400 meters freestyle Sun Yang 3 minutes 41 seconds 38 force Holden won the first gold in the world championship swimming

The 2017 World Swimming Championships continued in Dubai. The competition for the first gold in swimming, the men’s 400-meter freestyle, Chinese player Yang Yang, almost all the way ahead, the advantage is very obvious, winning three consecutive championships in the project with a score of 3 minutes 41 seconds 38.Holden won the runner-up in 3:43:85, and Detti of Italy swept out the runner-up in 3:43:93.”Sun Yang World Championship 400m freestyle 3 minutes 41 seconds 38 three consecutive championship video Sun Yang won the championship (photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Xu) men’s 400m freestyle, the first swimming gold medal produced in this World Championship.As the two-time winner of the project, Sun Yang swept 3 minutes, 44 seconds and 55 seconds in the preliminary round, ranking second in the group and second in the overall ranking, and successfully entered the final.Austrian Oboko ranked first in the preliminaries at 3:44:19. Australia’s McKean, South Korean player Park Tae-hwan, Rio Olympic champion Horton, and British star Guy have all qualified for the final.  In the end, Sun Yang was on the fifth lane, Oboco was on the fourth lane, McKean and Park Tae-hwan were on the third and sixth lanes respectively, Houghton and Guy were on the second and seventh lanes, respectively.After a smooth departure, Sun Yang did not swim at the front, maintaining his own rhythm, and Guy was first at 50 meters.When swimming to 100 meters, Sun Yang rushed to the third position, trailing Park Tae-hwan and Guy only with a weak disadvantage.  When swimming to 150 meters, Sun Yang has overtaken Park Tae-hwan.In 14 seconds, Guy has fallen to third.By halfway, Sun Yang had pulled away with Park Tae-hwan behind him.65 seconds advantage.At 250 meters, Sun Yang’s advantage is most obvious, Houghton is second to the top but Sun Yang’s advantage is more than 1 second.At 300 meters, Sun Yang had already taken the lead and hurled Houghton away, accelerating at his own pace.By 350 meters, Sun Yang had 2 advantages.2 seconds.In the last 50 meters, Sun Yang accelerated his sprint without any suspense, and reached the finish line with a score of 3 minutes, 41 seconds and 38 seconds, winning three consecutive championships in the project.Holden swam out 3 minutes, 43 seconds and 85 seconds to get the runner-up, Italy’s Deti won the third place with 3:43 minutes and 93 seconds.  Every drop of nutritional achievement surpasses every time!Mengniu helped the Chinese swimming team face the 2017 World Championships.Extended reading: Sun Yang 400 sang the national anthem from the three consecutive awards ceremony and sang tears actively shaking hands with Holden

World Badminton Federation announced the latest ranking: Lin Dan eighth Chen Long fell to ninth

The World Badminton Federation announced the latest issue of the world rankings. Men’s singles Li Zongwei ranked first, Shi Yuqi rose to fifth and became the highest ranked player in the national feathers. Lin Dan’s eighth Chen Long fell from fifth to ninth last week.Women’s singles Chinese Taipei Dai Ziying ranked first, Sun Yu sixth and He Bingjiao seventh.Indonesia’s men’s doubles Gideon/Sukamurcho topped the list, women’s doubles Japan’s Takahashi Reiwa/Matsuyo Misaki’s top, mixed doubles Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen and Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong took the first two.  The men’s singles Li Zongwei continued to be the top of the list, with Denmark’s two top names Akerson and Jorgensen ranked second and third, South Korea’s Sun Wanhu fourth.Shi Yuqi rose to fifth place and became the highest ranked player in the national feather men’s singles.Chinese Taipei Zhou Tiancheng was sixth, Tian Houwei, who won the Masters Championship, rose to seventh, and Lin Dan remained at eighth.Chen Long, who has been missing due to injury, has fallen from fifth last week to ninth this week. Hong Kong Wu Jialang of China is ranked tenth.  Dai Ziying of women’s singles Chinese Taipei is firmly in the top position, Spanish star Marin is second, Indian fierce woman Sindhu is third, South Korean star Chihyun is fourth, and Japanese Yamaguchi is fifth.Two Chinese players, Sun Yu and He Bingjiao, ranked sixth and seventh respectively, Indian star Neval was eighth, Japan Olympics hope was ninth, and Thailand’s Latzhano was tenth.  The men’s doubles Indonesian group Gideon/Sukamurcho ranked first, Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen ranked second and Chai Biao/Hong Wei sixth.Women’s Doubles Japan’s Takahashi Reiwa/Matsuyo Misaki’s top, Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan fifth, sisters Luo Ying/Luo Yu sixth, Huang Dongping/Li Yinhui rose to ninth.Mixed doubles Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen and Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong took the top two, with Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui ranked sixth. Men’s Singles Name Country Points 1 Li Zongwei Malaysia 817032 Akersen Denmark 718143 Jorgensen Denmark 699944 Sun Wanhu South Korea 688375 Shi Yuqi China 644076 Zhou Tiancheng Chinese Taipei 629877 Tian Houwei China 621908 Lin Dan China 604589 Chenlong China 5905410 Wu Jialang Hong Kong China56777 Women’s Singles Name Country/Region Points 1 Dai Ziying Chinese Taipei 937212 Marin Spain 807143 Sindhu India 747494 Cheng Chixuan Korea 747265 Yamaguchi Akane Japan 739796 Sun Yu China 685947 He Bingjiao China 614728 Neval India 595799 Okuhara Hope Japan 5728710Ratzano Thailand 55714 Men’s Doubles Represents Country/Region Points 1 Gideon/Sukamurcho Indonesia 805312 Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen China 740983 Morganson/Boy Denmark 740634 Wu Weishen/Chen Weiqiang Malaysia 718075 Kayamura Kenshi/ Sonoda Kaigo Japan 70165Women’s Doubles Name Country/Region Points 1 Takahashi Reiwa/Matsumoto Misaki Japan 925232 Pedersen/Wright Denmark 847823 Zhang Yina/Li Shaoxi Korea 783244 Zheng Jingyin/Shen Shengzhan Korea 754245 Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan China 72663 Mixed Doubles Name Country/Regional Points 1 Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen China 883722 Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong China 817703 Gao Chengxuan/Jin Hona Korea 739704 Ahmed/Nasir Indonesia 689305 Nielsen/Pederson Denmark 67674

Must save money!IOC and Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will work to reduce additional expenditure

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee held a video conference yesterday. The two sides decided to set up a joint steering committee to oversee the development of the Tokyo Olympic Games.The two sides also agreed to take measures to minimize the extra expenses caused by the Tokyo Olympics.At this video conference, the two sides decided to set up a joint steering committee to oversee the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.The International Olympic Committee said in a statement that the joint steering committee meeting will be antiques whenever needed.The Joint Steering Committee is led by the Chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, Yoshiro Mori, and the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Tokyo Olympics Coordinating Committee, Coates. The members include the Chief Executive of the Olympic Organizing Committee Toshihiro Muto and the International Olympic Committee Olympics Department Executive Director Christopher Dolby.In addition, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee also agreed to take the necessary measures to minimize the extra expenses caused by the Tokyo Olympic Games.”All services for athletes will remain the same, but there are definitely some optional areas, the International Olympic Committee will study and decide.”Coates stated that it will discuss possible simplification, optimization of scale and service opportunities in terms of security and hospitality, and reduction of additional expenses.The International Olympic Committee also said that it will assess the amount of additional costs as soon as possible.Prior to this, the Japanese media made improvements, and the additional cost required for the extension of the Tokyo Olympics was about 300 billion yen.Earlier this week, IOC President Bach also stated that IOC will bear part of the additional costs.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Wei Zhuo

They are not alone, the “minority report” of the Chinese podcast

Select a topic, collect relevant information, find guests familiar with the topic, open the device to record, close, edit, and upload.This is a relatively fixed production process for a podcast program.Usually one-hour programs have a production cycle ranging from one day to a week. This is a relatively relative job. In the context of the era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, podcast producers are a continuous existence of a minority.From around 2012, China began to produce personally produced podcasts. The number of podcasts is small, and the audience is constant. Initially, large-scale broadcasts mainly chose to give up halfway.Since 2018, Chinese podcasts have appeared more and more, some are attributed to the auditory economy brought by knowledge called audio, and some people think that it is the indiscriminate bombardment of long and short videos that make people who are aesthetically fatigued turn to “goFind comfort in the video.2019 is a receiver of Chinese podcasts, with a significant increase in the number of registrations and the number of broadcasts, such as “Villain Film Review”, “Left and Right”, “Natural History”, “Unemployed Traveller”, “No Time Difference Research Institute” and “Remaining Value”Of podcasters started to have regular fans and began to explore the possibility of making money.Even though podcasting still belongs to a relatively niche field in the commercial market, for more and more listeners, listening to podcasting is now a new way of life.1. No implantation of soft radio, the ears of the audience are very spiritual. “Natural History” is a podcast introducing museums and museum-related culture.The most common is to introduce the content of an exhibition in China, teach the audience how to watch the exhibition, or some news related to the museum has happened, some Notre Dame de Paris is on fire, or guests go abroad to visit the museum and talk about the museum.In 2015, Wanying went to graduate school in Montreal, Canada. She studied French at university. She was cautious about being a curator and chose to study museum science. After going there, she discovered that museum science is a discipline that studies museums. Why do some museums exist? MuseumsThe surrounding facilities and the significance of the museum to human civilization have nothing to do with curation.The first episode is the elevator of her and her friend Dahuang Liao Museum in Germany.During that time Rhubarb and his son played in Italy. There are many museums in Italy. The collections are great, but they are all old buildings, there are no ramps for disabled people, and there is no elevator. His son is very small and needs a stroller. It is not convenient to visit.They chatted about the nature of the elevator in the museum.After returning to China, Wanying worked for a year at the Hangzhou Commercial Exhibition Company, and then went to Nanjing to start a podcast full-time. She could not make money, and most of her life was wasted by her husband.When she first returned to China, she felt rotten when looking at any Chinese museum. “There is no shortage of treasures in China. National treasures are everywhere. What do you want?However, the museum is in a very old state regardless of the working status of the exhibition and the operations behind it.We follow the Soviet Union. As far as I know, most museum staff have not been trained in museum science, and their wages are very low. Especially the staff of the museums in the second and third tier cities have no professional knowledge and no motivation to work. YouThey cannot be expected to make good things.From this perspective, you can understand why the things sold in domestic museum shops are so disgusting?”The Natural History” anchor Wanying.In the early days, many people asked Wanying if “Natural History” is a collection and treasure appraisal program. I heard that Wanying was a museum study. She thought that she was engaged in cultural relics identification, and also asked whether “Natural History” was a tourist program.She had to tell the other party that museum science is a science about museums.Going to a place to see the exhibition, she only reports to the audience whether the museum is good or bad, where is good, where is bad, introducing the collection, explaining the facilities of the toilet, and she will tell the audience that the place where a museum queues is a large squareIt ‘s very drying, you can consider to bring a parasol when you come to the queue. Occasionally, she will talk about what she has eaten on the show, “The travel program will have consumerism guidelines, must-see ten museums, must-eat ten restaurants,I can’t miss the xx hotel, I will not get this. “The number of listeners to “Natural History” is 20,000 to 30,000 per issue. Hundreds of listeners purchased their members for $ 50 a year.Members can listen to the program in advance and send a member newsletter every two weeks, mainly in the form of exhibition reports. Wanying has a friend who is a photographer and takes some photos related to the museum. They also send these photos to the members.In addition, Wanying often receives tickets from the museum. She said on the show that if you are a member of this city, please write me an email to get the tickets, first come first served.Every year during the holidays, “Natural History” held a lottery, the prizes are souvenirs bought by the anchors from museums around the world, “If you win the prize, the annual fee will come back.”” In addition to members, “Natural History” also opened a micro store, selling some peripheral products, a T-shirt, bags, badges, stickers.T-shirts were purchased from manufacturers who made Uniqlo T-shirts. Wanying printed on them and sewed the customized logos. The price was 199, “including copyright and my hard work.” The most expensive one was the bag, which was priced at 500.Because it was all done by Wanying by hand, she felt that the price was very conscientious, and she did not intend to take the amount. She also made it very clear on the show, “Only sold to those who like” Natural History “and have money.”Because of the program, the newly opened important exhibitions in China can be seen in the past, sharing the visit process and experience with the audience.The most visited is Shanghai.Most of the time, she chooses where she wants to travel according to her interests, and by the way, she goes to the museums in that city.The year before last, she went to Chongqing to record the entire process of visiting the museum. A car accident occurred in the middle, and she also recorded it and put it at the beginning of the show.Although the show was only her narration, there were many live field recordings interspersed, and the audience was brought to the scene at once.The most expensive thing is to watch the exhibition. The show has been completed for four years. Only two exhibitions invited her, including accommodation and travel.”Some large-scale exhibitions will have a large budget in this regard. Traditional museums, such as the Capital Museum or the Shanghai Museum, will never invite self-media.”Once there was an advertiser ‘s prototype coffee, bag, and online course, find her, and ask if you can implant soft broadcasting in the program, no talk, Wanying instead of hard broadcasting, you can put the advertisement directly in the title,” the audience can distinguishSoft broadcast, you will immediately feel annoying, so I might as well be a hard broadcast today.”2 is an opinion platform, not a personal output in the podcast world,” Villain Critic “is a very different existence.”Villain Critic” is a film critic program broadcast in April 2016. The anchor is Pomi. From the beginning of the program, he is known for his solid professional ability and free style that dare to say and dare to comment.Wanying is also an audience for villain film critics. Many of her listeners often discuss “Villain Film Review” in WeChat group. Wanying commented, “I like his (Bomi) expression very much.It’s easy for people like him, who have a more distinct personality, to attract fans.”However, starting from April 2019, Pomi reduced the repertoire of the show, and often used guests to perform classes, causing a lot of dissatisfaction among the old listeners, as if they listened to the” villains “just to listen to Pomi (this may be the case),曾经朋友圈里看到这样一条消息,“每次点开‘反派’,就想一下,波米是不是可以列为失踪人口了……”对于减少自己出现频次的做法,波米认为《反派Film Review has undergone several years of development and should become a platform for more opinions, and the output of multiple individuals.At the end of 2019, “Villain Film Review” was issued by the “New Voice of the Year” submitted by the One-way Street Library, and the award speech collapsed, “. there is really no one who speaks like them, dare to express strong love and hate, openly and fairly evaluateA movie is not subject to any commercial interests and personal feelings.It has always been outside the mainstream film industry, but it is more professional than many insiders. It goes deep into the details of each level of the film language to read, disassemble and reproduce the film. “Pomy did not go to the scene to receive the award, and recorded an audio thank-you speech, which is his most used public expression.Pomi often wears an AC Milan cap. The hat is a bit old. The AC Milan team is not performing well now. The fans who support them are more like sticking to a traditional aesthetic.In private, Pomi is a little shy, not quite the same as in the show; it is very justified in doing things, consistent with the show.Before being a podcaster, he had been a movie reporter and wrote many movie reports that are still worthless.Through his work, he met many directors and actors he liked. He said that the reporter’s experience satisfied his fan complex. Later, when he did the show, he lost the fan’s mentality (everything he saw) and was able to view them from a relatively objective perspective.s work.He had previously collected many signed Blu-ray discs of directors. After doing the show, there were few director’s signatures on the collected Blu-ray discs. Poomi said that it is now very difficult to get them.”Villain Critic” talks about a movie every week for an unlimited period of time. There are dozens of minutes and two hours. They are talking about new movies, which may be showing in the theater, or there are new resources on the Internet.Include some films that are not in his personal taste, or even contrary to his tastes, such as “War Wolf 2” because it is “a hard currency for public communication.”During the Spring Festival, he criticized Xu Zheng’s new film “Liang Mom” on the show. Both the quality of the film is not good and the distribution model has touched the bottom line of the industry.The bottom line, most of what he valued, regardless of the movie, or outside the movie.The collection of Pomi, the anchor of the villain film critic.Bomi hates cut-back movies, especially discourages listeners from going to the cinema to watch a cut-out movie. At the end of the show, he marks whether each movie is cut.If a movie is reduced by more than five minutes, choose to wait for the movie to go offline, and then talk after the key is terminated, or even the movie is at the center of the topic at the time.Before “Rebel Film Review”, Poomi was a resident guest of “Watching the Wind” and was also a three-person chat about the movie.”Watching the Wind” is a podcast, but it will talk about some more popular movies, some kind of “Little Times 3”. At that time, Poomi had a very easy view of “Little Times 3” on the show, and the other two alsoI didn’t like it. After the program was broadcast, I was met with a lot of scolding from fans of the small era.Pomy said: “For me now, you fight with these fans and tell them what a good movie is. This kind of discussion doesn’t make much sense. This is not something I set up for myself. I have watched movies for so many years, rightThe awareness of the movie is growing. At that time, it was sincere to cynically talk about “Little Age 3”, now it is at least “Wandering Earth”.”Afterwards,” Watching the Windvane “stopped, and Pomi started the show himself. Many viewers were uncomfortable at first because of the Pomeranian known by” Watching the Windvane “, and asked” Why are you alone, where are the other twoAnymore?We will listen to the three of you, and I will feel the shortcoming if there is one less. “The guests in the first few episodes of “Villain Film Review” are under great pressure. Everyone instinctively feels that the new guests must not have had a good conversation with the original three.However, through the development of the program, the guests of the program have become diverse and rich. Now, the appearance of some guests is a very specific expectation for the audience.Bomi values the feedback from the audience, but does not change the adjustment. “If you want to be kidnapped, you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to do anything.”This is a normal thing. The listeners are used to staying the same. Of course you can say that, but you are really the same. When the audience feels tired of listening, they wo n’t say that I ‘m tired of it.”Bomi said.”Villain Film Review” is about to enter its fourth year. For Chinese podcasters, this is not a short period of time. Bomi feels that the only change in the industry is that the number of Chinese podcasts is increasing.It must be stricter.3 All podcasters are looking for friends as guests at the beginning stage. Cheng Yanliang used to be a news reporter and was responsible for cultural reports. In the case of displacement, it was obituary reports.Western media has a long obituary tradition. Obituary journalists often start tracing some important people who might die early, write their obituaries, and continually add information about them until someday they die.The article is an independent, stylized way of reporting abroad.But in China, obituaries appear to be limited to memorial services.After writing, the obituary became a very stylized job, and every week someone died. He searched for reports, interviews, and similar literature summaries of the deceased person, and quickly wrote an article in two hours.Two thousand words article.Day after day, there is no reader, no peer, and I am in a state of collapse.He did n’t want to write obituaries anymore. He started to interview some writers and scholars. He found that the emotions and information expressed by many people on the scene were particularly vivid. He could n’t just show the readers through text.Come down and broadcast it directly to the reader, and the reader will understand.In April 2017, he left the interface because he no longer wanted to write daily.He went to a company for public relations and interviewed some programmers for the company. The programmer often said some professional knowledge that he did not understand. When writing an article, he involuntarily filtered out some information he did not know, even to other programmers.It may be very useful to say this information.He thinks that if someone files a program, he only needs to ask questions and let the programmer express it directly. Is it a better way of communication?At the beginning of 2018, he and his friend Yang started to formulate “Huo Zuo Hu You”, which is a personality program.There are three people chatting in each issue, sometimes Cheng Yanliang and two guests, sometimes Cheng Yanliang and Yang Yi, and then invite another guest.It’s a bit like “Qiang Qiang Xingxing”.Most podcasters quite like the three-person chat, not too serious or too scattered.Three people are just fine.They recorded four or five episodes, designed program logos, bought servers, and registered accounts. On February 3, 2018, “Left and Right” was launched, and “Left and Right” was also understood as a “no position” discussion.Yang Yi is the editor of Shanghai TV Station and the first collective podcaster in China. He is a listener. He is very concerned about the podcasting industry. He has heard most of the podcasts at home and abroad, such as Cai Kangyong’s paid programs or the literary programs of The Times.In 2015, Yang Yi also did a podcast, he is a TV media, once a program is talking about Phoenix TV for a whole period, did not go on after a few issues.Cheng Yanliang and he are good friends and said, “If we don’t cooperate, I will be responsible for the content and guests of the show. You are responsible for the recording and post-production.”Cheng Yanliang, who has worked as a cultural reporter, knows many friends in the cultural circle.Cheng Yanliang (right) and Yang Yi (left), the podcast anchors of “Left and Right”, have both worked in the media.Cheng Yanliang is very young and wears a pair of glasses. He is a chat object that makes people feel trustful easily.His voice is not high or low, the speed of speech is not fast or slow, and fluent Mandarin is very suitable for voice performance.He is a history and memoirs lover, likes to study Chinese history, Japanese history, Roman history, Byzantine history, watching Churchill and Charles de Gaulle’s memoirs.”Huo Zuo Hu You” just started broadcasting at that time, he talked about several historical programs.For example, chat with guests about Germany, the royal organization of Austria, the monarchy of Central Europe, the spy novels of the 20th century, and the real agents at that time were some sort of.He also sought a Ph.D. in foreign literature at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Languages, talked about Victorian science fiction literature, and a guest guest was the deputy director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Information Office.The content of the early episodes of “Huo Zuo Hu You” was based on the personal tastes of Cheng Yanliang and Yang Yi and the tastes of the friends around them.It is difficult to invite guests.Almost all podcasters rely on friends around them to record programs at the beginning.Friends are more familiar and chat more naturally, there will be no cold spots, the most important thing is that friends do not want money.Anchors and their friends often lean towards the beginning of a show.”I can find some kind of guest, this guest is suitable for a certain topic, we started recording.”So I think that” Left and Right “does not have a fixed field. We will not only talk about literature, only history, or only social science.I think I can hear the audience of the 20th issue of “Left and Right”, indicating that this person must be a very curious person, and he is willing to contact different fields.Said Cheng Yanliang.He found that people in different fields have very different evaluations of “Huo Zuo Hu You”. When investing, they feel that they are very shallow in investment, but they feel that they have a good chat in literature.This is our style, we are open.”The volume of each episode of” Huo Zuo Hu You “is between 20,000 and 30,000, and there have been no explosions of 100,000 plus, which is very average overall.”The broadcast volume jumped to about thirty-two thousand in the period, and the title was “Chinese Women, I Can’t Bear Silly White Sweets Anymore”.But they rarely chase after the attractions, and sometimes talk about topics that are generally concerned by the internal public like “996”.This is a good negotiation before doing the show. They want to do something that is difficult to search through the Internet in the Chinese world.4 Chinese podcasts are still in the backward stage of the world. Most podcasts are updated synchronously across the entire network, but “Villain Critic” has stopped changing all podcast platforms, and only updates on the WeChat public account.Once a platform asked Pomi to sign an exclusive agreement and wanted to buy out the broadcasting rights, Pomi refused.He feels that the current domestic podcast platform has not yet the ability to monetize the content. In fact, many podcast anchors are also reluctant to put the program on an exclusive platform, just like “The Natural History” feels that radio programs should be accompanied by text descriptions andLinks, such listeners can immediately click on the link query when they hear the professional vocabulary, so they create a website themselves and explain on the website that they want listeners to go to podcasts and other general-purpose podcast clients to monitor their programs.In the WeChat public account of “Villain Film Review”, viewers need to read Finance and Economics in order to hear the full program. Long programs are often played in WeChat in three segments and need to be clicked separately. In this era of Internet with user experience as the product standard, villainsFilm Review has maintained a certain rebellion.After doing the show, Pomi ‘s social media also slowed down the update. He was unwilling to disclose more of his private life. Some offline events sent him invitations. He refused without exception. In his life, movies are the onlyShared.”Everyone is now frying the anchor first, what’s wrong with your show, I think that way, I have vanity, and everyone has vanity, so I set a rule first, I will hide it behind, like thisI was able to really talk about the movie, instead of chatting about it for twenty minutes. Where did we two go to play? What do you feel? It has nothing to do with the movie.We came up with the introduction of movie information, advantages and disadvantages, not to mention so many useless.”Bomi said.When Cheng Yanliang first started to be a podcaster, he searched for information about podcasting in Google. He wanted to know how far podcasting abroad has developed. Do they also chat with several people like China?How are the best foreign-language podcasts produced?Will institutions make podcasts?He searched for some reports in this regard, and found several prospective podcasts to listen to.He found that the American podcast industry has undergone a change from individual podcasts to institutional podcasts.In 2014, two very powerful podcast shows appeared in the United States, one was “Serial” produced by This American life, and the other was “Startup” produced by Gimlet, and the other was a crime story. There were eight episodes in a season like an American drama.The other is a radio reality show, which records the entrepreneurial process of an American.The two programs made him think that the original podcast can have a copy of the US TV series and documentary operations.One month after the launch of “Left and Right”, two foreign clients found Cheng Yanliang, hoping that he would help customize a podcast program for the company. Corporate podcasting is a common practice in foreign companies. No one has tried it in China.Talking about the possibility of cooperation and also approving “Huo Zuo Hu You”, Cheng Yanliang registered a company and made money by customizing podcasts for enterprises.”China’s broadcasting industry is a very backward industry. Two hosts are chatting there, and the audience likes them, and there are advertisements to vote for them, but their production capacity is very weak.This is why when commercial companies want to be Chinese podcasters, they find that this is a very poor market.There may be one hundred programs similar to “Qing Qiang Xing Xing” in China, but a normal market should have many different programs. If the institutions do not come out to promote, the early occupation will be difficult to achieve by amateurs.Said Cheng Yanliang.He has talked to some media agencies, the other party is not very interested, or simply do not understand what he wants to do, think a podcast, and let a few young people chat?Most podcasts are produced at home, and the biggest worry is the recording environment and the invited guests.Most of Wanying’s programs are recorded in different places. Everyone uses their earphones, speaks to the recorder, and then edits the three audio tracks together.If the guest’s voice is too noisy or you forget to start recording, you can only cut it off.Cheng Yanliang once recorded in a board game room, the young man next door yelled from time to time, the guests were very rushing, and once in a very quiet tea room, the sound of bulldozers rumbling from time to time outside the window.Pomi generally recorded in their respective homes. Every time they chatted for three or four hours, the family members were very angry and felt they were too noisy.Indexing text and video, podcasting is a more free media, which is why some public figures cause more relaxation and become humane in podcasting programs.In addition, podcasts are prone to intimacy. When you listen to a person ‘s voice for a long time, you will have a sense of intimacy. When you are in house culture, anti-socialization has become a popular gesture for the younger generation.Listeners do n’t need to know a certain kind of anchor or strong interaction on social media. When their favorite voices are heard, people ‘s lives have a beautiful connection.5 There is still distance from the real commercialization. On March 1, 2020, “Villain Film Review” updated the short program entitled “Comfortable Numbness”. Pomi supported another podcast show that was suddenly removed from the show.”values left”.”Residual Value” will be broadcast in 2019, and the content is mostly pan-cultural discussions, citing the previous interest-driven podcasts. “Residual Value” has more obvious media attributes and will directly intervene in public substitution.Pomi said in the program that all the reward income of the current program will be transferred to the anchor of “Remaining Value”. Three days later, he knew in the WeChat official account that the reward will be returned to the audience due to the platform restrictions.Before “Residual Value” was delisted, Poomi was not the crowd of this podcast. The only reward for referrals was based on support for peers, and mood swings were in the range of things.The anchor chief of the podcast “Unemployed Travelers” is also concerned about the news of “surplus value”. He feels that there is an inevitable helplessness here.”Unemployed Travelers” is a very self-contained podcast. They value the privateness of the content of the podcast. Most programs share the experience and feelings of the anchor. They can be transferred to public places. The angle of choice is also very soft.The section chief believes that Chinese podcasts will have a high degree of mediaization in 2019. “Many podcasters are made by media people, and it is inevitable to have this attribute.”This is something he always avoided on the show.The anchor of “Unemployed Travelers” is in Moxingling, Hong Kong. The picture was taken in November 2019.Counting inside the section chief, there are currently four anchors in “Unemployed Travelers”.The show was freshman in Hong Kong. At that time, the three founder anchors did not work full-time, and were in the state of “unemployed wanderers”. At present, three of the four anchors were former colleagues of a Hong Kong media. Due to their professional inertia,Everyone still wants to express something. “Everyone sometimes drinks and chats together, and finds some topics very interesting.” The section chief said that the other anchor of the show, Zhenyu, is a senior podcast listener and has been paying attention to podcast content since 2005. “He has always had the idea of being a podcast. Everyone quits and has no job, so he has a lot of time. “The section chief who joined midway returned to Beijing from Hong Kong to work a few years ago. He took a break for more than half a year last year and is now working again.He said that several other anchors have now ended the status of unemployed travellers, but the program “Unemployed Travellers” has continued.If you only look at the style of the program, it is difficult to detect their previous media identity. The chief said that instead of worrying about the potential risks of too strong media attributes, the media should be left to the media and podcasts should be more free.At one point, he also worried that some personal experiences in the show would cause misunderstandings by listeners. Then they talked about the topic of “giving up”. Some listeners left a message saying that they got courage from the show and finally offered to resign.This makes him worry about the incredible nature of the process of podcast communication, but only the incredible encounter of “surplus value”, the chief said that these understandings can be turned into a podcast glory.The same as “Residual Value” is a female anchor, the pan-cultural content podcast “No Time Difference Research Institute” shows another state. The anchor Ke Ke said that the first time to be a podcast, just because he likes to listen, so he did not set the scope of the topic andThe way of expression is also the reason why the topic of the program is broader and more free.However, after the increase in Chinese podcasts last year, the audience began to compare programs on the same topic horizontally. She felt that she liked to listen to the only standard. The broadcasters had different knowledge backgrounds and different interests. The most important thing was to express it in their own way.The only deliberate part of the “Suo” “program is to actively dilute their professional background.Two beautiful anchors of “No Time Difference Research Institute”.The “Timeless Research Institute” was founded by Ke Ke and Ai who are both financial practitioners. They used to work together in a financial management consulting company in New York. On the way to and from work, listening to Chinese podcasts is a common pastime for the two.The two also shared the same podcast, and gradually found that the broadcaster had some duplicate content. At that time, there were not many Chinese podcasts. The two began to decide to make one by themselves.A year later, Ke Ke returned to work in the country and made investment in the primary market.The “Timeless Research Institute” also broke through the 100-year program. Ke Ke found a brand of souvenirs around, and some listeners questioned that they have become commercialized.Ke Ke said, in fact, these peripherals did not make money, just this router in a hundred years, want to leave something.In the investment circle, the identity of her broadcaster is confidential, but she will point out the podcast industry with other investors.Over the past few years, some sporadic podcasters have made investments and become part of content entrepreneurship. She met with people who invested in podcasts and talked about industry prospects, but did not intend to allow her podcasters to intervene in capital, even for this emerging content market.Have a relatively optimistic attitude.In the face of changes in the industry, the chief of “Unemployed Travelers” believes that Chinese podcasts are likely to usher in an explosive growth like other entrepreneurial fields, and they will quickly wave out of the sand.Ke Ke has analyzed the business model of podcasts and the production model of podcasts with investment. She feels that there is still some distance from real commercialization, but because of this, many Chinese podcasters have maintained their independence and content.Purely, this is also the reason for the increasing number of podcast listeners. At least at this stage, podcasting is undoubtedly a new way of life.Sauna, Yewang Tangbo (Chen Lingling also contributed to this article) Interviewer for picture editor Wu Dongni proofreading Zhao Lin

8-game winning streak Zhang Benzhi and Xu Xin who played with injuries can’t afford

The ITTF Tour Finals continued in Zhengzhou tonight. Xu Xin defeated Zhang Benzhi 4-3 and advanced to the quarterfinals. He played 8 times to maintain the victory.During the competition, Xu Xin once applied for a medical suspension to deal with wrist injuries.Xu Xin struggled to advance to the men’s singles semifinals.Video screenshot This year’s finals, 16-year-old Zhang Benzhi only played in men’s singles.30-year-old Xu Xin wants to participate in mixed doubles, men’s doubles and men’s singles competitions.In the previous game, Xu Xin partnered with Fan Zhendong and Liu Shiwen reached the men’s doubles and mixed doubles finals.Counting this game with Zhang Benzhi and Xu Xin played a total of 3 games today, which is a great test of his physical strength and energy.After the first 5 games, Xu Xin was behind Zhang Benzhihe 2-3.After winning the fifth game, Zhang Benzhi and once jumped up excitedly on the court.The Air Force fought seven times, Zhang Benzhi and snatched a victory from Xu Xin from the replacement.In the crucial sixth game, Xu Xin chased the score to 3-3 with 13-11.But Xu Xin also paid a certain price, and the pain in his left wrist had a significant impact on his game.After the 6th inning, Xu Xin applied for a medical timeout, which is not uncommon in his game.The absolute victory was still stuck, but Xu Xin finally withstood the pressure to win 13 to 11, the total score was 4 to 3 to reverse Zhang Benzhi and advance to the top 4, and also maintained a proud record of 8 wins against Zhang Ben.This may be Zhang Benzhi and Xu Xin’s closest victory over Xu Xin, and it was precisely the opportunity.After returning to the net at the match point, Zhang Benzhi fell to the ground helplessly.Although he couldn’t go further, Zhang Benzhi also showed great strength.Today, 16-year-old Zhang Benzhi is already a Japanese men’s single brother, and he has long locked the singles seat in the Tokyo Olympics.Another Japanese men’s singles Olympic quota was also generated in this finals, and Dan Yu Xiaoxi pressed the veteran Mizutani Hayao with a weak point advantage to get this precious ticket.

Just looking at the number of free kicks, Messi Cristiano Ronaldo is not really a master

Messi’s free kick hit the dead end.Beijing News: Messi scored the 50th free kick of his career this morning, but he is not the player with the most free kicks in active service.The Argentinian’s biggest competitor C Ronaldo scored 54 free kicks in the last 10 years. His last free kick was against the European Union semifinals against Switzerland on June 6 this year.But to be placed in the long history of football, whether it is Ronaldo or Messi, they are still not a real free kick master. At least in terms of scoring, they are even in the top 10 of the free kick scoring list.Nope.>>> Messi’s 2 pass and 2 shots over Barcelona beat the Bézier arc, which is famous all over the world.In April this year, the British media “Daily Mail” once ranked statistically on the number of goals scored by free kicks. The first place is Brazilian free kick master Juninho, who scored a total of his career77 free kicks.In second place is also a Brazilian-the king of Bailey, who scored 70 free kicks.In third place was a Brazilian, Ronaldinho, who scored a total of 66 free kicks, and Argentine Lerotale was tied for this.In the top ten list, there is a well-known free kick master Beckham, the Englishman completed 65 free kicks.Argentine footballer Maradona scored 62 free kicks, tied for sixth with Brazilian legend Zico.>>> Messi reached a free kick 50 kills achievements Freedom scores rankings released by foreign media.In fact, a goalkeeper in history has more free-kick goals than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the Brazilian goalkeeper Cheney.This career has played for the legendary goalkeeper of S?o Paulo. He has scored 59 free kicks in his career.The legendary goalkeeper Cheney sealed his throat with a free kick.From the list of free kick goals, the top ten players have retired.For Messi and Ronaldo, they have a chance to catch up with these predecessors and add their names to the top ten.Especially for Messi, the Argentinian has become more and more superb in free kick in recent years, and he is two years younger than Ronaldo. It is very likely that he will surpass the Portuguese and greatly increase the number of personal free kicks and free kicks.Writer / Tan Guangyu

2017 Badminton Asian Championship registration list details Lin Li fight or staged again

Recently, the Asian Badminton Federation officially announced the list of entries for the 2017 Badminton Asian Championships. Chen Long, Lin Dan, Tian Houwei, Li Xuerui, Fu Haifeng, Zhang Nan, Shi Yuqi and other national badminton stars are all listed. Li Zongwei and Sun Wanhu, Dai Ziying, Cheng Chixuan and other top badminton players in the world will also go to Wuhan to participate in the 2017 Asian Badminton Championships held in Wuhan Sports Center from April 25th to 30th.The world-famous Lin Li battle may be staged in the semi-final on April 29.林李大战或再上演  比赛时间日期:2017年4月25日–2017年4月30日  地点:中国,武汉各单项种子选手名单:  男单:  1 李宗伟(马来西亚)  2 谌龙(中国)  3 孙Wan Hu (Korea) 4 Lin Dan (China) 5 Tian Houwei (China) 6 Shi Yuqi (China) 7 Zhou Tiancheng (Chinese Taipei) 8 Wu Jialang (Hong Kong, China) 8 Wu Jialang (Hong Kong, China)    Women’s Singles: 1 Dai Ziying (Chinese Taipei) 2 Dai Ziying (Chinese Taipei) 2Japan)    3 Narada Hyun (South Korea)    4 Sindhu (India)     5 Sun Yu (China)     6 Ratzano Indanong (Thailand)     7 Senna Neville (India)    8 He Bingjiao (China)  Men’s Doubles:   1 Gideon Fernadi/Kevin Sukamuyo (Indonesia)   2 Wu Weisheng/Chen Weiqiang (Malaysia)   3 Hong Wei/Chai Biao (China)   4 Sonoda Kaigo/Kamura Kenshi (Japan)   5 Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan (China)    6 Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen (China)    7 Anga Platama/Su Huadi (Indonesia)    8 Li Zhehui/Li Yang (Chinese Taipei)    Women’s Doubles:    1 Takahashi Reiwa/Matsumoto Misaki(Japan)   2 Zheng Jingyin/Shen Shengzhan (South Korea)   3 Zhang Yina/Li Shaoxi (South Korea)   4 Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan (China)   5 Luo Ying/Luo Yu (China)    6 Fu Wan Shangzi/Yu Hutao (Japan) Sasili/Putita (Thailand)   8 Lavender Bazongzai/Kititarakul (Thailand)    Mixed Doubles:    1 Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen (China)    2 Ahmed/Nasir (Indonesia))  3 Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong (China)   4 Chen Bingshun/Wu Liuying (Malaysia)    5 Jordan Pravin/Susanto Debbie (Indonesia)    6 Chen Jianming/Lai Peijun (Malaysia)    7 Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui (China)波尔/沙西丽(泰国)  我国选手首轮(32进16)对阵名单:  男单:  谌龙 VS Group B #1  林丹 VS 李东根(韩国)  田厚威 VS 贾亚拉姆(印度)  石宇奇 VS 魏楠(中国香港)  女单:  孙瑜 VS 张雁宜(中国香港)  何冰娇 VS 金效旻(韩国)  陈雨菲 VS 布桑南(泰国)  陈晓欣 VS 拉特查诺·因达农(泰国)  男双:  洪炜/柴飚 VS 柯展聪/邓俊文(中国香港)  李俊慧/刘雨辰 VS 波丁·伊萨拉/尼迪蓬(泰国)  傅海峰/张楠 VS 玛奴·埃特里/苏密特·雷迪(印度)  王懿律/黄凯祥 VS Group C #1  女双:  陈清晨/贾一凡 VS 福岛由纪/广田彩花(日本)  骆赢/骆羽 VS 许雅晴/吴玓蓉(中华台北)  黄东萍/李茵晖 VS 李明艳/邹美君(马来西亚)  汤金华/黄雅琼 VS 梅瑞莎·辛蒂Meirisa Cindy Sahputri/尼萨克·普吉Nisak Puji Lestari(印度尼西亚)  混双:  郑思维/陈清晨 VS 普拉纳·乔普拉/斯基·瑞迪(印度)  鲁恺/黄雅琼 VS 许永凯/陈薇涵(新加坡)  张楠/李茵晖 VS 杜俊德/范如草(越南)  王懿律/黄东萍 VS 高階知也/江藤Lihui (Japan)

The date of the Tokyo Olympics is finalized, and the preparations for the Olympic Organizing Committee can be accelerated

Tonight, the International Olympic Committee announced the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics from July 23 to August 8, 2021.Both Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Yoshiro Mori and Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said that it is the right decision to postpone the Olympic Games to next summer, which will ensure a safe Olympic Games for athletes and spectators.”My Olympic game was antique from July to August 2021, and I am very grateful to President Bach for accepting my change after discussing this discussion with several international sports individual organizations.”The chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Mori said that athlete selection, qualifications, training and preparation will take a certain amount of time. Everyone unanimously opposes the new Olympics and Paralympics dates set during the Japanese summer vacation,” considering transportation, volunteersArrangements, the ticketing situation in Japan and abroad, and the situation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. We believe that the Olympics and Paralympics should be scheduled one year after the original date, that is, the summer of 2021.”Mr. Yoshiro said that the postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is the first in history, and there are other issues to be considered,” the conference schedule is the cornerstone of future preparations. I can make a quick decision that will help us speed up future preparations.Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike also said that considering the global outbreak of new coronary pneumonia, all parties will need a certain amount of time to ensure that they can fully prepare for an Olympic Games that is safe for athletes and spectators.”Because the new date coincides with the original event date and time frame, in terms of ticketing, venue staffing, volunteers and transportation arrangements, preparations for the new start date will be relatively smooth.”Yoko Koike thinks that the Tokyo Olympics will be ideal for opening on July 23, 2021.” Athletes, volunteers, torchbearers and local governments have all expressed too much about the current expression.Because we now have a goal to set a new date, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will devote all its resources, work closely with the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, the Japanese government, and other stakeholders to prepare for a safe Olympic Games.”Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Wang Xihuang Proofreading Jia Ning

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots Bell in 2 minutes and 2 goals Real Madrid 5-0 win over Atletico Barcelona

At 5:00 a.m. Beijing time on March 30 (22:00 local time on the 29th local time), the 31st round of the La Liga 2013-14 season started a competition at the Bernabeu Stadium, and Real Madrid faced Vallecano at home.Bell assisted Ronaldo in the first half to open the record; Ronaldo assisted Carvajal in the second half to expand his lead, Bell scored two goals in two minutes, Morata added icing on the cake, Real Madrid defeated Vallecano 5-0 and continued to rankThird place in the league.  Real Madrid and Vallecano faced 29 times in the history of La Liga. The Galaxy Battleship had 22 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses.The last 10 matches between the two sides, Real Madrid won.The last encounter between the two teams was the 12th round of La Liga this season. Real Madrid beat their opponents 3-2 away. C Romeo scored twice and Benzema scored 1 goal.In this game, Ramos and Di Maria lifted the ban and come back, Coentran and Ilya Lamendi rotated Marcelo and Modric respectively, and Ronaldo, Bell, and Benzema continued to partner the striker.>>>C Luo Tuo 3 people broke the two records to declare war Messi     this game, Ancelotti did not dare to rush to rotate, as expected, C Ronaldo played with injuries.The Portuguese scored in the opening 15 minutes. Bell scored a cross and Ronaldo quickly plugged in from among the 3 defenders of Vallecano and shot a low shot through Luvin’s ten fingers.Cristiano Ronaldo scored 10 consecutive games (Real Madrid + Portugal) and continued to set a personal longest goal record.Since joining Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has “opened cans” in La Liga 40 times, which is higher than Messi’s 38 times in the same period, ranking first in La Liga.  In the 55th minute, Real Madrid expanded their lead. Bell passed from the right and Ronaldo made a selfless back pass. Carvajal shot with a left foot at 12 meters and broke the goal, 2-0!Carvajal scored his first goal in Real Madrid. His last goal was scored when he represented Leverkusen in November 2012.>>> Bison Bell!After 9 seconds and a 65-meter scoring goal, Ronaldo and Carvajal scored, and Bell also opened the goal account.In the 68th minute, Real Madrid continued to pass the ball on the left, Cristiano Ronaldo passed Di Maria, and the Argentine made a cross from the left side of the penalty area. Bell beat the horse and rushed to a close shot. The time was fixed at 67:07; 2:40Seconds later, Bell broke the goal again. This is a display of perfect personal ability: Vallecano’s corner was cleared by Pepe’s header. Bell sprinted from the backcourt, and after a crazy attack, his left foot pushed and scored.160 seconds scored twice, and Bell let the Bernabeu atmosphere culminate.  Real Madrid scored another goal in the 77th minute, Isco crossed, Morata took a free kick from the right foot at the left rib 18 meters from the penalty area, the ball went into the upper right corner, 5-0!>>> Ronaldo is booed!Berian was also attacked after losing consecutively to Barcelona and Sevilla, Real Madrid finally defeated Madrid’s younger brother Vallecano 5-0 at home.But the big score win did not satisfy the home fans.This time, Ancelotti, Diego Lopez, and even Ronaldo were booed!”Marca” said that the “Meilingers (Real Madrid fans)” mood is not good, it is obviously the impact of a losing streak.”National News” also said that before the Champions League, Real Madrid fans boo C Ronaldo, Bell, Ancelotti, it seems not a good thing.Real Madrid needs to rebound and needs the support of fans.Mourinho led the team last season, can boos play a positive role?This even disappointed Cassie, accelerated Kaka’s defection, and once made Ronaldo sad.This time the boos again pointed to Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstars were booed during and after the game.Some people are dissatisfied: “Have you ever heard Barcelona fans boo Messi?”>>>安帅:难理解球迷为何嘘C罗  赛后,安切洛蒂表示对球迷嘘C罗感到费解,“过去我说过很多次,我很理解球迷的嘘声,因为我们表现不Deserve it.Now we are trying very hard to change. We lost to Barcelona and Sevilla. We did not perform well, but this time the fans booed Ronaldo, which makes people feel incredible.Hush Diego Lopez?I believe that he will focus on his work and will not be affected.”Real Madrid (4231): 25-Diego Lopez/15-Carvajal, 4-Ramos, 3-Pepe, 5-Coentran/24-Ilia Ramendi (62’23-Isco), 14-Alonso, 22-Di Maria/11-Bell, 9-Benzema (73’21-Morata), 7-C Robalecano (451): 13-RuVin Martinez/15-Lat, 40-Lopez, 18-Ze Castro, 21-Aberia/24-Falke, 16-Rochena (25’9-Jose-Carlos), 10-Trasolas, 22-Iguz, 23-Bueno (60’19-Vila)/20-Larivi (70’12-Longo)

The ending of “Bad Kill” has not considered other versions

Produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Ke Wenli, Xiao Yang, Tan Zhuo, Chen Chong, Jiang Haowen, Qin Pei and other drama crime film “Manslaughter” has been released nationwide on December 13, before the deadline for the film, the film was released at the box office for 5 days2.83 billion, Douban score 7.7 points, both at the box office and word of mouth, are among the best in the movie of the same period.This result is very exciting for the first director of the feature film, Ke Wenli. He did not expect such a good result, but he believes in the aesthetic of the mainland audience. After watching the movie, there will be some word of mouth.  The film was remade from the Indian film “The Manslaughter” (the film is also remade from the earlier Indian film “Budget”), which tells the story of the father who used the anti-detection techniques learned in the film to offend his family in order to protect his daughter.In the adaptation, while maintaining the basic framework of the original work, the director has also made changes in many details, which is more in line with the Chinese aesthetics and the expression of the image language is more abundant.However, some plots also puzzled the audience and ended the implantation of his father ‘s surrender a little bit. Chen Chong ‘s line “Check me his movie viewing record for one year” made many audiences laugh, and an exclusive interview with Sauna.comThe director of the film, Ke Wenli, answered questions for the audience on some details in the film.  There are no other considerations for the ending. At the end of the Indian version of “The Manslaughter”, his father succeeded in revenge without knowing the law and sanctioned him.The Chinese version of “The Manslaughter” was published quite widely. Li Weijie, played by Xiao Yang, finally surrendered himself. This ending was a unanimous decision of director Ke Wenli and six screenwriters and producer Chen Sicheng. It did not consider the ending of other versions.Many viewers believe that the ending of this crime is due to the consideration of domestic release. Director Ke Wenli said that this is entirely a creative reason. “We want to discuss more, not only to make the audience feel good.Li Weijie, played by Xiao Yang, surrendered to the police car with a smile after he surrendered. At that moment, it was actually his true freedom. This is what we wanted to say in the movie.  The amount of logical information is too rough. In the lost film, Li Weijie confuses the memories of all the witnesses with the method of strengthening memory, which obscures the time of the incident. Some viewers feel that the film is not logically strict enough.The director believes that the movie is extremely informative. If the audience watches it only once, some details may be lost. “When we edited ourselves, the logic was very clear.”For the first time, Li Weijie went to Luotong alone because he wanted to repair the network. Second, after the manslaughter, Li Weijie took the whole family on a trip to Luotong. The third time, the family went to Luotong again to talk with witnesses and brainwash them.”The “Checking the Recording Record” in the laughing place touched the sergeant La Yun played by Chen Chong in the fan film. From Li Weijie’s like to watch the movie to find a breakthrough, he asked “check my record of watching the movie for a year.”This line of speech has attracted a lot of audiences in the theater, and the director does not understand the laughter. According to the idea of “when you have watched more than 1,000 movies, there is no strange thing in the world”, checkLooking at the movie record, “I think it’s quite reasonable, no problem.Douban netizens may feel that they are fans, this sentence may be closer to them, they may laugh because they feel touched.”The ending Qin Pei’s last smile means that the film finally, as the old friend who once testified to Li Weijie-Qin Pei, was asked by reporters how to treat Li Weijie as a person. Qin Pei did not say a word to the camera.Only a smile appeared at the end.This shot is reminiscent of the scene where Song Kanghao faced the lens at the end of “Memories of Murder”.For this shot, the director said he wanted to leave some blank space for the audience.Song En initially believed that Li Weijie was a good person, but in the end the truth was clear, he actually had a different idea, “The good people we see are not necessarily good people, and the bad people are not necessarily absolute bad people.Many times it depends on which side we stand on, so the final outcome is also some reflection that we hope to give the audience.”Li Weijie’s film list 1” The Redemption of Shawshank “(1994)” The Most Important Film “mentioned in” Massage “A few classic lines.  2 After the manslaughter in “Montage” (2013), Li Weijie planned to cross the ocean, and the first movie to be revisited was the Korean movie “Montage”.Not long ago, Wang Qianyuan and the domestic film “You Are the Killer” starring Song Jia were remade from the film.  3 “The Prosecution Witness” (1957) This film is Billy Wilder’s classic court suspense film. The film also designed a sophisticated crime trap. The second movie Li Weijie revisited when thinking about the plan was “The Prosecution Witness”””.  4 “Genius Gunner” (2017) Li Weijie’s family went to Luotong to watch a Thai movie in the theater, telling the story of cheating by talented students who were filmed by spy warfare.  5 A Danish film mentioned in the list of Li Weijie’s filming in “Hunting” (2012), the protagonist was wronged for his unjustifiable crimes, and the Douban score was as high as 9.1.  6 A film mentioned in the list of “Watching the Night” by Li Weijie is originally a novel of the same name by the Japanese reasoning writer Keigo Higashino. South Korea and Japan made a film in 2009 and 2010 respectively.  7 An American film mentioned in Li Weijie’s movie list of “Seven Deadly Sins” (1995) is a classic suspense and horror film directed by David Finch, creating a serial murder story with vibrant thoughts.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Teng Chao