wrong.
Whoever dares to “break ground on the head of a too old man” will continue to argue with you to the end, and you will have to “rebut” you to be speechless.
You think he’s entangled, and he doesn’t have the patience to talk to him, he is even more proud that you have given up.
  But honestly, although he is too confident, he has a good working ability.
But no one is willing to cooperate with him-to cooperate, usually to persuade each other, learn from each other, meet him, you still have the opportunity to express your opinions?
But I ca n’t talk about him, so I have to rely on him. The final project summary is naturally all his credit.
Who will give him strength for nothing?
  The boss knows that people can make good use of it, so he lets him fight alone, and when he encounters difficult customers, he sends him out to deal with others.
Every time we saw the client being said a moment, we lowered our head pretending to be serious, and couldn’t help laughing. 心 Comment: Indeed, some people will show very strong self-confidence.
Self-confidence is a good thing, but with an overly tough attitude, it is easy to give the impression of “extraordinary stubbornness” and “stubborn self-use.”
The formation of the “super strong self-confidence” character usually dates back to his childhood. Maybe he was smooth sailing from childhood and lived in an environment that people around him didn’t praise.
It may also be the opposite.
  A lonely person pays too much attention to the performance of the individual and forgets whether such behavior is good for the company.
Many bosses don’t like such subordinates.
As the man described in the case, it is estimated that it is difficult to get mixed up in a large enterprise that requires employees to have one radish and one pit.
If he has the opportunity to be promoted as a leader, he needs a group of assistants who really agree with him and are willing to perform for him.
Otherwise, self-confidence is hard to carry out.
  Some philosophers have said that there are only two causes of tragedy, one is caused by the times, and the other is caused by personality.
  If you mix people up and down in the company several times, it is best to review what kind of tragedy you have encountered-unless you are unlucky enough to repeatedly encounter others, it is likely that your tragic personality has caused tragedy.

Marry a man whose salary is three thousand higher than yours

Marry a man whose salary is three thousand higher than yours

In general, if a man’s salary is less than his wife’s double, then he can’t provide his wife with better material conditions than when he is single. This is not a mystery, or an awkward situation where a lot of income can’t go up.Men may be ashamed or may not have any facts.

  Of course, this theory only applies to physically healthy men whose income is about the well-off level. Those who are physically disabled and very unfilial are not considered internally.

  Well, let’s calculate a account. Let’s assume that the monthly income of the woman is 4,000 yuan, and the monthly income of the man is 7,000 yuan (the reason why this assumption is made is because the problem is often the simplest and most effective way to explain the number).

  First of all, we must make clear that it is the obligation of every conscientious person to support parents. A wife without moral problems will not deduct the cost of her husband’s respect for his parents. Similarly, the cost of respect for his wife’s respect for his husband is not right.

Honoring parents must do what they can. Filial children usually use monthly living expenses, and the amount of living expenses is closely related to their children’s income. Naturally, they can only earn 500 a month and cannot have all parents.Those who earn more than 100,000 a month are only too stingy if they can only give 500 to their parents. Therefore, in terms of the cost of supporting their parents, we calculate the percentage of their children’s income, and 30% is not an excessive requirement.

  Therefore, the woman’s monthly net income becomes 4000-4000 * 0.

3 = 2800 yuan The monthly net income of the man becomes 7000-7000 * 0.

3 = 4,900 yuan, total income of 7,700 yuan. Second, normal families have to raise children. Ding’s marriage exists in the country, but there are not many and it is not the situation we want to discuss here.

The cost of raising children is staggering.

How much does it cost to have a child?

Quoting an article on February 12, a survey report entitled “Economic Costs of Children: Structural Changes and Optimization of the Transition Period” published in a certain media stated that “From the perspective of direct economic costs,The total cost of upbringing will reach around 250,000; if it is increased to 480,000 yuan in family expenditures for children’s colleges and universities, the total cost of unmarried children who are not studying before the age of 30 is estimated to be 49 million.

Ok, it ‘s impossible for children from a well-off family to go to school. It ‘s too normal for 48 million to reach 16 years old. Oh, do n’t mention that the child is sick, do n’t pay for the exam, do n’t have to pay the sponsorship, and you ‘re not good enough to ask a tutor.Wait.

In this way, about 30,000 yuan will be spent on children each year, and the average is at least 2,500 yuan per month.

We are not counting more expensive college graduates and the like for the time being, if it is considered internally, it may rise to 3,000 yuan.

  Therefore, the total income is 7700-2500 = 5200 yuan. Then, the property of the husband and wife is shared, but a total of 5200 yuan for two people is actually equivalent to only 2600 yuan for each person.

  Just from the material level, her quality of life has not improved at all, but has declined. Now I can see that if a woman with a salary of 4,000 and a man with a income of 7,000 get married, she has disposable material every month.The condition is 2600 yuan.

And if this woman is single, her disposable material condition is 4000-4000 * 0 per month.

3 = 2800 yuan.

Just from the material level, her quality of life did not improve at all, but declined.

  After a rough calculation, it can be found that the husband only earns at least 7571.

4 yuan, he can make his wife dominate the material conditions to reach the same standard of 2800 yuan before marriage.

  When the husband’s income reaches the double of his wife, which is 8,000 yuan, he can make his wife’s disposable material conditions reach 2,950 yuan, which is only 150 yuan more than the unmarried status.

  Therefore, in general, if a man’s salary is less than his wife’s double, then he simply cannot provide his wife with better material conditions than when she is single.

  Above the above, it is still pure money and pure material conditions. If you add the quality of life, it will be another look. A good husband who can consider his wife and wife to share household chores and educate their children is considered a kind and considerate.Points can make women feel at ease.

Those who rely on themselves to earn a little more money will be tempted to push all the housework to the wife, never die to cook for the woman, and never get up in the middle of the night to take care of the crying child. The wife is always tired.Added to the already declining quality of life.

  Women lose money by having children!

  Therefore, some men who scorn women for worship, please see clearly. Many women enter the marriage to raise children for men without receiving any material benefits, but have caused huge sacrifices, and this sacrificed them in marriage.The previous little demands on men’s economy were simply insignificant.

They did n’t worship at all, and those who really worshiped would not have such a losing marriage!

Common unilateral health care unilateral

Common unilateral health care unilateral


20 jujubes, 10 grams of motherwort, 10 grams of brown sugar, stew with water, once in the morning and evening.

Suitable for menstrual delay caused by cold, menstrual dysmenorrhea.


2 eggs, 30 grams of motherwort, wash the eggs, stew with water and motherwort, remove the shells and cook for 20 minutes after the eggs are cooked, eat egg soup.

Suitable for stagnant menstruation caused by blood stasis block, delayed menstruation.


Red sorghum flowers, brown sugar each amount, decoction, drink 2 times.

Suitable for menstruation in advance, menstrual flow and bright red.


Angelica, 10 grams of ginger, 100 grams of lamb slices, add water and cook, add salt after cooking, eat soup and meat.

Suitable for delayed menstruation, less volume, abdominal cold pain and other symptoms.


200 grams of rice vinegar, 250 grams of tofu, cooked together, eat before meals, eat once.

It is suitable for strong women with short menstrual periods, crimson blood, and large amounts.


50 grams of raw hawthorn meat and 40 grams of brown sugar.

First fry the hawthorn to remove the residue, pour in brown sugar, and drink hot.

For menstrual delay.

50 grams of longan meat, 1 egg, fry the longan first, stir in the eggs after 30 minutes, stew until cooked, once in the morning and evening, and serve for 10 days.

Applicable to irregular menstruation with false card.


2 rooster crowns, except for salt. Cook the chicken crowns and eat them with salt, once a day, 3-5 times a month.

Suitable for irregular cold menstruation.


Carp 500 grams, rice wine 260 grams, take fish meat and rice wine to cook together, roast fish bones and grind, in the morning with rice wine to brew.

Suitable for those who are not clean.


Two aged sorghum roots, washed and mixed with boiling water.

Suitable for those who are too long and unclean.